Friday, August 31, 2012

It's My Birthday...

Another year older.. 44... I have to start entering a larger number into my machine at the gym... Not liking that!

I have a busy birthday... Full of things to get done on my todo list:
- workout (done)
- run 7 miles, to and from the gym (done_
- Drop off Library books
- Stop at the bank
-Stop at School, pick up books and pay for classes
- Go to Target
- Go on line and check out class
- Go to class at 1 to 4pm, Anatomy
- New customer estimate at 5:30pm
- Study.. read...
- Have cake to celebrate my b-day..

Not a fun filled b-day but I have a holiday weekend.. 3 other days to fit in boating, swimming and having fun along with reading/ Studying.

So, too busy to write more.. off I go to do my running.. errands that is!

Update.. decided to drop the Anatomy class. Too much to figure out with it being an on-line and in class.. with labs and papers to write. I knew after reading the class schedule I was too stressed to even think about taking on more. I am down to 7 credits.. I will do my first aid/CPR and the Anatomy in the spring... along with my Practicum.. where I follow along with a personal trainer for 48 hours total time. I thought I would be able to do it all in one quarter since 3 credits from my degree transferred. Going to class full time, working and working out would be too much on top of spending time with my family the most important thing in my life.

I enjoyed a nice b-day lunch with Steve while the kids were out apple picking.. I did my other favorite thing.. read in bed.. took a 30 minute nap and had cake with ice cream. A great b-day with a little set back but the smart thing to do! I still have a full class load with working but I can do this.. It will be fun... it will be a challenge and its something different for the next 12 weeks.. time will go fast.. it will be busy and I will get stressed!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Write it Down..

I've had a lot to write today. I don't have many of those days where I can think of lots of topics that come to mind.

I had an ah, ha moment today. I had my first weight training class this evening.  After being paired up come then my partner happened to leave early, so I joined another group of women.

Both of the women are runners, 5 years and 8 years or so running.. I only have 1-1-2 years or less under my belt.. I would have thought they would have been running for years.

I was assuming the other women were in it for speed.. not the case. They really didn't care too much about time. They both enjoyed the long distance running, Marathons. They both run about 6 to 8 miles per day. Which is exactly where I am in running. One does a lot of trail running the other indoors. I do a mixture but mostly enjoy outdoor pavement/dirt road running.

These women were a bit younger then me by a few years. I thought they were older. Oops. They both had cellulite and fat pockets around the middle. You could tell they were runners by their calves, but nothing else. Looks can be deceiving..

I did figure out something I have been doing right... working out with weights. I might not be stick thin, or 100% cellulite free.. but I'm far better off having combined cardio and weights. You can see it from my body.. compared to the other 2 that just run. I know I should not compare myself to others. I just like to see the differences in my age range.

2 IN 1

2 posts in one day...

So life is getting more crazy busy for me... I have work.. need to make money!
School.. full time 12 credits
Working out daily - because I need to do this for me!

I do have a plan to do it all.. I just hope to stay motivated to keep it up until December. If I do.. the rewards for all my efforts will be great!

My first day of class on Tuesday went really good. I was not the only older person in class. There were at least 3 other women just as old or older. All of us had a similar goal and one woman lost weight like I did over 2 years ago too. It's nice to have company. I am excited to take on this new journey.. get a certificate and start another new business.

I have another busy day ahead with working out - done.. ran 4+ miles in 39 minutes at 6:15am (just light enough outside for cars to see me).

Class at 8:30 to 10am... we get to be in the Wellness Center today, learning all the equipment and get to workout a bit. I also have a new class at 6pm tonight. I think it's my other workout class..

I also have a super busy work day.. 3 houses but help from Steve which will help cut down on the time I work.

I also have errands to do.. books to drop off at the library.. supplies for home to buy

Plus the kids are still home for summer break.. today is an ortho appointment for both this afternoon..

I also would like to get in some reading for my class tonight and figure out if I can get into the on-line class now that I have to register for by Friday.

My plate is full.. full is good. it's do-able.. just busy...

Hear It All The Time...

I hear these familiar words.. I just don't have time to exercise (run, walk, lift weights etc).

Let's be real.. everyone has the time in a 24 hour day. You need 8 hours of sleep and that leaves you 16 hours. Let's take off 10 hours for work, lunch breaks and drive time.. that leaves you 6 hours a day to fit in 30 minutes of exercise M-F.. and lets not forget the weekends.. lots more time..

If you can make time to eat.. you have time
If you can make time to sit on the computer.. you have time
If you have time to check your phone throughout the day.. and make updates.. you have time
If you watch TV. you have time
If you work, go to school.. you have time..

If you want to make exercise a priority.. you will make time.

No one said you have to workout for hours each day. Or run miles and miles.. Just 30 minutes of which can be broken up into 10 minutes throughout the day.

Just take a look around the MN State Fair and see how many people don't get any exercise. I bet you can tell who those people are! I bet they will tell you they just don't have time..while downing a hot dog or some mini donuts. Better yet.. they just can't do it because it will make their body hurt. Well, if you're over weight.. it's already hurting your body. Exercise is your magic pill to making your body feel better..

Stop making excuses.. to yourself.. do yourself a favor and just walk... every day.. take that magic pill of exercise.. make it work for you.. make time.. schedule time.. be in the moment and start enjoying your life more.. Yes, life is more enjoyable the more you find time..

If you have to get up earlier.. go to bed earlier.. make a plan... be flexible about the plan and have a back up plan.. because you can find time.. time now.. get going!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life is Quickly Changing..

My life is under going big changes starting now. I decided to pursue a certificate in Personal Training. I need 16 credits to get this certificate and then I can take the ACE test and become a part-time personal trainer if I choose to do so.

Today is my first day of 4 classes. I still have to get into a CPR class some where as the school does not offer this and one of the on-line classes is full but I'm on a wait list to get in. Not sure I need more classes but it would be good to get the whole certificate completed by January 1st.

Life will be stressful juggling family, work and school and working out. I don't want other things in my life that are important to fall by the way side. There will be give and take and it won't always make everyone happy.

This week in particular is difficult. So much going on.. back to school events, ortho appointments, getting supplies for the kids and back to school clothes, soccer games/seasons to finish and soccer season starting for a new team. Plus there is the volunteer commitments I signed up for. Team Manager of REV soccer, the Mud Run, Sept 15th. and I have Logan's soccer games on the weekends some home and some traveling far south plus there will be class and homework to go along with that, lot of reading, kids homework, house work and looking for more work to make more money.

I'm exhausted just thinking about my new schedule.

It will look something like this...

Get up at 4:30am,
Workout 5 - 6:30am
Class Tues & Thurs 8:30 - 10am
Class Thursday eve 6 to 9pm
Class Friday 1-4pm
Work Tuesday - Friday in the morning and afternoons
Homework in between
Logan's soccer Monday & Wed 4:30 - 5:45, until October with games every Saturday and some Sundays
Celina's tennis after-school M-F in the fall

I do plan to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill in the afternoons to study, so I don't fall asleep and want to take naps.

I also want to still cross country ski when the snow is here. I still have my goal of running the half marathon in October.

How quickly my life has changed. Change is good. Change keeps our mind alert and my body strong...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curve Balls....

Life is full of change.. we have to go with all the curve balls thrown at us.

I want to work on a certificate to be a personal trainer. I'm not sure I'll be able to do that this fall and winter. I've run into one of those curves in the road that is a little more then bumpy. I'm hoping to figure it all out sooner then later. I have until August 31 to sign up for classes. Class does start on Monday but most of what I plan to take is on-line..and I think a class on Friday. I won't miss much of anything. I just dislike waiting until the last minute to get things in order. I'm still waiting for paperwork on the schools side to get things moving along. I'm hoping to get it all figured out by Monday or Tuesday at the latest..

This coming week will be full of eating and exercising challenges. I won't be doing my normal morning routine for the next 5 days. That's a long time to go.. I know I have to get back to my running the very next day. Pick up where I left off.

I'm hoping to do a lot of hiking, walking and burning calories but mostly have fun trying new things. Try to watch what I eat.. make good choices but allow myself some slack..

2 years ago I started my diet the day we went to the State Fair... I didn't miss anything. I still ate, but just a bite or two. I got to try what I wanted. I'll be tested again this year at the State Fair. I'll share my food and give most away. Make mostly good choices, corn on the cob, mini donuts (just one or two), 1 cheese curd, apple, and lots and lots of water. I'll walk, look and keep moving all day long..with the crowds.. Not missing out on anything.. and I'll still workout before I go to the fair..

School starts soon for the kids. That means getting up at 4:30am to go workout by 5am.. it will be dark, I'll have to run indoors.. I need to figure out a way to still be able to run in the light outdoors.. Maybe do a 30 minute run from 6:30 - 7pm.. take a break until 7:30 and run to - 8:15am.. I have a plan!

The Price to Pay

There is always a cost associated with everything. Even things you think are free, cost something.

Running is free to go outdoors and hit the pavement, but getting there will cost you.... lace up your running shoes ($100 - on up), put on your moisture wicking socks ($5 per pair), wear  your running clothes, tank & shorts ($50) times that by 10 or more.., strap on your heart rate monitor, watch ($150)and Ipod ($150).. then head out the door... Cheap.. that's right.. compared to other sports, cheap!

There is also the race entry fees which vary from a low $25 on up to $65 or more.. It's not a requirement but a way to chart your progress and work towards a goal to keep things fresh and exciting.

There is also a bigger price to pay for not running.. on your body and health. That is too high to pay or even consider... so while there might be a few initial purchases, running is still cheaper to do it then not...

Start slow.. don't buy all the running stuff at once.. and get outdoors.. where the fresh air, sunshine, breeze and pavement are free..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Going To Get Fat!

I'm never going to let myself be fat again. I know how to stay in shape. I know exercise daily for an hour, or at least 30 minutes of cardio is the key to keeping the fat off my body.

Every day you have a choice.. do something, any thing.. but not to quit. I have to remind myself of this daily when it feels too hard to keep going and I'm wondering to myself why I should keep going.

I don't want to feel like I'm suffocating in my own fat ever again. The fat that use to be around my neck and body felt uncomfortable. I took off that fat suit.. and it feels so good!

It's amazing how much my life has changed since I decided to take the first steps to losing the weight and start working out. Even complete strangers take note of how good I look. People come to me for advice on running, workout shoes, weight training, and diet. Everyone wants to know the secrets of good health and share their struggles.

Life is good.. and I am not going to get fat ever again....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Look at those Pipes!

What a funny compliment. The photographer at Kendra's wedding in the limo said to me "look at those pipes!" I was posing for a photo of Kendra and she took note of my arms. I just said.. "I work...out".. lol... Maybe I've been working them out too much???

The harp player also told me she thought I was a bridesmaid, not the mother of the bride! Got to like that!

The day after the wedding.. with only 4 hours of sleep.. my legs were twitching and my mind was on running.. I got up at 5:30am.. got ready to run and ran my 7.22 mile loop to and back from the gym with my 30 minutes of weight lifting in between.

I feel tired now at 11am.. maybe time for a nap.. or to get up and keep moving so I'll sleep tonight.

I'm now starting week #35 of charting my exercise progress.. I ran 35.4 miles last week... and biked 10 miles.. a good weekly total..

I'll keep plugging away.. with my next half marathon goal in mind.. only a few more weeks until the race date.   I need to write up a weekly plan of running.. the count down to the race..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bike My Buns Off...

Steve and I went for a 10 mile easy bike ride early this morning along a dirt path. We stopped to watch a train go by and had a good workout climbing up hills.

Steve hasn't been to the gym all week, working instead. He just wanted to bike.. I wanted to run.. but I made a compromise.. I'd try something different and still get a workout in. It's not the same as running. I didn't work up a sweat, but I warmed up and at least did something.

It was a nice, quiet bike ride as it was just the two of us, riding our bikes down the middle of the dirt road. I wish we had been biking this route all summer long. At least we have the remainder of the summer and into the fall to ride.

Next bike ride, we plan on bringing the camera as there are a few places that we came across that would be a good picture spot. I will still run.. maybe I'll run 10 miles and Steve can slowly bike. At least this gives me more options to vary my workout and keep it all fresh and interesting.

Today, is the big day.. Kendra's Wedding. Looking forward to helping her celebrate this very special day.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What A Great Day!

I am having a great day! My run was easy and time flew by so fast. I was at the gym in no time at all and worked out with weights, then did my usual run home. It felt good. I felt great!

I'm looking forward to spending the day with my daughters. A reward of sorts.. pedicures and manicures. I'm looking at it, as a reward to myself for all the running I do.. A non-food reward. For Celina a reward for all A's and Kendra to look perfect on her wedding day.

The weekend weather looks perfect, cool in the mornings and upper 70's maybe in to the 80's for Sunday. A wonderful day to get in a run before the wedding. It will help me relax.. get out any stress and start me off on a good mind frame. I'm looking forward to all her hard work and planning that went into her wedding day. May the day be perfect for her and all will go smoothly.....

I plan to ignore anyone that has left my life by choice and asked me to "Let them go". They are not in  my children's lives nor mine.  I will do as I have learned to do over the last 7+ years.... Carry on as if they don't matter. Only my immediate family matters and that's what I plan to focus on..

I have gotten over the hurt, humiliation and abandonment.. I WILL NO LONGER BE BULLIED.. OR MADE TO FEEL LIKE I AM THE BAD ONE OR TOLERATE BEING TREATED BAD! I am too strong to listen or take any more of that crap. Take it some where else.. because I'm not going to take it!  I am not over the anger.. I will always be angry about what has been done. I can not change that. What's done is done.. I will leave it at that! As a mother, I would never think of doing that to one of my children. So very cruel!! So cruel... and I hate you for that. So remember this.. as I run.. think of me stomping on your heart, just as you have done to me.. Crushed me.. hurt me and now to take away the pain I run... run on and on and on.. harder and harder, longer and longer to wash away all... use this against me.. I no longer care.. I am not worried about your feelings.. as I'm sure your not about mine.....

Friday, August 17, 2012

2 Years Ago....

It was almost 2 years ago that I decided to do something about my weight once and for all.. I had to make changes and it was time.

I never looked back.. I kept going. I kept it, but I didn't call it a diet. I called it healthy eating. Fruit, lots of veggies and the same old same old every day as long as it was loaded with flavor. I never felt hungry and I kept going. Going until I lost almost 40 pounds.

The end of November I started working out, 3 days a week with Steve at the gym. I started slowly, lifting weights, adding cardio and increasing the time I spent doing cardio. After Christmas, I started cross country skiing every day for an hour plus going to the gym 3x's a week. The weight kept coming off.. I've now been holding steady with 5 pounds up or down given the week for almost 2 years now.

It hasn't always been easy. I get off on my eating. I wish I could lose the last few pounds to reach that  goal weight of 129. I don't always feel like exercising.

What has changed... I always exercise, never give myself an excuse to not exercise. I've only taken a few days off, too sick or before a race. I do allow myself to have treats but I've worked off the calories I eat to be able to do that and not gain.

I can fit into a size 4, 6 or 8.. my old size 12/14 falls off me. I had to buy all new clothes as even tops and underwear and bras no longer fit. I can wear just about anything and know I will look good. I don't have to hid in baggy tops and don't have to worry about squeezing into uncomfortable clothes.

I lost the weight, the cellulite, the low self esteem and I gained so much more.. health, happiness and fitness.

I look forward to my new skinny, healthy self. I set new goals every day. To run more miles, to try new sports or exercises, and now I'm looking into becoming a personal trainer or a fitness/weight management coach. Going back to school to get a certificate this fall. Going on a new path and use what I've learned. Living my new skinny life to the fullest. Being in the moment and enjoying the new path I am on....

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I had a nice complement yesterday. The young guy with the tattoo's at the gym who checks us in every morning thought Steve and I were in our low to mid 30's. How nice to hear that!

I do feel younger.. younger then I did in my 30's. I no longer have the 50 pounds of extra weight. I am lighter, toner and more healthy.

Today, was a great day for running. A cool 60*F with a breeze to keep me from sweating a lot. I ran my usual 7.22 miles and it felt easy.

Did some abs exercises.. no arm weights. Plus, I've been playing soccer with my kids. All that soccer, kicking the ball has made my thighs sore. Burning some calories, using muscles I don't normally use, having fun with my kids.. I love it! I told Celina, when they play soccer games at home, let me know.. I want to play too with all the kids. They were happy to know that I wanted to be out there with them and now the teams will be even! Can't wait for a friendly soccer game with my kids!

There are so many benefits to getting in shape. I was practicing soccer with Logan and giving him some tips on how to drop kick the ball. Some young guy in his 20's came over and said, you  look like you know a lot about soccer.. Do you know how wide the soccer field is? How nice to know that I look like I know what I'm doing. I didn't know the answer but thanks to Google on the cell, we figured it out.

I love being a fit mom.. Love it, love it!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Stormy was an understatement this morning. What started out as a nice morning to run.. over cast with the sun starting to peak through the clouds. Off in the distance a rainbow..although short lived as I ran this morning.

I heard thunder.. then came the lightening and little rain drops... I managed to run to the gym just as the down pour came.. and wow did it rain.

I figured this storm would be quick to pass. After all, it was just semi-sunny not 5 minutes ago.. I worked out.. waited.. talked to some others I know at the gym.. I had an offer for a ride home, but she was in the middle of her workout and I didn't want to interrupt. Finally, I gave in and realized.. I would not be running home.. the rain was not stopping.

Is this what's to come the end of this week?? A stormy end? I know it won't be filled with sunshine and rainbows.. hopefully the rain won't flow.. and there will be someone there to save me.. rescue me from the down pour..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Foot In Front Of The Other...

I had a hard time running this morning. I laid awake for much of the early morning, only falling asleep around 5am and not wanting to get out of bed come 6am.

I do know, in order for me to run at all, I must get up and put one foot in front of the other.

I wore my older pink running shoes today giving my new pair a rest. I wanted to see if my toes felt better in other shoes. Yes, they did feel better.

I was still having a hard time just keeping going today. I wanted to take it easy and only run 4 miles, my wooded loop but I didn't. I kept running towards the gym... It wasn't easy. I didn't try and run fast. I tried to distract myself and think of other things beside turning around and going back home.

I was happy to make it to the gym, get a drink of water and see a workout friend I haven't seen since spring. I was hoping seeing her there working out again would inspire me to pick it up and enjoy my run home. I didn't last long at the gym as I just wanted to get home. I wanted to be done with running for the day.

I love burning all those calories from running. I even like all the sweat from it. I feel like I'm making progress and doing something good for me.

Even Olympic competitors have days like this. I was reading about the gymnast Gabby, who just a year ago wanted to quit all together. Did she? No.. she had a few bad days, maybe weeks or a month. It does pass and you some how just keep going with one foot in front of the other..

So, while some days I might want to skip it.. or quit all together. I have days I can't wait to get out there and run. Every day is different and I welcome the challenge.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go today on my run? I ran.. zoned out.. Before I knew it.. I was home again..

7 miles today felt good. I would have liked to run more but no time for that..

For my sanity this week.. I will be running more.. just you wait and see!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

End of Week 33

It's the end of week 33 of tracking my fitness. I ran 56 miles this week. It's my 2nd highest running total since I've been tracking my progress. 57 miles was the number to pass.

I ran just 4 miles today.. Plenty of miles after yesterdays 13. My 2 toes on my left foot were a little sore. I just put some band-aids on them and was good to go.

Looking forward to running again this week.. week #34.. Lots and lots of miles..

My motivation for the day... get out there.. do something! Burn off those DQ Blizzard calories you ate yesterday...

Every day is a clean slate. You decide how to fill it..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Run

I had a great long run this morning. I slept in until 7am.. it was 55*F, a cool &sunny morning. I decided to run to the gym, work on my abs and run home, Steve biked the last 6 miles with me while I ran our wooded loop and then the neighborhood, with the quick Amherst loop.

A total of 13 miles. I ran it all in 2 hours and 35 seconds. Not 100% sure it was 13 miles exactly but close enough and after 2 hours of running.. I called it close enough!

Last years 1/2 marathon results showed the age group winners time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. I'd have to shave off 15 minutes off my time. I did run these miles slowly and races you always seem to run faster no matter what. That's a lot of time to take off and I'm not sure it will happen.

Who knows.. maybe that person that got the time last year, won't run it again. I know from past races that people you see at one race will be there again. I'm not sure this holds true for Marathons and half marathons but my guess is, that it does.

I don't think I need to go for the fastest time.. I just want to enjoy this half marathon and feel good when it's all done.

I do like how I'm able to run it.. and still feel like I could run some more. I'm not tired.. I feel good. It does feel good to eat, take a break.. but life goes on and so does the ToDo list.. So, while I might rest the next hour.. I'll be up and about the rest of the day..

Sunday.. here I come.. how many miles will I want to run?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Do a little something...

I wanted to sleep in this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. Too much going through  my head.. too much on my mind.

I was going to take a day of rest. My toes have taken a beating with the extra miles I've been running. They are sore and I don't need them black and blue or nails falling off right now.

Did I take the morning off... I did sleep in for 1 hour.. got up at 7am.. decided to just run our neighborhood 3 miles and call it good for the day. I have lots to do...

I ran the 3 miles in 25 minutes, ran it faster then I would if I were going a longer distance. Felt good out there this morning. A cool, crisp 60*F day.. I still was sweating like crazy but felt good for doing a little something instead of nothing. I at least burned off 300 calories.. my pop tart.

And what is on my mind... ?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Day At A Time...

I take things one at a time. I'm going to have a busy day and the next 3 days. I will still run every day even though I'm going to be super busy. I could just say.. I'm too busy to run to busy to workout.

I'm taking things one day at a time.. keeping my morning the same, get up, get ready, stretch and go run. Run, run and more running. I run every day to work off those buns, work off any thing I ate that might not be so healthy.. run to keep the weight off and run to keep me sane. Sane for days like this when I'm super busy.. have too much to do.. but will still find time to run.

Running calms me, helps me focus and gives me time to think.. think about anything I want..

Today, running weather was a cooler 60*F.. over cast at first with the sun popping out later. Ran 7.22 miles in one hour and 6 minutes..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking My Own Advice

That's right.. I need to take my own advice. I gained 3 pounds since wanting to lose a few pounds. I've been running more.... 10 miles on Saturday, 7 miles on Sunday, 10.5 miles on Monday, 7 miles on Tuesday and today: Wednesday 11 miles. I've just not been following the diet I know works to lose weight.

I need to go back to how I lost 50 pounds.. Rice/and lots of salsa. Veggies and fruit. No cookies, ice cream, pizza, bread etc.. I can easily lose 10 pounds with all the running I do and if I stick to my diet plan if will come off easy.

11 miles to run might seem like a lot of miles. I didn't do it all at once. I took a break after 3.22 miles and lifted weights. I did run the rest of the 7 miles without stopping. I could do it all without stopping but then I would not be able to get in my weights at the gym. I'm still thinking about finishing up the last 2 miles with a trail run later on today to finish my 13 miles.  It's okay to break up the miles and have rest in between. It's a good way to build up to running more and keeps your running fresh.

I think everyone has those days where it's hard to get out of bed, hard to get ready and go run or workout or do whatever it is you want. I have those days, but I try to block out the voice that says just skip it. I know running and working out is key for me to keep off the 50 pounds. It's the voice that is the loudest.. keep going and don't stop. I worked too hard to get here and I won't quit!

You have to find that LOUD voice inside of you that makes exercise a part of your life and not to let the weak little voice win out that tells you to skip it.. because tomorrow that voice will be back. You need to listen to and make your LOUD voice the only one that matters.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Running stronger every day... Today I did 10.5 miles (guessing at the miles)
ran the first loop to the gym 3.22miles -34 min, then around the big loop 3.? miles 36min, home 3.22 34 min.

My day was not over there.. I did take a mini break and lifted some weights, stomach crunches.. I worked today.. came home and baked all afternoon for the fair, then off to soccer and home by 8pm.. not a second of rest. Ugh!!! Tired, but stronger and ready for tomorrow.

All this will make me stronger and ready to run the 1/2 marathon... I'm hoping for a good nights rest... for tomorrow I will feel fresh and new.. ready to take on more miles of running.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Oh Sunday. It's the last day of my week.. time to tally it all up and see how many miles I ran & biked for the week.

I didn't run much today. Just a little over 4 miles. Steve kept me company and biked along side of me. It's always nice to have him along even if he wants to ride instead of run. At least I can go my own pace and not have to slow down.

Steve thought I should try speeding up my running today since I really wanted to run more. He suggested I just run harder to get a better workout. Might have a point. I tried.. not sure I wanted to run a lot faster but my whole run too 36 minutes and some seconds for a little over 4 miles so that averages out to a little less then 9 min per mile. Not bad.. not great but I wasn't racing and there were a lot, lot of hills to run up!

I'll write in the weekly totals.. soon..

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tired OUT!!!

I was in the running mood. A lot on my mind.. and a good time to run it all off.

I did the big loop today. To and from the gym 7.22 miles and another 37 minutes around the loop so I'm guessing that was about 3.5 miles? So in all I ran 10.5 miles? I'll have to bike it with my GPS at some point. I did have to take a mini water break in the gym then I headed out again with not much rest.

This has been a busy day.. Got home, rushed Logan to tryouts for soccer, shopped with Celina then back to pick up Logan... home to clean, clean and do more cleaning. We finally finished the floors. All we need to do is poly the quarter round trim and it's done! The furniture can go back in the room tomorrow.

Off to rest and relax for a bit.. Then out tonight..

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fat Pills

.... my daily 7.22 mile run takes me on a direct path to the smell of cinnamon fried donuts.. I run right by Cub Foods and the smell of goodness. I just remind myself, donuts are big fat pills. They will go right to your butt. You just burned 700+ calories running only to eat all the fat back if I go purchase a fat pill.. Donut.

I'm not saying I never eat donuts. I did go by them for my kids today and 2 are still on the kitchen counter calling me to come eat them. A treat once in a while like a fat pill is not the end of the world. I won't gain back 50 pounds from having one or two donuts. I just can't run to get donuts every day.

Instead of a cinnamon fried donuts, I'll have a slice of cinnamon swirl toast, better choice then donuts and I don't feel deprived of anything.

To update on my workout yesterday,  I just biked 7.22 miles up to the store and home again. Called it good for the day!

Today, I ran and did not stop at the gym. I ran the whole 7.22 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. A slow ~10 minute per mile. If I had more time I would have liked to run a few more miles.

Tomorrow, I want to run to the gym, keep going towards home and back around to the gym and then lift weights, run home.. How many miles? I'm thinking 7.22 to gym and home, plus extra loop 1.5 miles or maybe 2 max. So 9 miles to run.. I'll be up early 6am.. so I have time to run... run and run.. The gym won't open until 7am so this gives me plenty of time to run the 6 miles.

I also have plans to go run that trail again but I'll save that for Sunday morning.. Looks like if the kids don't want to run it with me.. I'll go it alone. Looking forward to some trail running.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Go...

Running was not going to happen this morning. I got up on time.. then I had to change plans.

I helped with the sanding/finishing of our wood floors. It had to be done.. and Steve needed help. I couldn't just run out the door.

I have a window of opportunity it's from 5 am to 8am.. anytime after that, I just don't feel like running or doing anything. Well, maybe biking or cross country skiing.

Will I do any exercise today.. ? That is the question. I need to.. I should.. But Will I?

Here's what I was thinking...
Bike to the bank & gym today.. (after working)
Lift weights at the gym for 30 minutes then bike home.

Tonight.. after 8pm go run 2 miles around the park lake on the dirt trails. Because 2 miles is better then Zero Miles..

Okay.. my plan is in place.. No excuses to do nothing.. I need to do this for me...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weight Worried!

I had big plans to lose the last few pounds to reach my goal weight of 129 before my daughter's wedding August 19th. Not sure that will happen. I know there is still plenty of time to lose 5 pounds. I'm just way off on my eating these days.

I can't seem to get motivated to start eating more veggies and stop the bread. I'm picking up bad habits of joining my kids in an ice cream after a soccer goal scored or a win. Some days I eat after soccer which is 8pm too late to be eating dinner or even a ice cream snack.

Instead of the scale going down... its been going up and up. a few oz here and a few there. Oh, some days it goes down but now it's a pound here and a pound there. I need to start controlling more of what I eat and stick to a plan. Simple foods and the weight will come off. I don't want to have to start running more and more miles. I just have to think before I eat. Think of how hard I worked to burn 700 calories and maybe I'd make better choices.

Trail Run

I did a lot more dirt running today then I have in a long time. I decided to do the 4 mile loop by our house (just because of time- busy) I ran a little farther down Cliff road and took the whole dirt road to my normal road turn. It was the same distance as running the neighborhood route, but more scenic and a softer surface to run on then pavement.

I took a short break to do some work, then drove to the local park. The trail is now finished around both the lakes. It's 2 miles around both lakes and took 21 minutes to run slowly. I was reading that trail running is slower just because you have a lot of turns etc but it's easier on the feet, joints running on dirt and crushed rocks.

I loved my run this morning. Felt great to be out in the woods.. shaded area to run and a nice change. I'll probably start running to the park, then run the trails and head for home. Soon I hope to venture out and run more trails through the woods. For now, I'll just run what is familiar and stick with that until I'm more comfortable. I do cross country ski those woods in the winter. I just feel a lot safer in winter since you can see all around. The leaves make the wood to thick to see far. I'm sure I'll get over this too.

I'm hoping Steve will try outdoor running again. There should be less excuses since he loves the woods, it will be easier on his joints. Now to convince him to join me. Would be nice to have a running partner out there with me...