Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 miles to go...

I woke up with a headache... time to get up and go for a run.

I ran the wooded 4 mile loop near our house. I didn't need to run 7 miles today or to lift weights. I will get enough work exercise today. Plus, we are re-finishing our hardwood floors. Nothing like adding extra exercise on to the day.

I didn't have my ipod to run today. It's kind of a good thing.. It was nice to just listen to my surroundings and my own thoughts.

Running was easier today. I could have run more.. but no time.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not so easy...

It's not so easy to run every day. It's hard work. Some days really hard. Today was one of those hard to keep running days. I'm glad I have a destination in mind, so I know that I have to run to the gym. The only way to get home is to run. Sure, I could walk.. which believe me, I think about.. do I ever do it.. just walk it.. nope! I don't walk because I know its going to take me twice as long to get home again or to the gym. I know I burn more calories running then I do walking. So the only way I'll stop is if something doesn't feel right or I have pain where if I kept running I would make things worse.

I should have been motivated to run today. I didn't get to run yesterday because it rained and I really missed it.

What I am looking for is a change again. I want to try some trail running on dirt paths through the woods. The park close to home, finally is done. I think the loop is 2 miles. I'll bring along my phone GPS. It's something new that I can look forward to. I don't think the park opens until 8am so this is a good option after lifting weights at the gym or going in the afternoon when I'm looking for something to do.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Count Backwards... to 10

I have 10 weeks to go before I run a half marathon. I was looking forward to running lots of miles today. That didn't happen. I woke up to the sound of rain. Not just a little bit of rain but a down pour that would not stop.

I needed a back up plan to get a workout in.. Now what? hummmmmmm..... I was so undecided about what to do. I forgot to stretch, which I never forget. Drove myself to the gym and still wasn't sure what I planned to do for a workout.

I ended up climbing up on the treadmill.. setting it to random and started running at 6.0mph, then decreased the speed to 5.7 and ran that for 15 minutes up and down on the inclines. Time was going slow.. I was getting no where. It didn't feel hard running, I wasn't out of breath.. I wasn't tired.. I just wasn't anything.. At one point, I decided I'd crank up the speed to 7.0 and see how that felt to run faster. Felt fine.. the last 5 minutes I cranked the speed up to 9.0 to see how that felt.. fast but I could do it... after a minute of that fast.. I decreased it back down to 7.0 to finish out 3 miles, running 30 minutes. Good enough!

I didn't even feel like lifting weights so I just went to the store instead to get some bananas and hash browns for breakfast. Maybe it was hunger, or just lack of drive today with the rain stopping my plan of running outside.. more miles..

I still have 10 weeks to train. Plenty of time to get in long runs outside. Plenty of time to prepare..

Even though today was not a great workout day. I still did something! Something is better then nothing. I have to be happy that I just got to it.. Did something for me even if it was only 30 minutes.. Maybe the weather will clear and I'll be able to run outside still today or tonight... just maybe???

38.6 miles of running and 14.4 miles of biking for the week.. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Morning..

I had a great run today. Started out at 6:30am, up with the sun. For once, my feet did not hurt as I took my first steps out on the street. My  feet felt great in my new running shoes. I no longer have that painful first 20 or more yards of running.

I ran to the gym as I always do.. lifted weights for about 10 minutes before returning home. I felt good running home. I slowed my pace a bit just so I could run extra today. I turned around when I reached our house and headed back out the the neighborhood and around the big U, to do another 1.5 miles of running. My total 7.22 + 1.5 mile = almost 9 miles. I felt good enough to keep going but I need to increase my weekly miles slowly.

I have 10-11 weeks to train for my 1/2 marathon. I need to work up to running 13 miles all at once, no breaks.. I know I can run this 1/2 marathon right now but I want to feel good running it the whole time and enjoy it. I will only be able to do that with extra miles of training.

My goals are to just run this 1/2 marathon and get a time under 2 hours and 10 minutes. That gives me 10 minutes per mile. If I get under that time, great. Something to aim for would be under 2 hours but I'm not going to go for speed. This one is to just complete a half marathon and check that off my goal list.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Make me Run...

I need to run.. sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, which is 99% of the time around 1am to 3am. All I want to do is to get out of bed and go run. I can't.. it's too dark, the gym isn't open and I really should be sleeping even though I know I won't fall back asleep until around 3 or 4am. It's an endless cycle.

I really thought, all this running would help me sleep. The only thing that does make me want to sleep is reading. I  love to read but it's always hard to keep my eyes open. That's not a bad thing when I need to sleep but in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.. it doesn't help!

I purchased a new iTunes card yesterday to download more music. I'm excited to have something else to listen to as I've taken up listening to the morning shows on the radio. It's mostly talking, but it's something to distract me from wanting to stop running.

Much cooler today and there was a cool breeze.. something I haven't felt for weeks.

I need to step up my running miles.. I need to start preparing for the half marathon in October..

Saturday, I plan to run more miles.... Maybe add our neighborhood of 1.5 miles on to my 7.22 going to the gym. Or maybe I'll run 4.0 the close loop to home and then run to the gym and home again. Which ever I do will be fine and add to my long run for the day.  The 4 will get me closer to running 13 which I need to start doing on a regular basis to build up.. speed and stamina.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quickly.. fading

My race wins quickly fade after race day. In fact the thrill is pretty much over after I compare all the race results and up date the blog.

I wish I could hold on to that winner feeling but I can't. I never seem to be good enough. Or think I am good enough. There is always something I wish I had done differently.. something I could have done better. Even though I came in 1st it's just a local race. It's not like the "Big Guns" of racing come out to these events. Like I'd even have a chance against them. Don't get me wrong, there is some serious competition in these local races. Who doesn't want to get a better time, place if they can?

I am after all competing with only women and women in their 40's. I guess that's why I like to compare the over all place I came in. 4th.. that's not too bad for all women that entered this last race. I like the fact that out of men and women I can place in the top 20.

I'm still a beginner runner. This sport is still very new to me and I'm just trying to figure it all out.

I'm not sure how long this figuring out stage will take. I think, I need to experience a big city race with tons of people to really understand what running is like in a race. It's not going to be a race to get a good time. It's just to run with a bunch of people that love to run.

Every time I go for a run.. I'm getting a little more seasoned. Every time I read more on the sport of running I learn just a little bit more. I need to talk with more true runners.. I want to improve and learn more about this new sport. I want to keep feeling that race excitement and keep coming back for more!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One more time...

One more time I had to try out another pair of running shoes. I returned the pair that made 2 really big blisters on my toes. Went to Runner's Gate in Apple Valley/ Lakeville and used my $20 off coupon from the race last week. Instead of $120 shoes I got this new pair for $95. Still a lot to pay for running shoes but cheaper then the last pair I returned.

Who would have thought I'd be excited to run on the treadmill. Only because I wanted to see how the new shoes felt on my feet. I have to test them inside or I can't return them.

I decided to run the 4 mile loop close to home, bike to the gym 3.45 miles and then run on the treadmill for 2 miles, lift weights and bike home. A lot of working out but not too much were I was overly tired.

What do you know!! My new running shoes, (kind of ugly) felt great! Love them!! At least right now I love them. Just hope it stays that way. Now to try them on pavement tomorrow. The purchase becomes final at this point. So, keeping my fingers crossed that I have no problems because I will be suck with some expensive shoes that I won't be able to wear running.

I still like my old running shoes but they do hurt the outside of my foot. I now know that I run on the outside of my feet, not inside like I was thinking. The new shoes will help stabilize the foot so I will run more evenly on both sides of my feet and it will prevent the foot from rolling inward.

I don't think you need to run out to get expensive shoes until you know more about how much your going to be running and until you've been running for awhile. I got to the point where I wanted the correct shoe for my foot only after I had foot hurting issues. That's probably a good reason and a good time to invest in a good shoe. Don't do it before your really running.. the shoes you have are good enough until you figure out they are no longer working for your feet.

It's easy to get caught up in buying all the stuff you think you might need as a runner. I'm taking it slow.. One thing at a time. New real running shoes, new moisture wicking socks, a heart rate monitor and some simple running clothes. I haven't gotten to the point where I want to invest in moisture wicking tops and shorts.. that too will come over time. I don't feel the need for it right now but it is on my mind. We've had a lot of humid days were I am drenched in sweat. I've been wondering how one of those tops would feel. Would I really like  or even notice a difference? Well, I'm not there yet. I'll keep wearing just plain old tank tops.. and rotate between my running shorts and skirt. I'll invest slowly  in this new sport I've come to love.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was excited to try out my new running shoes today. Last night at 8pm I went out to the Running Room in Eagan  to find myself a new pair of running shoes. I wanted some good advice on what type of shoe I needed for my foot and running style.

I did find out some good information about my feet. I don't have high arches as I thought I did. They are actually low and that's why my feet turn in-ward. So, I need some support to prevent my feet from rolling in. There are plenty of shoes that offer support for me.

The woman also evaluated my walk, run. I have a healthy foot style of running. I run mostly towards my toes and  don't run with my heal touching first. Which is the way you want to run, toes first. So that was good to hear that I was indeed running correctly.

I was able to buy a pair of shoes for around $120. Not cheap but if my foot feels good running and I don't get any pain that's a good thing and well worth the money. The nice thing about this store, they tell you to try them out on a treadmill. If the shoe doesn't feel good, bring them back. Just don't run outside on blacktop because then you can't return them.

I did run today on the treadmill. Thankfully, I wasn't tempted to run outdoors. It was raining hard. I had to run on the treadmill today. Running in new shoes felt good. Well, until mile #4 when I could feel something hurting on top of my foot. Sure enough, I now have a blister in the shape of a triangle on both feet near my big toe. It's from the lace hole. So back to the store I go..

I'm going to get a second opinion since there are many running stores and many brands of shoes. I have a $20 off coupon for a store in Lakeville so I'm going to shop there for my next trial pair. I'm hoping to eventually find something that feels great.

I also tested out those new moisture wicking socks. I was told cotton socks are abrasive and create a lot of friction, heating up the foot and rubbing so that's why you get blisters on your toes. Sure enough, I've experienced the blisters on the toes. I'm not sure I'm sold on these new socks. They are expensive $23 for 3 pairs. Plus, my feet felt extra hot. I'll try the socks again and see if I can get use to them. Otherwise, I'll go back to my cotton socks which didn't seem to bother me about the toes blistering once in a while. It's mostly just dead skin anyway..

I just hope to figure it all out. Then again, the more you know.. the more you want to spend. I was thinking running was an in-expensive sport. I think the running stores want you to buy, buy and buy expensive stuff you really don't need. It's tempting to buy the latest and greatest but sometimes just the simple, non-hi-tech stuff works too. Don't fix what's not broken.

So, I'm taking baby steps into the world of running...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot in July!

It was way too hot at 6am to run outside. I biked with Steve to the gym.  At least I got him to bike instead of driving to the gym. I'm hoping he will continue to bike there and I'll get to run.

I didn't even want to run indoors. I dread thinking of getting on those machines and going no where. If I can't run outside, I'll skip it.

I did spend extra time lifting weights. I'm pretty happy with the way my arms look in photos. I actually could see my arm muscles! Now, I'm working on getting rid of my dimples on my lower butt cheeks. I did extra reps and I will continue to do that until they are gone and gone for good!

Haven't been eating to lose weight the last few days. I really need to get back on track with that. It's a new week, week #31 of working out.

Today, I have plans to go to the Running Room Store and figure out if I need new running shoes. My right foot has been hurting a little and it might be due to my shoes. I know my shoes should be switched out every 500 miles and with putting on 40 -50 running miles a week, it's time. I just didn't want to spend over $100 for shoes. I guess as far as running goes, it's a cheap sport. Well, with race entry fees and shoes that's the only expense. A small price to pay to keep me fit and the weight off.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New Day...

It's a new day.. time to get started on a new goal.

I have been thinking a lot about doing a triathlon or even a dualathalon not sure I'm ready for either, but there are short races in both. I need a plan of action and one to watch sooner then later.

Running today was good. I ran to the gym and home again after lifting weights for 40 minutes. I did extra weights in hopes to tone up more.

I'm doing a new exercise that targets my abs and works on my lower butt.This is the best picture I could find. I keep my legs straight and a roller holds down my ankles but it's the same up and down motion. I did a behind check today and I have a little dimple instead of a big crater on each cheek left to work and tone on my butt. I think I can, I think I can.. get rid of it forever!! If I keep doing these exercises targeting my lower butt and my abs, the dimples are sure to go away. Finally, an exercise that I know will help!

It's also a new day to work towards running a half marathon which is 13 miles. The Belle Plain 1/2 marathon is along the Minnesota river valley with some hills, some flat areas. I was reading the comments from other runners and it looks like from the elevations and comments mile 6 & 12 are the hardest since it's all up hill. I'll do plenty of training on hills since all my running routes have plenty of challenging hills. My only goal for this 1/2 marathon is just to complete it running injury free. I want to be able to enjoy the run, not care about my run time and just be in the moment. Of course there is the age awards for first woman/man. So that's of course in my mind..

I want to work on doing all types of races. I want to do a 10K: 6.2miles, a 10 mile race and some day do a full marathon. I also want to do some fun runs where it's not all about competition and getting a better PR. I want to keep loving running and how it makes me feel. I love that I can start my day with something that makes me healthy, clears my mind and starts off my day on the right foot. I never would have know how beneficial running would be. I know I would read all kinds of info on it and the benefits. It's not until you start doing it, running day in and out that you finally get it. People that don't run, won't get it. So if you want to understand where I'm coming from... start walking.. take baby steps until you are a runner. You'll never regret that decision. It will be the best thing you can do for YOU. It's a new day.. start today.. you've heard that saying.. tomorrow, tomorrow it's always tomorrow.. well, do it today instead..

Saturday, July 21, 2012

1 Mile, Run for the Gold

Yippppppeeeeeeeeee.. I did it.. I did it... I scored another 1st place but best of all. I beat my PR time.. I did better then I thought with a 6 minute and 39 second mile time. I could hardly believe it!!!

Here's what I tell myself before and during a run.. it's only going to be 7 minutes or less out out of your life. It will be over soon.

Here are the Stats:
Out of 110 people of all ages that ran in today's 1 mile race, I came in at #20
Out of 53 females of all ages that ran in today's 1 mile race, I came in at #4
And out of my age group, there were 10 of us, I came in #1..
The next Female in my age group came in just 32 seconds after me.

The race conditions were humid, 80*F and pouring rain. Plus this mile run, you start off running up hill. You come to almost a complete stop after 1/2 mile and turn around to go back to the start line.

A great day to race for me!!! I was going to also run the 4 mile just to do it, but the rain came down harder and there were flashes of lightening. No need to run in less then okay conditions. I did what I set out to do. I set out to get under a 7 min mile time. I achieved my goals and took 1st to boot!

I'm so proud of both my children, Celina and Logan for running the mile with me. Celina ran it last year taking 2nd and this year ended up with a better mile time by almost a minute and taking 3rd place. It was Logan's first time running a mile. He ran hard, but in the 9 & 10 boys age group there is tough competition... He came in 8 out of 10 but took home a lucky door prize!

Next year we will do it again.. Run for the GOLD!!!

One of the fun things about running in races, you get to know a few others who also race. You start to recognize familiar faces, some of the same people show up race after race. I met a woman in her early 50's who started running a year ago. Rosemount was her first race too. She took 1st in her age group on the 4 mile. It was nice to see someone along the same path as I was.. running to be healthy and just going for it! I hope to see her at more races in the future and I bet I will.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I always get nervous before a race. It starts as soon as I decide to do a race. It's a day away.. exactly 24 hours.. at this time 7:54am I'll be at the race start line. Ready to go run the mile.. I'm wanting under a 7 minute mile.

Will I be able to run under a 7 min mile? I hope so.. my foot still hurts, but it's a lot better. I'm really hoping tomorrow it won't hurt at all. Wishful thinking on my part.

After this race on Saturday, the next one is a fun mud run. I am volunteering in September and if I want to run it after, I can for no charge. I'm going solo on this one.

I plan to start training for the 1/2 marathon. I need to run 13 miles at least 2x's a week starting next week as long as my foot is okay. I want to make sure I don't hurt my foot more. I might have to take time off and recover.

I'll be doing lots of cross training, biking.. so that will help get in exercise and stay fit.

Looking into doing a tri-athalon too. I'm in the reading about it stage. I'd like to watch one to see how they transition between events and what kind of equipment the racers use. I can rent a bike so I could always do that for a race as long as I pre-try the bike and am comfortable.

Many things to think about doing.. on going process..

Diet Month Update:

Did great yesterday. Avoided any and all junk foods. Ate lots of blueberries, a few bananas for those sweet tooth cravings and had a dark chocolate protein bar which is good for you! Just cutting back a little every day on calories..nothing extreme.. Down a few oz of weight today.. going in the right direction..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh No!!

It's day 2 of my right outside foot hurting. I was limping around all day yesterday and now again today. Trying to not put too much pressure on that right foot.

I have no idea of how I hurt my foot yesterday when running home. I just remember my foot feeling sore the last 15 minutes of my run home. My foot didn't feel sore enough to stop running so I kept going but sure did feel it after my run.

The race is on Saturday, still time to heal my foot by then. I am not going to run until the race. I did bike to the gym and home 7+ mile and lifted weights (no leg weights). Just worked on my abs and arms for the most part for  30 minutes. This is my last race until September when I can do a 5K mud run and then Octobers 1/2 marathon.

It's also exactly 1 month until Kendra's wedding. I want to lose those last few pounds. There is something about dieting that seems to slow down time. That's exactly what I need to slow down summer and slow down   the days to the wedding. I will work hard on my goals!

Here are my 1 month goals!
Lose weight to get down to 129/130 and maintain it!
Eat healthy, plenty of veggies, avoid white bread, desserts of all kinds... plenty of fruit and watch my calories!
Lots of exercise.. when bored to toning exercises and just stay busy!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep going..

I had to tell myself this morning on my run to keep going. Not to walk, not to get a ride home and not to give up. My foot hurt and I want to be home.

This weather, hot and humid is just not fun for running. It takes every thing out of me just to do it. I feel crabby, hot and tired. Running does not energize me and I feel like I am dragging.

The next 2 days, Thursday and Friday I won't run. I need to take a break from running to get prepared for the 1 mile and 4 mile race on Saturday. Oh, yes.. it's going to be hot on Saturday. Some where in the 90's and I have no idea about the humidity but I'm sure it will be tropical. Not good conditions to run.

I will bike to the gym tomorrow.. just lift weights and go home.. 2 days of rest. I need it..

This morning with 10 minutes left of my run, my right foot started hurting on the side. Not sure why? Now it hurts just when I walk.. I'm hoping this is just a small-short term injury that will quickly go away.

Okay.. feel like I need a nap.. maybe  30 minutes of shut eye would be good before I start my day..

Off to nap.. ;0)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The heat and humidity zapped all my  energy this morning. We tried to camp out last night in the back yard in our tents. We ended up coming inside at 12 am. Unable to take the heat! It was 80+ and humid all night long and this morning the temp was the same at 6am. No wind and very uncomfortable!

I biked to the gym instead of running. That was still not fun. It took a lot of effort to keep peddling. The gym was no better. Cooler at 72 but still felt hot and my energy level was non-existent. I did get on the cross ramp but only lasted 15 minutes, did some weights for 25 minutes and biked slowly home.

I should have checked the temp for this Saturdays race. I'm hoping it's not going to be this hot. I won't be doing much of anything to rest up for the race. It's good to take a few days off.

Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Weeks of "I Will Get Fit"

I've been recording my workout, weight and eating progress for 30 weeks now. I can't say my weight has changed from 30 weeks ago as it still is an up and back down process but it always stays in the same range.
I know my lungs are stronger and I run more outside then I ever have before. I am sure my muscles are a lot more tone. Muscles weight more then fat, so I'm taking that as to why the last few pounds never came off.

I have another 10 more weeks to go of charting my progress in book #2 and then I will go out and buy book #3 of "I will get Fit!" I know it helps keep me motivated tracking my progress having to write it all down, the good with the bad. I have a long road ahead to maintain this weight loss and fitness for the rest of my life.

I've made a lot of good changes this past 2 years. I still have my ups and downs with food but mostly I don't let it bother me. I had french fries at Mcd's yesterday. I just wanted some salt and the taste of fries. I ordered myself a small.. and enjoyed every one of those fries. I never let it get me down.. thinking I wrecked my diet.. I made a choice to have them, not as a reward but some thing I can do, can have once in a great while if I really want it. No excuses! I even had ice cream 2x's yesterday and a brownie. Far more desserts then I needed. You have to allow yourself days like that. It's all about learning to eat normal,  maintain a life you can live with.. and enjoy all without ever depriving yourself.

Yesterday, on the Color Run I met another woman. She also had lost a significant amount of weight 70 pounds, then had gained 30 back, and then lost another 15 but was still up 15 pounds from her lowest weight.   She also lost the weight over a year or more and has been trying to maintain. Life if full of stress.. it's not a reason to let things go.. life is always changing.. It was nice to talk with some one else to see how they did it.. how they were doing with maintaining. It's not an easy path.. but it's much harder to not try and not lose the weight and not be fit. So while it might be hard some days, it's not as hard as when I carried around those extra 50+ pounds. I won't ever forget! I won't ever go back... I'm only moving forward.. STRONGER EVERy DAY!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Color Run 2012

This morning I participated in the 5th largest 5K run/walk for hunger in the Color Run at the State Fair Grounds.

It was a hot morning but a nice summer day to be outside.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Light My Way...

Is there a light at the end of the road? Am I making progress?

It's hard to see your progress. I lost sight of it.. I don't see any big weight changes and I pretty much look the same every day. My running times stay the same as I don't seem to be running any faster. All the weights I lift..I just maintain the muscles I have.

I did see a running race time improvement from last years races. I don't notice any thing else.

I need new goals.. I have new race goals already in place. I have working out goals but now I need more.. I still have that goal of losing 5 more pounds to reach my goal weight..

But I still want more.. Thinking about getting a certificate in Sports Exercise. I'd like to be able to be a personal trainer. It would be a great flex part time job and I really think I would enjoy it. Still in the looking into what I need to do and how much this will cost.

In the mean time.. I need to work on my own business.. get more customers.. start advertising again a lot more and working. Working to make more money to pay for all this college classes to get a cert to be a personal trainer.

Time to take it up a notch and light my way.... open my eyes to new things to enjoy doing...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Let Others Define YOU!

I need to take that advice.. don't let others define me.

We all have had labels put on us by others. Seems the ones that stick out are the negative ones. Why is that.. why do we have to recall every harsh thing that was said about us.. Why should we let anyone define US?

I bring this up about others defining..because I actually gave this a good thought. Another woman runner told me that winning races, getting metals and trophies are not important. It's not a good reason to want to run races and shouldn't be.

So if it's not important and she didn't think it should be for me.. then why do anything? Why do you have your children try and reach their full potential? Why have your kids compete if your so non-competitive. Well, you aren't.. your kids have to be but I guess as an adult your saying it's silly? Silly to want to be the best you can and have something to show for it?

Maybe I took that comment wrong? That's just how I took it..

Others try to define you by names.. Selfish,  a pain, narcissistic, not responsible, crazy, obsessed..we remember the names and labels that can hurt.. they can hurt if taken wrong.. which is what we all do.. take them the wrong way..

Well, I am selfish about my time to exercise, It's a pain to workout some days, I am a little bit of a  narcissist.. aren't we all to some degree.. I am not responsible for others actions.. only my own.., I am crazy.. crazy about taking care of me, being healthy and I am obsessed about maintaining what I work so hard to obtain, to have reached a goal.. I'm not letting others define me in a bad way.. I'm turning those hurtful comments into something positive..

BECAUSE... I WONT LET ANY ONE DEFINE WHO I AM! I define who I am and will aspire to be!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Wasn't feeling running today, but I still ran all the way to the gym, lifted weights and ran home. All very slow or normal pace 32/33 minutes each way.

I need to go for a long run this week... Maybe Saturday.. No weights and up early to run. Just run to feel good.

The last 3 nights I've helped coach the girls and boys RAAA soccer teams. Keeps me busy in the evening and what do you know.. Stepped on the scale today and I lost 3 pounds. I think I'm going to like this!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dark Outside

Here it is 5:06am and I'm up, dressed, stretched and ready to go run. My only problem at 5am is that it's just not   light enough outside to run. I'm waiting for the sun to come up! Where oh where are you Sun?

I wanted to start running early this morning since I have a busy day of work and meetings. I couldn't sleep and was laying awake at 4am. Figured by 4:30am it was time to get out of bed, get ready and go. The sun use to be up this early a few weeks ago, but how quickly the sun changes with time.

So, I'm sitting here.. looking out the window.. waiting.. waiting for enough light outside so I can be seen by cars and feel safe enough to run at dawn.

Dawn is my favorite time to run. It's about 64*F, no wind, just the birds chirping away, there will be plenty of rabbits eating grass and a few cars on the road at this time of day.

Morning is a great time to workout. Your fresh, ready for the day. It's much easier to make working out a habit when you do it first thing in the morning. Makes me ready for anything and wakes me up! I feel strong, able and my mind is clear and fresh.

I would not have the energy or desire to workout in the evenings. I'm too busy, tired and can find plenty of reasons to not workout. I know that morning is best for me and I'll stick with it.

I heard a beep.. checked my watch and I didn't accidentally press the start, it was my heart rate. It's at 46/47..must beep when it's below 50? Which brings me to a story. About a year ago I was having my heart rate checked, the nurse said its really low. She said, "You must be a runner?" My first thought was well, no.. not me, I don't run. That's when I had been cross country skiing, and doing the cross ramp.. running up hills. I didn't consider myself a runner since I didn't run on the treadmill or run outside. Yet I was a runner and just didn't know it at the time. It was the start, the start of me running outside. I wanted to be able to say without a doubt that yes I am a runner.

I still felt like a non-runner even with running every day. What does it take to give you the rights to say you are a runner? I decided it must me running miles, at least 6 a day. Now I could call myself a runner. Then I decided it must be if you run on the treadmill at least a few times a week. So the slow progression began.. then I thought you have to run a race to be a runner. That's when last year in July I entered my first 4 mile race. Does that make me now a runner? I had only done 1 race, not a 5K or 10K or half marathon.. will I feel like a true runner after I have ran in all these races?

Well, I have yet to run a 10K or half marathon or even know what my PR best is for a mile. I'm getting there but yes, after running outside for months and the past 2 years whether it be cross country skiing, the cross ramp or biking.. I am a runner. So now I can proudly say YES! I do run.. that's why I have such a great resting low heart rate! It's because I'm fit, I am a fit runner!

Sun is up.. 5:24am.. Took a bit longer but now I'm off. Off to run 3.66 miles to the gym.. and home again.. Can't wait to be outside.. taking in the morning quiet.. and feeling strong.. feeling like a strong runner!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do your buns hang low...

I've taken up wearing a running skirt. It hides my low jiggly buns. The shorts under are tight and keep the bouncing to a minimum. The only problem I have with this running skirt is the shorts like to rid my my legs.

My thighs still rub together when I run. You'd think they wouldn't because it's not like my thighs are fat. Must just be the way I run.. because they slowly push up those shorts and I'm always pulling them down to prevent my skin rubbing together.

I do notice once I get all sweaty, it helps keep those shorts in place. Maybe I need to put some water on my legs to wet them down before I run?

Today, I worked on sprinting. I didn't do very well at the race in the end. I didn't like watching those little girls dash my me the last race. I know I was being cautious on the grass so I would not hurt myself but the next race will be pavement and all down hill.  No excuse to not run hard and fast at the end.

My kids said it hardly looks like I'm trying to run fast at the end. A good sign I need to pick it up and start practicing that sprint part of the race. I still won't go all out as I need to save that for race day.

Yesterday I looked up the Mile times for last years Run for the Gold. In my age group if I plan on placing I need to get a 6 min and 57 sec mile time or better to get first. 2nd place is 7 min and 20 sec and 3rd was like an 8 min some mile. It's a lot of pressure to get a better time then the last race where I was able to do a mile in 7 min and 24 sec. but that was for 2 miles each so I'm thinking it should be no problem shaving off 24 seconds.. right? Well, the race does have it's challenges. like the part where it's all up hill right away. There is also a small but steep hill on the way back too and mostly an incline coming back.. not a flat easy run.. I need to go there today and run it.. or tomorrow.. to practice and time myself going at a nice pace not all out so I have an idea of my pace to be able to get a great time. Maybe even score a PR.. Personal Best Race time.. Who knows.. only the race day will tell..

I'm trying to get another runner I know to sign up for this race too. It's competition but not... she could be faster but I'm only competing with women my age and she is younger. It is added stress for me of wanting to do better but that's my competitive side. I like and welcome the challenge even if she does get a better mile time. It's good to keep challenged and work towards a bigger and better goal.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Smile..Just Smile

This morning I felt refreshed and great on my run. I didn't run much outside all last week because it was way too hot! Over 80*F and humid at 6am.

Today, it was cool out in the 60's when I started out on my run. I felt good and decided to smile and look happy when I ran.. I ran by at least a dozen or more walkers, bikers and runners today. I greeted them all with a hand wave, smile and a good morning. I wanted to spread my happiness and be that person who is happy and healthy.

I got a nice hug from a gym friend today when I told her about getting 1st in the 2 mile race. She was proud of me knowing how hard I've been training the past year. She wants me to bring in a photo of my trophy. It was so nice of her to care. It felt good.

After working out with weights at the gym for 30 minutes and not lifting any leg weights. I ran home. I felt so good running I decided to run another 2 miles around our neighborhood. I ran a total of 9.22 miles today and could have kept running.

I didn't know how the scale would be today with eating camping food all weekend and not exercising but what do you know... no change at all in weight. Thank goodness!

I know realize I don't need to be so ridged about working out every day. I won't gain 10 pounds over night or in 2 days. I won't stop working out just because I took a short rest break. 

I will feel refreshed and have a new outlook on taking care of me with rest and relaxation.  I loved being able to be lazy, sleep in, read, have fun and not worry about what I ate, or how much I did or did not exercise for the last 2 days. I do know that any longer then 2 days I'd probably go crazy not working out and start to feel not so good with the food choices. So it's back on track today.. even though I wanted a pop tart and a roll for breakfast.. Still plenty of time to eat healthy at lunch, dinner and snacks today..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Posts...Public Info

I only usually post on Blogspot.. just because hardly anyone cares to read it. I've told only a few my blog address and I like to keep it that way.  I don't want to worry about being careful what I write. What would be the point if I can't say what I like?

I did however choose to post on FB about my 1st place in the Apple Valley race. It was nice to get a few likes. I didn't really expect any comments or likes. I never comment or hardly like much of any thing that others post. While it's nice to get feedback, I think?  There are those comments you never expect? Or should I have expected it? I'm talking about a friend I've known for a long time. Mostly in my 20's.. but have kept in touch over the years through various friends. He wrote the comment " first? " Just that one word.. Like I'm not capable of coming in 1st.

I'm not going to be offended by this comment of "First?" He should be puzzled. After all, I never use to be a runner and he has no idea of the last 2 years all the working out, running I've done. So to people who no longer are in my day to day life.. which is most people on FB.. they have no idea. So, I should not be surprised at this comment.

I don't feel the need to explain how I got to the point where I was able to run and come in 1st. It's actually not the first place that is what I'm most proud of.. It's the fact that I was #7 in all 96 women of all ages that ran and #30 out of men and women of all ages that ran and there were over 177.

Most people don't know that I run every day. They have no idea that I decided 2 years ago the end of July that I was going to make big changes in my life. I was fat, unhappy with me and lazy. I re-invented myself to be what I wanted. Someone who runs, exercises and eats healthy. I'm going in the direction I set out to go in and I'm not looking back.

So, I might never post anything again on FB.. I just wanted for once to join everyone and post what I thought was really great! A great accomplishment for me. Yes, to brag and I earned those bragging rights for every step I ran...and for all the steps I'll take in the future..

So I hope they all were shocked and surprised to see that I did do something.. something most of them won't ever try...

Friday, July 6, 2012


It was still 80*F at 6am so no running outside for me! I decided to bike to the gym instead and just do the  cross ramp for 30 minutes / 3 miles and lift weights then ride the bike home for a total of 7.22 miles.

I felt shaky.. not sure why? Must have needed to eat as I feel fine now. It's just not a great feeling to shake and not know why.

I have no plans to workout this weekend. We are camping.. more days off.. without exercising. I will bring all my workout stuff but I have a feeling it's going to be too hot to run. I will sleep in.. give myself plenty of rest and enjoy doing other things to get exercise like boating, jet ski, swimming and walking..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

At "IT" Again

The day after my race, I get another e-mail reminding me about the upcoming Rosemount Run for the Gold 1 mile or 4 mile race. I could just run one race or both. It's in 3 weeks, Saturday July 21st.

I know Steve would like me not to do some of these summer races because that means we have to stay in town for the weekend when he would rather go away.

It's a love/hate relationship I have with these races. I think about it daily until race time. I train for it and lay awake at night worrying about it. The night of the race, I can't sleep... I just want to do it, to get it over with and run.

Why, oh why then do I put myself through racing? It's a good way to chart my progress and see how I compare against other runners. Plus, a little friendly running competition is always good! I'm also really liking placing in the races.

I've now ran 4 miles, 3.2 miles (5K) 2x's and a 2 mile race so I have 4 races under my belt. I need a 1 mile and 13 miles then some day.. some day.. 26 miles.

The day after a race, I pretty much spend the whole day going over the results of the race, previous races and looking at other runners race times. I chart my progress, see how far I've come and how I stack up to the competition. I love results and all kinds of them.

Now to figure out my next running goals...
I'm thinking I should be able to work towards getting a 7 min mile time for just one mile. I will need to run only 24 seconds faster and I know I can do it. I probably can get a 6 min and 59.

The fastest women on the 2 mile race was able to run a 6 min and 12 sec mile which is fast the 2nd fastest time was 6 min and 51 sec, which is more do-able.

Another goal.. work towards running 2 hours or 13 miles. No time.. just to run and do it in 2 hours or less.

Soooo back to training every day for me.... out there putting in the miles after miles.. speed work and long runs.

There is NO finish line in Fitness

That is so true.. there is no finish in Fitness! It's on- going through life... There was however a finish line yesterday in the 2 mile race.

Here are more statistics of the race..

There were a total of 367 people that ran in the Apple Valley Freedom Days race (2 & 5 miles).
There were 177 people who ran the 2 mile and 190 ran the 5 mile

Out of 177 people who ran the 2 mile, 96 were women.

Out of the 96 women.. I came in 7th over all!!!

My time was 14 minutes and 48 seconds. (I was going off memory yesterday.. )
I placed 1st in women 40-49!

Now for my family...

Logan came in at 17 min and 43 sec, Celina 19 min and 2 sec, Steve 19 min and 3 sec.

Logan finished 19 out of 29 boys in 1 -14 years old
Celina finished 11 out of 20 girls 1 - 14 years old
Steve finished 11 out of 15 men 40 - 49 years old

It was a great day to race and we all look forward to the next one!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1st Place!!!!!

I did it!!!!! I got a trophy!!! I came in 1st in women 40 - 49 in the 2 mile Apple Valley Freedom Days Race.

The race started on grass. We ran a good 100 yards or maybe more then it switched to a trail, road, sidewalk but mostly flat with a small hill incline. At the one mile point, the 2 mile racers turned around and ran back. I checked my stop watch and I was at 7 min and 24 seconds. A great time for a mile in my book! I finished with a time of 14 minutes and 24 seconds. It averaged 7 minutes and 14 seconds per mile.

Out of 175 runner doing the 2 mile, I came in 29 over all. I also competed against 21 women in my age group of 40 - 49 years old.

I had a feeling I'd come in first. The funny thing about this race compared to the last one is that this race was really fast. I didn't feel like I was running really fast, plenty of people I passed that slowed me down a bit. My breathing only became heavy at the end when I could see the finish line across the field of grass. It was a weird sensation trying to sprint to the finish line. It was chipped timed so very accurate!

So now that I have a first place trophy and a 2nd place ribbon.. I need a metal.. another 1st would be nice... ;0)

All my training paid off.. all those miles I run every day, every week, every month... Everyone one helped me come in 1st today. I love that chuck of plastic and stone. It's true.. you can make things happen and good things with lots of hard work.

My trophy is now on our fireplace mantel.. I haven't had a trophy since 1st grade t-ball we came in 2nd place over all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1 Day To Go!!!

Here we are with one day to go before the 2 mile race. It's going to be a hot one! Temps are starting in the 70/80's at 8am and the humidity/dew point is tropical.

Temps this high so early in the morning means there will be no great record breaking race times.

I will be happy with any per mile time of 8 to 8-1/2 min. Hoping to be done running after 16-17 minutes!!! Quick-short but I'd rather be just running 1 mile then 2.

I'm not running at all today. My legs feel good. I haven't had any shin pain at all since Saturday.

I got to thinking... maybe the shin pain is due to lifting weights with my legs? I'll stop doing that for awhile to see if it makes any difference. No need to make my legs hurt by lifting weights!

I just want this race O V E R!!! Tomorrow I will get up at 6:00am... do a little stretching, run at least 1 or 2x's around our little block..about a half mile just to warm up my legs.

I also need to figure out what I'll wear race day.. or what tank top?

Need to re-do my Ipod so I have up-beat music for at least 20 minutes to help motivate myself to run, run, run!!

I'm hoping my kids have fun with this race. Maybe my strategy will change at race time if it's too hot. Maybe it's more important to run with the family and all finish together then to run my own race? I really don't know the answer to that yet. I'm sure my kids will run their own race so not sure it's necessary to run with them too since Steve will be. I have a feeling they might just do better then me.... Which would be great to see them both keep up or pass me.

I shouldn't stress out about this race. I should have fun with it... I will.. no matter what.. We will all have a fun 4th starting it off together as a family running... something my kids can do for life...

Monday, July 2, 2012


"Lucky" is written on the back of my new bike bag. That saying is so true for my life.

I'm so lucky:
 I have Steve in my life..
 My kids are my world
 We are all getting healthy & fit together
I lost my baby fat weight and am keeping it off
I love my life
I love the people in my life
I love everything I do in life..

So many things to be lucky about...  I only want to concentrate on the positives and not look at any of the negitive.

When I was biking to the gym this morning, I was thinking about how lucky I am... and each and every day.. I am