Sunday, September 30, 2012

To Be a Personal Trainer or Not?

That is a good question. To be a Personal Trainer or Not?  Right now, I can't say I have enough skills to be a personal trainer. I don't have any experience nor do I have the certificate or the ACE exam. I hope by December I will have a better grasp on what it takes to be a personal trainer. I will have taken and hopefully passed that ACE exam. I will only have  6 credits left to finish for the certificate. I will have had hands on training as part of the classes I am currently taking.

I need to really think about what my goals are once I am done with this certificate. I need to figure out if Personal training is something I really want to do, maybe part-time?

I know, I want to try going it on my own first. I want to see if I can build my own business as a personal trainer. I don't want to work for a gym. I want to work for myself. I have a plan to do that and will take action when the time is right.. (done with cert). I also know I'd like to include some weight loss coaching. I won't be able to do that without another type of certificate. I want to look into that too. I want to be able to help other women in their 40's get their life back. After gaining weight from kids, lack of activity and needing to do more to better themselves for a healthy lifestyle.

I'm am up for some thing new in my life.. I think this is what seem right..

My Goals....

What are my goals? Right now.. today.. tomorrow... this week, this month, this year.. the next 5 years, or 10 years and beyond.

Goals change day to day and through out life. It's important for me to write out what my daily goals are. What do I want to accomplish today? I also take time to look at the week ahead. What do I have to do, what do I want to do.. what do I have time for.. and what do I need to work on for my long term goals?

I need to have that sense of accomplishment. I get that from writing a list every day. Today on my list here's what I have that I want to accomplish:
Sleep in until 8am
Run 13 miles
Take family fall photo
Have some down time for me, Internet, reading or whatever I choose to do.
Watch the Housewives of NJ reunion show.. Not important but a guilty pleasure..
Read for my classes this week..
Enjoy the 80*F day.

Not a huge to do list. All good goals... to accomplish with a few that I can give up.. like the TV time.

Today on my run, I ran past a couple.. they said "Hi" then the guy asked me.. so how many miles are you running today? I said 13, (I was on my 9th mile).. that gave me the energy to finish 4 more miles.. I kept my goal and someone I didn't even know.. helped me stick with it!!! Thank you.. thank you...

So far.. half my list is done.. now it's time to get going on the other half..

On to my next post of the day.. this one cover this years goals..

Friday, September 28, 2012

Anxiety Level....

What's your optimum level of anxiety to perform your best?

I perform best when I have a moderate level of anxiety. When I'm overly stressed.. too much anxiety, I tend to shut down. I can't concentrate and I just can't seem to take action because it's all too overwhelming. My reaction is to do nothing, to quit or not try at all and just give up. It reduces my anxiety from a high level to a low level quickly when I respond to high anxiety that way. I just don't perform which takes away that feeling. Quitting reduces my anxiety to a low level, the performance stress is gone, but not the stress of letting myself down.

If I know I'll be in a situation where I feel it could potentially be a high anxiety level, such as running a race. I will go through a mental check list. I tell myself.. I'm only competing against myself. This is to better me. It's for my knowledge, my own personal gains on a better, faster time. I also know I need to allow myself plenty of extra time to prepare for a high anxiety performance. I need to get to the race location early at least an hour before the race begins. I don't want to feel rushed. I want to be able to check out the running race route, talk to other competitors, see the starting area, stretch and calm myself to be able to focus on the race ahead of me. This brings me to a moderate level of anxiety before the start of a race. I have the drive to do well, I don't shut down since I've had time to prepare and feel in control of my race. When I feel in control of  my performance at a moderate level of anxiety I feel the best.

Yesterday morning I had my first test in one of my classes. It was a 5 chapter test. A complete book of the body, systems, functions, hormones, movement, nutrition, muscles, bones etc.. A lot to know and a lot to remember. This was a high anxiety situation. I wanted to do well because I signed up to take this class to do it for fun. To learn more and maybe become a personal trainer. I also wanted to learn the information for me, to be more knowledgeable. I've been reading, studying for the past 5 weeks to bring my anxiety levels down to moderate. It's not a lot of time to cram in so much information. Too much to remember, but I did it. I spent the time studying, reading and memorizing. I came away from that test feeling great about all I knew. I haven't received my grade, but I feel good about the test. I'm glad I put in way more effort then I thought I needed to do. I wanted to be prepared and I wanted to know this information I was learning. I'll need it to pass the ACE Certification exam to become a personal trainer. The more I know.. the better trainer I will make.

I don't know if I will ever work as a personal trainer. Right now.. I'm still learning and I'm hoping by December I will be confident about my skills to be a personal trainer. Only time will tell... So far.. I'm liking the changes I made in my life. I like the decision I made to take a risk.. go  back to school and learn something new. It's a new journey.. finding out what I want to do in life.. the rest of my life or part of my new life. Part of the new me!! I just had to discover who I am again.. and I'm doing just day at a time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Test Day... What do you know?

My first test to take my ACE certification to be a personal trainer. I studied and I studied. Today is the day... I know all I can and it's not for lack of trying. I do know more then I did just 4 weeks ago so any knowledge learned is always a plus.

I biked today for an hour in the gym. I still burned 400+ calories while I studied. I have a busy work day, so I'll burn even more calories to make up for my lack of running and burning an extra 200 calories.

I have my weight training class too. More working out.. it's going to be a rough.. busy day ahead and I just want it OVER!!!!

Looking forward to Friday.. I can run outside.. day off.. relax and reward myself for all my hard work and effort! It's going to be a great weekend..

UPDATE: I got an "A".. 96%.. I missed just 2 questions.. It would have been great to get 100%, but I'll take the A and accept I'm not perfect.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not wanting the day to start.....

I laid in bed thinking... I just want to stay here. I don't want my day to start.

Sound familiar? Some days are hard... some days are busy.. some days you look forward to the day, while others you don't.

It's been hard getting out of bed... It's dark outside. I have to run indoors. I have to get up at 4:30am and I need to go to bed at 9am or I'm tired in the early afternoon.

I do look forward to my morning stretch.. It feels good to stretch.. It helps to wake me up along with some much needed caffeine. It takes a good 30 minutes before I'm fully awake and ready to workout.

Yesterday I posted the words "reversibility". Cardio endurance is the first to go when you stop working out. It takes as little as 2 weeks for it to go down hill... Muscle strength takes a bit longer.. maybe a month before that too declines to the point of no returns once again.. well, not exactly.. you can start anytime once you stop but it's a lot harder to keep starting and stopping.. just keep it going.

This morning as I was working out.. I thought about abuse.. physical, verbal and mental... I think we've all experienced some form of abuse in our lives or witnessed abuse. I can't say I've been a victim of physical abuse but verbal and mental.. YES!!!

Working out is a great way to put things in perspective. What happened in the past, is the past. I will move forward.. I am a lot stronger and I do not see things the same as I use to and I got away from the verbal abuse. Verbal abuse tears you down.. and mental abuse just messes with you forever... I can't seem to break free from the mental abuse.. Silent treatment... letting me go.. unexplainable..and too much pain to comprehend.. or want to.. there is no excuse and I need to break free... free my mind from the abuse...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If you don't use it... you will lose it! (To be continued...)

Firm Up!

I workout almost every day with weights to firm up. There are people who will say, that you should not lift weights every day, that your body needs a break only, lift every other day to repair the muscles that have been broken down.

I give my muscles 24 hours after I workout to rest. That's plenty of time. I never over do it on weights. I only lift a small amount 15 to 20 minutes most days of the week and one day a week I lift for 45 minutes (during class-full body workout).

I use to notice changes when I first started lifting weights. Mostly in my arms. They are more defined. I still have that little bit of under arm flab. During class last week, I learned a new dumb bell exercise to target that area of my triceps. I was assured, I would notice huge improvements quickly. I'm hoping this is true, but the only way to figure that out is to do the exercises every day until I do notice.

Most of firming up is slow, you don't notice the changes because they are so small. After lifting for almost 2 years now. I do see a big change. I still have areas I want more firm but over all, I'm pretty happy with my progress. There is a point where I won't be able to get any more tone or firm without stepping it up.

I take weight lifting as more stretching my muscles. I don't work them until I'm sore. I just lift to maintain and mostly for my abs to help keep my stomach from sticking out. It's a never ending battle...

I tell myself every day.. keep working out... never stop... It's never easy.. there are many years ahead.. I want to be fit.. I can do this.. I will do this.. I feel good, I am healthy and I am fit!

Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm done with my morning workout. Up at 4:30am to stretch and go to the gym and run on the cross ramp for an hour, burning over 700 calories and running 6 miles, up and down hills, forward and backwards.

Every day I weight in at the gym. I always run, then weight myself. The only thing I that changes is  some days I have on my heart rate monitor and watch. I figure clothes, shoes and equipment add up to at least 2 pounds, so I always take that into consideration when I weigh myself.

Today not only did I workout, I studied as I ran. It was easier then I thought to try and memorize some info for the test on Thursday. I just assumed I would be bouncing around too much to be able to read and study. While, I won't be able to read a book, I can look at terms and memorize them, give myself permission to take breaks from studying while I'm working out that hour. The time went by so fast I hardly noticed I was working out.

It's going to be one of the few last days of warm weather. Most of my day will be spent studying. I do plan on taking some time out and going to the park. I want to run around the lake, clear my head, try to recall what I've been trying to memorize as I run the 2 mile loop. Maybe I'll run it 2x's to get in a quick 4 miles

It's going to be a great day today..

Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Rest or Not?

I choose to not rest. I workout 7 days a week and I like it. I very rarely give myself a day off from exercise. I need it. I need to exercise to eat and stay fit.

Am I over training? Some days when I feel less then motivated I give myself less of a workout. I might only run 4 miles instead of 6 or lately instead of 7+ miles I've been only doing 6 because I've been inside. My running miles are a lot lower since I started class. 37, 45, 18.2 miles, and this week 37.2 total miles. Just because I didn't run, doesn't mean I didn't do some other form of exercise to make up for the lack of miles. I biked, I did yoga and more strength training or I was on my feet all day working or volunteering.

There is a balance you have to reach. I was able to sleep in this weekend 2 extra hours until 6:30am. I some nights stay up late 10pm past my 9pm go to bed time. I read for fun, I still have time for family, friends and fun things in addition to working out, work, and homework.

I'm not happy with the amount of sitting time with doing homework and studying. I'm going to try going to the gym more and biking while I study. I have a lot of studying to do to prepare for a 5 chapter test on Thursday this week. I will still run, bike, work and study.. a lot to do.. a lot to fit in.

Why oh why did I think it would be fun to take 3 classes? hum...........????

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Days like this..

It's a bit chilly outside today at 40*F.  I was not excited to run in the cold. I had thoughts of going to the gym and running on the treadmill or doing the cross ramp. Knowing how much I've been disliking the indoor run you can see how un-inspired I was to run in the cold. It's really not that cold outside at 40*F. It's not 60 like I was use to running, and a bit cooler then 50... but 40 is not freezing your skin off cold. It's just a bit cool at first.

I bundled up for my run.. a hat, mittens and a warm fuzzy jacket with long pants and a tank top. It only took 9 minutes before I was already taking off my hat, mittens and jacket. I ran skin exposed in my tank top and was still sweating and hot when I was done, but the cool weather made it easier to cool down.

I have to remind myself that the seasons do change and with that you have to change your mind. It's all a mind game to go out and exercise. You can't let the weather be an excuse to derail your fitness goals. What is important..? To have many back up plans to make sure you can follow through and have No excuses!!!!

I won't want to run outside every day it's cold.. I will go to the gym.
If I have a test.. I'll bring my book with to the gym and bike. Or I'll take an hour break to run from studying. If I think there is not enough time to workout.. I'll get up earlier and make sure I do have time.

If I'm too tired.. I will go to bed early or take a nap..
If I'm too stressed, I will know exercise will help calm me.
If I'm not feeling 100%, I will do less strenuous exercises until I feel better but I will do at least 30 minutes.
If I want to watch a TV show, I will use that sit time to workout.. walk on the treadmill or do floor exercises during commercials.
If I'm feeling lazy.. I will tell myself If I want to quit after 10 minutes I can..
If I'm not feeling safe about going it alone.. I will ask Steve to go with me. If he can't or won't.. I will go to the gym instead of outside.
If my body aches.. I know exercise will help loosen it up and make the pain not so bad, plus I know my body is working hard.. building muscles so pain is a good thing. Using those lazy muscles!!!

I really don't know how to get someone who has all the excuses in the world to exercise. I just know what works for me. That excuses person (we've all been there) needs to figure it out too. What works for them. Are they ready for a change in life that they will need to stick with? Do they want to look and feel better? Do they want to put in some effort towards better health? These are questions they need to ask themselves..

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's hard, it's easy.. I'm tired.. just do it..

All those thoughts go through my mind, this is hard to do, it doesn't feel easy, I'm tired and don't feel like exercising and the best one, I need to just do it. Not every day I feel the same way. Every day is not hard, some days feel easier and some times I'd rather do anything but exercise.

Once you get past the first 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes exercising doesn't feel so bad. Sometimes it takes longer to get to that point. Sometimes it takes the whole hour and when your done, it feels great or you might feel more tired. My point is.. you have to workout every day to have those good and bad days, those easy and not so easy days. It will always be hard and you might feel sore all the time from working out if you don't do it every day. Be consistent, let yourself experience the ups and downs that come with working out.

What you won't have.. is a bad body day.. you will always be more fit, more tone for just having worked out. On the other hand.. if you don't workout.. your body will be soft, you won't feel strong and you won't experience the ups and downs that come with working out.

I had a hard time with the first 15 minutes of my run. After that it didn't feel hard. Time was ticking slowly.. the treadmill just doesn't add anything for me like running outside does. I have to deal with it. I mix things up by doing hills, random on the machine, I switch days between the cross-ramp, treadmill and stationary bike. I'm looking forward to adding in cross country skiing when the snow covers the ground. My indoor workouts will get easier once again. It's just a change that I need to get use to again. It's better then running in the dark and cold so I'll make due.

What is holding you back today? What was your excuse to not workout.. or did you workout today? Feel good! I know I do! I FEEL GREAT!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dimples On My Buns

What is up with this.. dimples still on my buns. I still have cellulite on my buns, but only when I squeeze them together. I should stop doing that. It's not like I'm walking around with my butt cheeks squeezed together. I just don't like the fact that I still have cellulite. I work so hard to tone up and there it is.

I'm not sure if it will ever go away. All I can do is keep working on it. Keep running and then add in some squats which I need to do obviously. I need to Google this topic to see if it's even possible at my age to get rid of all cellulite?

I know I've written about this topic before. I don't have any better results for all my hard work then I did a year ago. I'm not sure if I've reached a point where I really can't make much more progress. Or the progress I will make is going to be so small I won't be able to notice.

I still won't stop working out. I know that if I stop, I will go back to the old fat me. I won't be as tone and all the cellulite I worked to get rid of on the rest of my body will come back. Reason enough to get up and work out every day!

So how did I do to sticking with my food plan?
I did great until after 3pm. I added a brownie with a scoop of ice cream. Dessert 1/2 eclair. I never did eat veggies with dip but I did have veggie soup and ate fresh raspberries. I certainly didn't have a deficit of calories. I did weight 2 pounds less then I did yesterday. I can contribute that to 3 to 4 pounds of water weight that always fluctuates on a daily basis.

Today my food plan:

B-fast: Cinnamon pop tart (420 calories) I know this should not be on my b-fast diet..
            Banana (1) 70 calories
            1 cup Raspberries 45 calories?

lunch: Banana 70 calories
         Veggie Soup 160 calories

Snack: Cauliflower with dip and a banana

Dinner: What ever Steve cooks
Snack: ?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is It Time?

I woke up at 4:30am when Steve got up to get ready to workout. I had made the decision the night before to sleep in and run instead when it was light outside around 6:30am.

I don't think the extra sleep helped, as I just laid there thinking when can I get up? What will the weather be like? What is the temperature? Is it going to be too windy?

Finally 6am.. I got up.. not as easy as I thought it would be. I felt somewhat lazy for laying in bed the 2 extra hours. I still went through the motions, got dressed, had my caffeine and 1 Excedrin with 3 almonds and some water, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put a little cover up under my eyes and gave myself a coating of mascara on my eye lashes. I grabbed my socks and shoes then went to the porch, on the carpet to stretch my legs. I always love the stretching part. It helps me prepare mentally for working out. It loosens up my body so I don't have a hard start.

I was having seconds thoughts about getting up 2 hours later when Steve walked in and was done working out. I checked the temperature.. not bad 55, I would warm up quickly..

Out the door I ran.. 4 miles around our loop. While running, I decided I wanted to go to Lebanon Park and run 2 more miles around the lakes on the dirt path. The weather was perfect and I felt great!

I don't know how often I hear about others wanting to workout. Everyone has good intentions to do something. You know that exercise is important. It's just how to get yourself to do it. People have plans and then something comes up or they don't feel like doing what they set out to do.

No one said it would be easy. My advice is.. don't think too much about it. Just wake up, put on your shoes and go. Get a journal and write down what you did for exercise, cross off every day you workout, which should be every day. Set up a non-food reward system to keep you motivated. Get someone else to do it with you. Listen to music or something to keep you interested. Join a gym where you will meet others and they will look forward to seeing you. You won't want to miss a workout if someone there is looking for you.

My next step.. to lose 5 pounds. How will I do this? Write out now what I will eat for the day and stick with it. I will give myself some room for changes in the plan..

I figure I can eat 2100 calories a day and maintain. I just need to cut 500 of those calories to lose a pound a week.

B-fast: Cinnamon pop-tart 350 calories (not the best choice but no bananas today)
Snack_ stop at the store and buy bananas (2 med) 200 cal
Lunch - Veggie soup, cauliflower and ranch dressing (2tbsp) 400 cal
snack - 1 slice of b-day cake (the last slice and yes I want it!) 350 cal?
dinner - undecided.. whatever Steve cooks.. (600 cal)
Snack - carrot sticks and ranch 2 tbsp. (100 cal)
Total calories = 1950.. Well, I'll be down 150 calories and burned 650 from my morning running and another 250 from working..

My goal is to eat more veggies and fruit. limit junk.. I'll do better tomorrow when there is no more cake in the house!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Head Cold

It's not fun being sick. It's hard to get up and get going when you don't feel 100%. I did get up and I wanted to workout even with a cold.

I did notice my nose stopped running as soon as I started running. My head cleared and I felt good. My body was more tired or maybe I just felt that way since I haven't been running indoors all summer long. The hour went really slow.. I finished, I ran for an hour covering 6.4 miles and burning over 700 calories.

I feel like I could go back to bed.. or take a mini power nap. No time as I'm off to start my school and work day.. Plenty to do.. and keep moving.

Today is the 1st day of 3 that I will record what I eat in a journal for a UofM nutrition study. I'm getting paid for the info I will record. I will record my food today, Thursday and Friday from 6am to 12pm. I'll go back to the U on Monday to turn in my records and get paid. Nice!!!

Another note: My classes are going well. I'm studying every day.. I have a test in psych this week on-line and  I can use my book, Tuesday I have another test covering 5 chapters. So far I have 100% for my grades on the assignments/quizzes I've turned in. Lets hope I can keep up the good work even though, I know I will eventually miss a few points here and there. I just hope to stay motivated till December. Many more weeks to go... Ugh!!! And I am doing this for fun!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fabulous Figure

I was at the gym taking my belongings out of my locker when the woman next to me came over and told me I have a fabulous figure and I was an inspiration to her to workout every day. Wow... a complete stranger coming up to me. It was nice to hear and gives me more motivation to keep going. My class instructor also told me on the first day of class, I had a really nice figure and looked great. So nice that all these women notice my hard work I've put into changing my body.

I'm hard on myself. I see a photo and notice the skin coming over my pants and making it look like I have stomach fat. I know it's mostly skin but I hate that it's not tight and firm. I'm always making sure my pants are  up high enough to smooth out that bunched up skin but I don't always get it right. I'm not sure anyone but me notices this. I should let it go...

To change your body, you have to make lifestyle changes. I gave up pop and now only drink water 99% of the time. I eat more fruit and veggies. I exercise every day for at least 30 to 60 minutes or more.

I have good days and not so good days.. I am sometimes tired, it's hot or cold, raining or snowing outside. I push on..

If you want that fabulous figure.. it's work but work that pays off. I have my health. I can look forward to aging and being able to do anything a younger person can do. I want to be able to move and keep moving my body to stay fit and healthy.

I was super angry the other day at a comment. I should ignore the downers. I was told that the Rugged Maniac was not healthy to do. I think of it in terms of.. you see a fat/over weight person eating a banana and tell them why are you bothering eating healthy fruit? All the while you are downing a bag of potato chips. So who's the one trying to be healthy? Or you can't walk because of the extra weight and your telling me.. I'm hurting my body by running up a mountain when I've been training for 2 years, all the while you've been sitting on the couch? I won't go there.. I just ignore the ignorant..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rugged Maniac

I talked Steve into joining me for a day of volunteering then running a crazy course up Wild Mountain in Taylor Falls, up hills, down hills, over sand, through the woods, into sand and water pits, down water slides into mud, crawling through foot deep mud and under barbed wire, and jump over flames of fire. What were we thinking?

We were thinking.. This is going to be GREAT! What fun.. to get dirty.. get exercise and enjoy an 80 degree September day.

I would have liked to run more of the course, but staying together as a team was more important. We helped each other, and challenged ourselves to go thought it all. We finished! We will be back next year.. and get dirty all over again.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bike MY Buns Off?

I biked again today on the stationary bike. It's not the best for burning calories only half of what I normally burn running the same amount of time. The 350 calories I burn for the hour is better then not burning any thing while I read. Yes, I've been trying to use my workout time as study time too. I need to do some time management and this is the best way to fit in both. I've at least accomplished exercise and studying/reading for my classes during the early morning hour.

I won't always read during my workout. When I'm feeling stressed from needing to do homework, and get in some fat burning exercise, it's the best option for now. I should alternate between reading/biking and running to just enjoy my workout. I need a balance and I need to figure it all out.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I stayed up late watching TV Wednesday night (I hardly watch TV). I had an ice cream cone at 8:30pm and the sugar gave me extra energy so I couldn't sleep. I slept in yesterday morning and skipped working out. I had enough to do and would be getting 4+ hours of work exercise. Plus,  
my weight training class is 2-1/2 hours long were I get about 2 hours of additional exercise. We did Yoga last night, full body workout and some ab exercises that involved holding a plank for 1 minute.

I went to bed early last night and got up early today.. back to 4:30am and I feel great now for having worked out.

I have a busy day ahead. Working for 4 hours, then I need to study... and go to a funeral...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Manic Mud Run 3.2 miles. I'm volunteering with Steve for a few hours then we will run the course in Taylor falls.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skinny Jeans

I am wearing my skinny jeans for the first time today. It's always weird putting on your jeans after not wearing them all summer long. You kind of forget what its like to have your legs covered.

I know I didn't gain any weight from the spring, so my jeans should go on my body just as they did then. I'm not sure why I was making a big deal out of it. I guess from past experiences (when I was fat) I never knew if a pair of pants in the fall would fit me again. It's the lost touch with my weight that was the issue. It easily creeps up if you let it get away from you.

I feel great in my skinny jeans. I do need to work on eating more healthy. I've been treating myself to ice cream cones and candy. That's okay once in awhile, but not okay every day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Water.. how much do I drink in a day? Your suppose to replace fluids lost during exercise. That amount varies with person to person but the recommended amount is the same. I'd have to look up the amounts but I think it's 20oz.

I don't know how much water I drink during the day. I re-fill my 12oz water bottle before I have a chance to completely drink it. I do this several times through out the day. Water is the only liquid I drink 99% of the time.

If your thirsty, you are already dehydrate. There is also something called Hyponatremia, or water intoxication, that is worse then being dehydrated. That's drinking too much water. I'll list the symptoms: headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and mental disorientation. It's caused by drinking too much water and not having enough sodium in your body, which leads to water logged blood. This can be bad for the brain.. swelling.

I should keep track of how much water I drink in a day. It will be a good "project" for me to know how much, oz I drink per day. I'll start tomorrow. How will I do this since I re-fill before I empty? I'll have to make a few changes. Carry 2 bottles and drink them all before re-filling and record on the frig the 3 of times I re-fill. I should have an answer come Friday!

Today was a rain morning. It was just a little light rain but I didn't want to be wet when I got the the gym. I didn't want to change clothes and I just wanted to read/study this morning. I changed up my whole exercise program this morning! I biked for an hour, burned only 345 calories and went 12 miles up and down hills. I was still sweating, learning terms and reading a chapter for class. So, I accomplished a lot and used my time wisely. I'll have to go back tonight and finish reading the chapter so I don't fall asleep before I finish.

Busy day ahead.. work, running errands, participating in a UofM nutrition study. (will comment later on the info) and meeting with a new customer, studying and sleep.. But first things first.. I did my exercise for the day. 1-1/2 hours.. accomplishment done!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weighty & Breathy...

The last 3 days I've weighted myself in the gym. Whole-ly Cow! I thought I had gained 4 pounds! What do you know.. stepped on the scale today and was back at my normal weight. Not any different from all the other weeks gone by. That was my good news. Wonder why it was sooo off?

I will be tested on this machine (metabolic analyzer) during class at some point, that measures your oxygen output or consumption. or Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) - It determines the fat/carbohydrate that is being used for fuel at different exercise intensities. It's an excellent way to determine a persons ability to perform sustained endurance exercise (such as long distance running). The more oxygen a person can take in,transport and use, the more physical work they can perform or are a better athlete.

Basically you wear a mask over your face and it collects the carbon dioxide you breath out, while running at your max for 30 seconds. After you do some calculations and then you get the results of your fitness. I'm looking forward to seeing my results along with some other fun fitness tests we are going to try. New information is always good in my never ending quest for numbers and ways to figure out if I'm getting more fit or fat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Beautiful Sun Rise

It was a beautiful sun rise this morning. Colors of orange, purple and aqua filled the sky.

The last two days I've weighed myself like I do most days. I am a few more pounds heavier. Ugh!!! Going the wrong direction and not eating what I should. Now, instead of 5 pounds to lose it's close to 10. I hope the extra weight was just from extra salt in my diet but I have a feeling its not all that.

Today, I have plans to study and bike. I need to keep moving to stay awake reading and also keep moving, so I don't gain weight.

I ran for 15 minutes in the dark, to the gym at 5am. Worked my abs, arms then ran for 15 minutes or 1.5 miles. Then ran home 30 minutes 3.22miles. Total time running 65 minutes and 6.22 miles.

My half marathon is coming up in 4 weeks. Time to do another 13 mile trial run.

Looking forward to this weekends Mud Run in Taylors Falls. Steve and I are both volunteering in the morning 7am to noon, then running the crazy 3mile mud, fire, water, climb and crawl, and run course. Should be a fun day.. looking forward to getting dirty and having fun doing it.

A busy week ahead with work, homework, classes, working out and life.. Time to write another todo list and cross off as I complete my baby steps to getting things done. Feels like I accomplished more just doing this.

Oh and to get back on the weight loss track.. more biking every day.. cut out the junk foods..

B-fast - 2 bananas, 1 bagel w/butter
Lunch -
Dinner -
Snack -

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thoughts Fly through My MInd..

And out the door... there she goes again.. run, run, run.. Never look back and Never stop! You've come too far..and you have much farther to go..

Internal Clock...tick tock

I have one of those super Internal Clocks, 99% of the time I never need to set an alarm. I automatically wake up way before my alarm ever rings. I am constantly checking the time throughout the night. Sometimes I'd like to be able to turn off that clock.. I can't.. Doesn't matter how late I go to bed, I will never sleep in more then 10 minutes max. It's not always a good thing. I don't sleep well and never sleep through the night.

So here is it.. Saturday morning.. I'd love to sleep in but my mind and body is wide awake. It's too early to go for a run or drive to the gym. The gym won't open until 7am. It doesn't get light enough until 6:15am. So I sit and wait..

This past week, I've woken up hungry every morning. I'm not sure why? I never eat before I run or workout so by the time I eat a breakfast it's 7:30am or later. Maybe my stomach just wants a few almonds. I eat about 4 almonds every morning to help wash down my 1 Excedrin and 1 caffeine pill. I hate to admit that I take 2 pills every morning. The Excedrin is for my aches and any pains. My back always hurts and my legs ache. I feel stiff in the morning and it helps me loosen up and one does the trick. The extra Caffeine is the Excedrin is also a plus, helps really wake me up and adding in another 60mg of a only caffeine pill is the boost I need to get out the door and want to run. I don't think it's harmful to my body. If I was a coffee drinker I'd be getting even more caffeine then in that one little pill.

A friend of mine wrote me a nice e-mail. She said I inspired her to start exercising again and she feels great. It's true.. if you start an exercise plan, Don't Stop!!! It takes time before it becomes something you like to do every day. It's not always going to feel the same every day. Some days you will look forward to exercise and others you won't want to do it. This trick works.... tell yourself.. I will just get up, stretch and then go walk, run or whatever you do to get fit for 10 minutes. If I still don't want to exercise and am not feeling it.. I will stop! It's that simple. Even if you do find yourself stopping and crawling back into bed after 10 minutes of exercise. You will have done something.. not stopped completely, you made an attempt which is better then nothing. You will never regret the time you spend exercising. It carries over through out your day and in everything you do.

Exercise carries over from the moment you finish and feel a sense of accomplishment. You burn extra calories that will help maintain your weight and allow you to  eat that pie. When you get dressed, your clothes fit and feel better. You feel stronger and more capable. You might feel tired some days but most  days you have more energy. It helps turn back the internal clock.. feeling young again.. Like I could and can do anything I set my mind to. It also helps you focus, keeps you from lingering depression or sad thoughts. Exercise can make you irritable a little if your over working your body. I just get in an afternoon nap when I'm feeling cranky which is seldom. I do know when I'm over stressed and need down time.

An hour to go.. feeling a little tired.. might try to sleep again. I just need to fit in a run before we need to leave for soccer today at 10am.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain drops keep falling on my head..they keep falling

I finally did it! I ran in the rain. Not a heavy down pour, but a light rain. Running home in the rain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did check the weather before running home just to make sure I wouldn't get caught up in a lightening storm with a down pour. I'm always soaking wet from sweat after a run so a little rain mixed with sweat made no difference.

After going to class yesterday, I'm wishing I would have just signed up for 1 or 2 classes at the most. What was I thinking taking 3? I want to learn all the information but not at warp speed. I'd like to be able to retain the information instead of learning just enough to pass a test. Not sure much will stick in my brain at this age. The instructor covers the materials so fast and it's all new terms that I need to learn and memorize. At least what she is talking about is familiar since I spent time reading the text books but now it's time to focus and start breaking the chapters down to retain the information I'm trying to learn.

I have a full day of work, plus it's Friday. I probably won't spend much time studying today. Maybe reading tonight... which I know I'll do since I like to read before bed.

This weekend on the drive to soccer games, I have time to read and start memorizing all the bones of the body and muscles plus, review what I've already started to memorize. I have all 3 classes of work to do plus take an on-line quiz and finish up an on-line lecture. It's all things I'm excited to do but need the time to do it all and I don't want to feel rushed. I want to take my time but I'm not sure that will happen as there is so much to get through and do.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weight Training..

I have my 2nd weight training class tonight. We meet in the Wellness Center and will work on a total body workout. We did workout #1 with machines last time in class and now we get to do #2 with free weights.

I use the machines on a daily basis so I'm comfortable for the most part with the ones I'm most familiar with. I can't say that about free weights. I use the dumbbells and that's about it and occasional use the long bar.

It will be good for me to learn other ways to use weights to mix things up and not have to do the same weight lifting routine over and over again.

Today was another morning to run in the dark, before dawn. I played it safe and just ran 15 minutes from the gym. Maybe tomorrow I'll run farther away? I still get the same workout, with making up the 15 minutes on the cross ramp and running home at dawn. Soon the weather will get cooler so I have a plan to bring a change of clothes that are dry. I'll need dry clothes for the run home to not cool down too much. I just need to be prepared!

Classes are going well for the most part. Lots to memorize and keep up with.. I'm doing okay.. doing a little each day and reading a lot.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kind of Freaky

It was a little freaky running in darkness early this morning. I had Steve drop me off at Wilderness Run road, just a 15 minute run to the gym. I wanted to run closer to my destination the first time I run in the dark.

I forgot to turn on my Ipod and start my timer on my watch until after a few minutes had passed. I did bring along a head lamp that I strapped around my wrist that lights up the path and keeps me safe. Believe it or not there were two other people out walking at 5am. I'm not sure I like passing people, when I can't see them clearly. The very wooded path of Wilderness was also kind of weird since there are no houses on parts and just a lot of park with thick tree cover. I felt like I was running much faster then I normally do.

My run home was a bit better. The sky had a faint touch of light coming up so it was a little lighter at 6am. I ran all the way home in 32 minutes. When I reached the busy road it was light outside so I didn't have to worry about not being seen. I'm still careful knowing some people are not paying attention.

Tomorrow.. I'll run again in the dark.. have Steve drop me off right after Cliff Road to run for 26 minutes to the gym.. and I'll be running all the way home..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Will I Do Tomorrow...?

What will I do tomorrow? What's the First Thing On MY list?
1. Get Up and Stretch.. 15 minutes.. I love this time..
2. Head out the door to the gym
3. Do weights and cardio
4. Get the kids off to school/ B-fast and shower
5. Get supplies at the store for work tomorrow..
6. Advertise 1 hr
7. Go back to the gym, with studying a book in hand, bike or walk for an hour, ACE class
8. Computer work.. review questions for psych
Keep busy!

What will you do tomorrow? Will your day start off with Exercise? Will you figure out how to move all day long? Will you make better food choices?

My only bad food choice I'm going to make is another slice of caramel pecan silk pie from Bakers Square.. one little slice a day.. yum...

No work.. plenty of school work and trying to get more work with advertising.

Now off to listen to a lecture on-line.. and read if I don't fall asleep before 9pm..
I'll be up bright and early again tomorrow.. 4:30 am.. here I come.. another new day.. another new thing to try.. A learning process.. that I'll take one day at a time..

I also can't forget to write it all down. Don't think that you can't!

Sun Rise..

Ran at Sun Rise this morning. I loved it.. foggy... deer crossing in front of me. A quiet calm morning.

Today was my first day of getting up at 4:30am.. It won't be light outside until 6:30, dawn around 6:20am.

I had one of those "it's too early moments", I put on my workout shorts in-side out and couldn't figure out why they seemed different. I clearly was not awake.

We drove to the gym after our morning 15 minutes of stretching, and got on the machines.. the cross ramp. Boy did time go slowly. I went forward and backwards.. tried to watch the news and remembered I had forgotten to bring along something to memorize for my class. ugh!!!! After 4 miles, and 433 calories burned, I went to lift some weights and kill time until it was light enough outside to run home.. it seemed to take forever to get a tiny bit light. I figured I had about 25 minutes before I'd need it to be day light so I could cross a busy intersection safely.

I decided tomorrow.. I'll bring a light and hold it in my hands as I run for extra " here I am". I don't want to get run over.. by a car that can't see me. I want to make sure I can be seen! I also thought I could run to the gym, Steve can just drop me off after he crosses the busy street. It's safe the rest of the way but will be dark. Not so sure I like dark but it would be fun to try running in the dark... with a light.

Or I could run the 3 mile loop around the gym and back in the dark then run home when it's light out. I guess there are other options now.. Time to try it out..

Monday, September 3, 2012

3 Times and Off I Go!

I had one of those mornings. I got up at 6am.. heard thunder and crawled back in bed. Got up again 15 minutes later got dressed, looked out the window and saw thunder heads building to the west and, then got back in bed.. Got up again after not hearing any rain or thunder and finally went down to stretch and head out the door. I finally went for my run at 7:30am! A whole hour and 30 minutes after I first got up to run. I knew the moment I stepped outside that I should have started running earlier, when its cooler outside. I was thankful for the shade on my path..

Even at 7:30am.. a bit later start but a holiday - Labor day.. no traffic and hardly anyone out on my path to run. I ran to the gym, my normal 3.22 miles and worked out doing my abs and arms. Ran home and then finally people were out running and walking.

Glad to be done running for the day. It's going to be a hot one. Good day to spend boating.. swimming and having fun on the last day of summer for the kids.

I have plenty to do later on today to get the kids ready for school, pick out their clothes, organize their rooms and make sure we have plenty of choices on hand for breakfast and lunches.

Tomorrow I will run, workout with a new earlier schedule. We get up at 4:30am to be home by 6:30am to get the kids up for school. I might just run home instead come 6am so I at least get to enjoy some outside running. I just hope it's light enough.. might have to wait an additional 15 minutes or so???

Tuesday, I'll be missing my first lecture class.. getting Logan off to school but that's okay.. I need to be there for my family first.. it's only one class and I'll never regret being there for Logan on the first day of 4th grade.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Body Fat % & Lean Body %

I have a new gadget.. A required pieces of equipment for class, a body fat Caliper and a blood pressure cuff with a Stethoscope.

I've already spent time figuring out my body fat as well as anyone who will let me test theirs. I've gotten conflicting results depending on which method I use. The area's you collect the Fat data are the back of the arm, front of the arm, stomach, thighs.

Even the stethoscope which you would think is fail proof is not. I had a hard time finding a strong heart beat. I could hear everything else in the room loud and clear through that thing but not my heart. Well, with a little TV volume adjustment.. low and behold.. there was a heart beat. Now to figure out that Blood Pressure Cuff..

Oh the joy of figuring out other ways to track my progress. and health.

Reasons.. Oh the Reasons...

Everyone exercises for a variety of reasons. It's just not one reason we do it. To motivate someone you need to find out what's in it for them.

So to motivate or to be motivated..

I have many reason I make sure to workout everyday... to keep the weight off, to get exercise, for social reasons as I've met a lot of new people and to have fun. It started off something I did to fill up time, to keep me busy to not gain weight and keep losing weight. I started meeting people at the gym, seeing the same runners and walkers on my outdoor route and now in my classes. We all get out there every day and are motivated to keep going.

Exercise takes time away from our families and other activities like sleep. It has to have a pay off for people to keep wanting to do some type of workout every day. It's not enough just to say I want to do it for my health. It's definitely a plus, having low blood pressure, less body fat, being tone, fit, and feeling great.

I build in rewards for myself. They might not be what you'd expect. I reward myself with a longer run that day if time allows it. I reward myself with getting a faster running time in a race. I reward myself my positive thoughts. I also reward myself with new workout clothes, shoes or gadgets.

I set up a fail proof plan. There are always going to be things in your way.. negative people, busy schedules, not feeling the best or feeling lazy or bad weather. I set up a way to cope and talk myself though each situation.

If I'm feeling sick above the neck.. it's a day to rest. If not.. get out there and workout. If I'm busy, it will help me stay focused and calm getting an early start. If someone makes me angry or sad.. I work thought the situation on my run and by the time I'm done.. I have a new perspective on the situation.. If I'm feeling lazy.. I tell myself.. just start, stretch and just run for 10 minutes, if I still don't want to do it.. turn around and go home. I have never turned around.. If the weather is bad and I can't run outdoors.. I have my back up indoor workout plan. If time does not allow me to my regular time.. I get up earlier or have to make schedule changes because exercise has to be the first thing I do even on vacation. It might have to be a different workout/ exercise then I do on a daily basis but I have to move every day. 30 minutes or more should be a goal for everyone. The bare minimum.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Running I've read is suppose to help your memory.. Make things more clear and help you focus.. or did I just make that up? No, I think I did read that some where??

I hope that is true.. I need all the help I can get to memorize all this new information for class. I want it to be easy.. trying to break it down.. trying to run and work on remembering all the facts..

Today, is my first day of trying to memorize all the muscles and bones in the body. I hope to have this accomplished by the end of the day.. it's a boating fun day so I'll be memorizing, swimming and having fun doing it. I can also go over it tomorrow while I run my 7 miles.

I get sleepy reading so I know I need to go to the gym and sit on a bike or walk slowly while I read or try to memorize something. It will keep me alert and give me something todo.

So off I go.. need to get my materials prepared to have on hand today.. and tomorrow I hope to know more..