Friday, November 30, 2012

Can't Even Stick With it!

Isn't that the truth! How many times have you said.. I can't even stick with it!

It's not what you are thinking... I can stick with exercising.... I know I can do that, because I have to! What I don't have to do is stick with a running workout plan. Here it is Day 3 of my new cardio workout and I'm already cheating. I didn't start off thinking I'm not going to do this.. It just kind of happen while I was running.   It's really, really hard for me to keep my heart rate under 92 in Zone 1.. It was more like 115 or higher. I found it easier to just stay around 125-127 for my heart rate then any lower. I had to really concentrate on slowing down just to stay at 121-122. Not easy! I was suppose to be in Zone 1 for 3 minutes, Zone 2 for 3 minutes, and Zone 3 for 2 minutes.. Well, I skipped right over Zone 1 and just did 2 & 3 alternating back and forth. I'm pretty sure I get enough exercise in zone 1 throughout the day. I'm just going to concentrate on slowing down a bit and doing more in Zone 2 since 99% of the time I run, I was always in Zone 3.

I did stick to the plan of getting my hair cut. Today was the first day I could try it out in a pony tail and see how much my hair got in the way while working out. Not too bad.. I'm liking the new style.

In class my instructor said the only way to change your body is through resistance training. I think it's cardio but when I do compare myself to other women who don't lift weights I see the difference. I am more tone and firm.. little to no cellulite. Is that from cardio or weights? It's not genetic because when I was 50 pounds over weight I had plenty of cellulite all over.

I need to take this advice and start doing more resistance training. It seems to be getting less and less each day. I only have so much time in the morning to lift weights after running for the hour. I'm lucky to get in 10 minutes which is not enough time. I did finally try a resistance program I liked. It's called a pyramid. The weights you are lifting goes from lighter to heavy. Starting out at 12 reps, then 10, 8 and 6.. Each set you increase the weight. This is the same for all muscle groups. Might just stick with this plan.. See if I notice any changes. Maybe instead of more running.. I should go back to the gym later on in the afternoons and just lift weights. Do my full body workout? More muscles, equal more calories burning all the time. I would love to up my metabolism even more. This does not mean I'll look like the hulk woman. Women can not get huge muscles. I will just get more firm and compact. Which is what I'd like. No more jiggle, jiggle. So don't worry.. I have no plans to take steroid and look like a man and sound like one. Not the look I'm going for.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zone 2, The Fat burn...

Day 2 of the Fat Burn.. I had to workout in Zone 2, which means my heart rate (yours will be different based on your resting heart rate) will be at (92- 121) I did go up to 122.. but really tried to stay at 121 the whole time only dropping to 119 a few times but mostly I had to watch my heart rate monitor to make sure I was not going over and working too hard. I still was sweating, I still ran 6.0 miles but it took 61.3 minutes and I burned 700 calories of which I hope are mostly coming from fat instead of only simple carbs that your body quickly burns up. It's those fat stores that are hard to get to and use up.

I have to say.. after my workout today, I feel less tired then I usually do.. I don't have that exhausted feeling.

Tomorrow, I get to be in  Zone 3 above 121 to 150 for 1 minute, in zone 2 and 1 for 2 minutes each. Lots of variety... and lots to keep me pre-occupied  while I workout on the cross ramp. I realized yesterday that walking on the treadmill really hurt my toes. I can get a better workout on the cross ramp.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Cardio Program Day 1

Day 1 of the new cardio program to help burn more fat and less carbs because it's the fat I want gone..

I wasn't going to try this in the morning. I was going to save it for later on and do my same program work hard and burn those calories. I just needed a change today. Tired of seeing the same people on the same machines and looking at the same programs to kill the hour. I walked to the treadmill instead of the cross ramp today.

Here's what day 1 on the treadmill looked like...

A heart rate monitor is a must for this program or I would not know what speed I needed to be at.

Zone 1.. stay below 91for my heart rate... walked at 4.0 for 2 minutes, Zone 2.. stay below 121.. jogging at 5.5 random for 3 minutes.. I did this for 37 minutes then decided to keep running for the rest of the 60 minutes. I only ran 5.5 miles and burned 550 calories.. not close to 700.. My heart rate did go up to 122 while running so a little over but mostly right where I should be. It's almost harder going slow.

Tomorrow is another program.. All in zone 2.. so I can say at random for the hour and have my heart rate max at 121...

I will need to go for a 2 mile run this afternoon. Brave the cold just to burn 200 more calories! Some fresh air will do me good!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Active Metabolic Training Fitness..

I was hooked up with a heart rate monitor, mask and tube to collect the CO2 I was breathing out. The test started with me walking on the treadmill for at 3.0mph for a few minutes. Then increased to 4.0, 5.0 and finally 6.0.. Now comes the fun part.. I'm running... then the incline is adjusted, 2.0, 4.0. 6.0 and 8.0... now 8.0 is tough running at 6.0mph.. I lasted about 12 minutes total doing this test and I think it was a mile or close to it.

What did I find out?

I am well above average for some one my age in vo2 max or my metabolic engine.. how I burn calories.

I did find out that when I run for an hour every day... I'm working out harder but burning mostly carbs.. not fat. So to switch my body up and have it burn more fats.. I need to change my workout.. Not work harder but work slower. Sounds crazy.. but I'm told it really will work and in 8 weeks if I follow this new workout plan, I can increase my speed and burn more fat! Sounds good so far.. but still crazy...

Here is what my MAX heart rate should be in each zone

Zone 1 82 - 92
Zone 2 92-121
Zone 3 121-150
Zone 4 150-151

My new workout program has me do more training in Zone 1 and 2 which means walking.. I run mostly in zone 3 where my heart is at 131.. I don't like the thought of walking more but if I burn more fat, feel less hungry then it might just work. 8 weeks is a long time to follow this..I'll still do my normal workout and then go back for an additional hour and follow the program at night.I'm starting tomorrow.. today, I'm doing more rest.

Wake up!

I did not workout this morning. I don't feel right. I feel weird. Really weird.. I can say.. I liked sleeping in! Love it! Needed it!!!

I'll surely workout later on today.. it's not completely out.. plenty of time.

I did have a very good reason for not running. I'll write it later when I can explain..

off to school I go....

I never did go workout today. Well, my job is a workout! I am tired and my ribs hurt for some weird reason. I'm thinking I stretched wrong? I hope the pain feeling goes away soon.

It's only 4:45pm.. I could still workout but I need some down time and then I'll think about it.

Okay.. on to important stuff. What did I do at school today to leave a cliff hanger.. I'll explain in the next post.. because it deserves it's own page.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 49

Here we are again, the beginning of a new week. Week #49 of working out and recording it daily.
Last week I my total miles were 46.9. Not too bad, since I added in 3 days of running an extra 2 miles per day. I need to get back to doing that once again. Or try some other type of exercise, like swimming. I still need to find an appropriate swim suit for laps and call to see if the swim school still offers their $3 per time swim in the afternoons.

Tomorrow is the big day. It's the day where I find out my VT1 & VT2 thresh-hold and at what point I start burning fats and how many calories I can consume per day. This test will have me on a treadmill, measuring the CO2 from my breathing. I will run like a fool till exhaustion. Sounds like fun.. I've really been looking forward to all this new data to add to my running information. It's like candy for a runner.

Back to today's workout. I slept like crap last night. I think I was awake for most of the night. I do know, I finally felt like I was sleeping come 4:15am.. until 4:32.. when I realized the new alarm clock, did not go off at 4:30am. Thankfully, Steve was up and I woke up hearing him make a ton of noise. Now I feel like I could go back to bed.. or at least shut my eyes for 30 minutes which I just might do!

Today is another day off. We are shopping at Ikea.. doing the big free breakfast so I'm waiting to eat the rest of my b-fast calories, potatoes, weird scrambled eggs, 2 thin slices of bacon and their cinnamon roll with white frosting. I had 2 banana's to hold me over. Oh, and I will bring some low cal 20 per package and add it to the free coffee to get some caffeine in me to shop. The rest of the day will be spent finishing up homework for my psych class so I have time to write a paper for another class and finish up my workout plan for yet another class tomorrow. Never a dull moment.. 3 weeks left of class and I'm done... Well, not exactly but close and it won't nearly be as much to do..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 Accomplishments & Memories

Ta Da.. Here is my 2012 Accomplishments List..

What did I accomplish this year?
  • Kept off 50 pounds of weight loss
  • Exercised.. cardio, resistance training daily (almost 365 days of the year.. (total TBD)
  • Went back to college to get a personal training certificate
  • Getting all A's in all 3 classes
  • Ran my first half marathon and did it in under 2 hours!
  • Ran outside all summer long and loved it.. 7+ miles per day
  • Entered races, 3, 2, 1 & 4 miles.. Placed 1st in all, but one I took 2nd in age group (the 3 mile). 
  • Won many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons at the Dakota County Fair for my baking
  • Helped Steve re-finish our wood floors. 

The memories of 2012...
  • Kendra and Paul's Wedding
  • Family Camping at Sauk Lake
  • Family Camping in Grand Marais 
  • Trip to Duluth and staying at the waterpark
  • Down hill Skiing in Duluth
  • Running the Rugged Manaic and volunteering with Steve
  • Wine Tasting around MN & Wisconsin winery's
  • Hikes in the woods
  • Running every where.. 
  • Jet skiing and boating on the St. Croix river
  • Dakota County & State Fair
  • Get together's with neighbors and friends
  • Sunday family dinners
  • Bonfires out back
  • Motorcycle rides.. 
  • Explore Sunday with the family.. 
  • Taking photos
  • Dressing up in costumes for Halloween
  • The Color Run with friends.. 
  • Volunteering at the kitchen in the market with Steve
  • Working out at the Fitness 19 with Steve


Today's notice at the gym was a big surprise. They are going to be doing some remodeling. I have no idea of what the new changes will be, but I'm looking forward to seeing the results. The bad news..  I'll have to re-think my plans for next weekend. The gym is closing down Friday after 3pm until Monday morning. This means both Saturday and Sunday I will need to run outside. I'm a huge baby when it comes to running in the cold. I think this will be good for me. If it snows.. all the better as I can ski (if we get 3" or more), but I think the forecast for next weekend is suppose to be back in the 40's, unfortunately that's the high for the day. I'll be  running when it's more like 20's or 30's? Burrrr.... I'll have to get past this....

No not re-thinking my Fit for Life book.. I did write a sort of rough draft or a list of what I want to include in my fit book. I even started creating a daily journal page. I still have a lot of writing.. A lot of editing. It's just the beginning but a good start to something I want to do and accomplish for 2012.. That's all together another post which... will be post #2 for today..

Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's good to be done with my workout today. Most days when I'm done, I say "Awwwww" because I'm done, I'm sweaty and I feel spent, but good.. It's good to be done.. Awwwww.

I had an Awwww, Ha.. moment the other day. I realized that my "I will get fit" book is not exactly perfect. I'm not going to re-create the wheel (book) but I want to make some changes. I want to write my own fitness book. When I was looking for a fitness book I didn't find any that really fit what I wanted to record. I also realized once I found the book I liked, there was no volume 1, 2, 3 etc.. I think once you find a system that works. I keep buying it. I do want other info in the book.. new daily updates to give me inspiration. Maybe new fitness tips, ideas..? I'm not exactly sure what my book will look like when finished. I know I do want to try and do this for me. I might never sell a copy but I will use it for me. So while I work on finishing my personal training certificate, I will work on my fitness book. After all.. I might as well use some of this knowledge I've acquired and put it to some good use. If you don't use it.. you are sure to lose it! Right!

My goal.. write a page a day or at least have a out-line... sort of a rough draft of my ideas.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day After the T-day

More leftovers.. I had stuffing and gravy for breakfast and for dinner. What I did on my Black Friday? I started my day off just like every other day.. I ran.. ran for an hour and lifted some weights.. did some ab crunches and burned, burned those calories.

Black Friday would not be complete without some good old shopping. We hit up Walmart, Old Navy, TJ Maxx and topped it off with a stop to Taco Bell..

Funny thing.. Got on the scale.. just like I do every day I visit the gym, and I lost weight. Weird how that works, eat bad, lose weight! Or maybe just maybe it was from the extra calories I burned by running just 20 minutes extra every day? I'm guessing that helped!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

8 miles..

It's day 3 of running 8 miles.... I read that as long as you do 10 minutes or more of cardio you can break up the time you spend doing it. So, I spend an hour every morning running 6+ miles... in the afternoon, (before I eat) I run another 2 miles.. I should do this before dinner too? There is a thing as too much.. Good enough for now until we get some snow.. Then I'll be skiing 4 miles..

I have to laugh when people tell me they are too busy to exercise. Exercise time is the best time of the day. It's 100% for you. Plus, what's 10 or 20 minutes of your 24 hour day to run/walk/bike.. ? Not too much time ..

Run to eat...turkey...

It's the day where the normal person eats 3000 calories.. or more.. I ran today just so I could eat. Well, I do that every day. Today, I really wanted to NOT run... but like most days.. I ran. I just ran 4 miles. I wanted to do 2 more at the park but Steve talked me into skipping it. It's so nice out.. 60+F and it's only going to get colder out in the next few days. I would have liked to run the lakes but I gave in. I'll probably regret that later when I'm eating my 3000 calories and I step on the scale come Monday.

Here comes the pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pies.. oh... and my favorite Stuffing with all that fatty gravy. The best stuff!!

Well, at least I did something for cardio/exercise today.. It took 37 minutes to run those 4 miles. I cleaned the house.. burned off more calories and now.. sitting around, reading the paper and sitting on the Internet. How fun.. waiting for the family to arrive around 1 today.

I'm so very grateful.. for not having to cook the food today... I'll leave that to Steve and his mother. .They enjoy it.. while I'd rather enjoy eating it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Miles..Please

I'm trying to control my weight.. or rather trying to lose what I've gained. Yesterday was a beautiful November day, 60*F. I needed to get out of a cloud that I was in.. not sure why I was feeling blah? After I was done working around noon, I ran the lakes. Just 2 miles but those miles felt great! To be outside.. to run hard and enjoy the nice weather and the woods. It made all the difference today.

I had a great morning run, I cranked up the resistance to 10. I usually do 8 or 9 and hardly ever do 10 and never for 30 minutes. I feel so much better today. While the scale showed no signs of losing weight it at least held steady. I will continue to run my 6.1 miles in the morning, adding 2 miles or more in the afternoon.

I think since I had been running 7+ miles all summer long outside, then going down in miles that's one of the reason's my weight has been creeping up. 100 calories a day less adds up over 7 days.. 700 calories I was not burning for the week.. Time to get back to burning more.. doing more for me and feel good again.

Monday, November 19, 2012


 What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? 

Thanksgiving day we host the family meal. I just clean before and after, while my husband cooks.  I have many Thanksgiving day favorites, but the top of my list is my father's wild rice stuffing covered in gravy. He died almost 10 years ago, so the recipe for his stuffing is one thing I really enjoy and will pass it on to my children one day.   My least favorite would be green beans with the creamy soup and little onion things on top. I just can't seem to eat that stuff and it's probably a good thing because I don't need the extra calories. 
I am grateful for my husband and my 3 children.

It's Tough!

It's been really tough getting up to work out lately. It doesn't matter what time 4:30am or 8:00 am.. I'm just not feeling it. I am guessing it's because I seem to still be gaining weight regardless of running 6 miles a day and lifting weights.

I know it's important to keep going. Not to give in to me not feeling like working out. This is the time where most people quit. They decide it's okay to take a little break. The break from working out becomes longer and longer and before you know it.. they have to start all over again. It's harder get back on track. It's just easier to keep pushing though the times where I want to do nothing.

It might just be the month of November.. the gloomiest month of the year. We have little sunshine. I'm so needing it.

I'm hoping things turn around and soon. I know they will, it's just a matter of when.. so for now.. I keep going.. even if I don't want to.. There will come a day that I'm glad I stuck with it..

It will get easier to lose weight again.. it will get easier to run again.. it will get sunny again.. and I will feel good again..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who Will Run With Me?

I slept in today... almost 8am.. That's unheard of..2 days in a row of sleeping in..

It's my day to run outside, the 4 mile loop and an extra 1.5 around our neighborhood. The weather is nice..50*F, over cast and a little windy but in all.. a great morning to run outdoors. I ran slower this morning 4 miles in 39.3 minutes.. then the 1.5 in 13?? No need to rush.. I just wanted to enjoy the run and make sure I put in my time running since I was not going to be running 6 miles.
I told Celina and Logan this morning that they are going to have to start running every day. I want someone to run with me. I even suggested they ride bikes along side of me.. then I realized the bikes were put away for the winter and they were not ready to go so I'd have to wait. I'm not patient when I want to leave to run.. I need to go.. wait much longer and I start to get frustrated and who knows if I'll feel like going at all.

I wanted to make Steve into an outdoor runner. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I do. We could run every where together. Nope.. his knees hurt too much.. and just does not enjoy it like I do. I have to settle for him to run on the cross ramp next to me each morning.

I know plenty of other women that run. Some run every day, some run once in awhile. I sometimes think it would be nice to have someone to run with on occasion or at least 1x a week. I hear a lot of times.. I'll slow you down or I don't run as far, or I don't run that early in the morning. All those things are true. I don't really want to run extra slow for someone. I don't want to wait until later on in the day to run, and I want to run farther then 2 miles. It's just easier to run alone. I can run for as long as I want. Where I want, when I want and have time to my own thoughts.

I do plan to start up a running program. I would like to be able to earn some money running with beginners or once in a while runners. It's not to replace my alone running times. It's to add to my running for the day. I can run slow, later in the day and enjoy some running company plus, maybe get paid. But I'm just wondering... who will run with me?

I'm Thankful for....

This year I've had a lot to be thankful for..(this is all about me and exercising.. running)

I am thankful for my family allowing me the opportunity to go back to school and work towards my certificate to be a personal trainer. Going to class 3x's a week and studying has taken family time and not working more. It might be a little stressful on everyone, but at the end of it all, they are supportive.

I'm also thankful for the time I get for me, to run and work on being fit. Without this time, I would go back to my old ways.. gaining weight, sitting on the couch and being unhappy with myself.

I'm thankful for my ipod..and my watch to time my runs. I would not have the motivation every day to keep going without these 2 items.

I'm thankful for my health and that I'm injury free. I read a lot about other runners having injures that prevent them from running. While I might complain a little about my foot or black toe nails.. that's minor.

I was also thankful for the RF I had last year to get rid of my constant back pain. It made it possible for me to move and not be in pain. Unfortunately, I am feeling the lower back pain again little by little. It was not a permanent solution but at least it provided a year of relief.

I'm thankful for this blog.. it helps me keep going. To see my ups and downs to know I've accomplished so much more then I ever thought possible. I have a document of my life.. so when things aren't going so great.. I can re-read something I posted.. and it changes my day..

I'm also thankful I can eat what I want.. I am not thankful for the few pounds I've put back on but those too will go away..with a little hard work.

I'm thankful for my  gym friends, new class friends, neighbor friends and my good old known each other for ever friends. It's so nice to have so many.. good people in my life.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Going! WinO

There is nothing worse then waking up with a headache. It was a sort of wine, dehydrated, slept in later kind of headache. I really wanted to run outside this morning. I was thinking about running outdoors all week, just waiting for Saturday morning. I stayed out too late last night, and had wine with a few shots. I was guaranteed to have a bad run today.   I sure did take my good old time getting out the door. I did not pre-think what I would wear. It's always good to figure out your clothes for the weather the night before. Less to think about the day you want to run and less to stop you from coming up with yet another excuse to just skip it this one time. Oh, I could have skipped my run because my head hurt. I could have skipped my run because I couldn't figure out what to wear and besides it's 40*F, cold!

I posted the other day that I didn't have a plan.. I do have plan.. it's a mental plan. I have a mental plan for working out every day.

Here's my mental plan today..

(before the run) Go slow.. no need to run fast.. Dress in layers...thin layers, do just 4 miles and see how I feel, you need to burn off that burger and wine... plus, if You don't go, I'm sure to gain more weight and I need to lose 8 pounds not gain more. Plus, I know.. after I'm done running.. I will be sweaty.. and feel great! ....(during the run) I feel pretty good. I should run our neighborhood too. I will drink some water, take a short 3 min break and head back out the door to run another 1.5 miles. I will burn at least 150 calories more..

So I put my mental plan to the test...out the door I went.. slowly.. dressed in layers, with my ipod and broken heart rate monitor.. (needs a battery, I think?).. and off I ran down the street. Wind in my face, making it hard to breath.. Funny how the first 9 minutes never feel good. It must be a magic number because every time I go for a run, I seem to always check my watch at 9 minutes. It's at the point where I am starting to warm up, it's feeling easier to run, I've put some distance between myself and my starting point....

There you have it.. I was wrong thinking I would have a bad day at running. I never would know that I could run...if every time I thought I can't do it because of such and such.. you can come up with a million excuses why you can't do something. Prove yourself wrong and do something when your over tired, when you  think don't have enough time, when it's too cold or too hot outside, or your head hurts, foot is sore, back hurts.. or anything else you come up with to not take care of you.. put one foot in-front of the other and get going!

Friday, November 16, 2012

I just want to Stop!

Good thing it's Friday! I was not feeling my run this morning. I just wanted to quit. I'm guessing it was because I had my resistance class last night and we did another hour video on PS90.. I have no idea of what PS stands for or why 90.. why not 60? More jumping which I chose to do modified.. no hopping since my right foot still hurts. We also lifted weighs with more sets/ less reps.. lighter weights. Upper body this time around for 45 minutes. Plus, I had 2 houses yesterday to clean, so I worked from 10:30 to 2:30pm.. A long busy day! No Steve today for support at the gym.. no one to run next to..

My plan this weekend is to run outside. It's going to be nice mid 40's to maybe 50+F. I'll wait until the sun comes up.. Maybe run to the gym or run my 4 mile route then to the neighborhood for an extra 2 miles. I should push myself and do the gym route.. 7 miles total.. a better distance. Or maybe do the trails at Lebanon Park. Lots of options.. I just need to choose, but it is nice to have other options. My plan is set.. remember what I said about.. YOU need to have a workout plan. I think about my plan every day and before I go to bed. This way I will be mentally prepared for my day to stick it out and exercise for my health. When I have a busy day I just break it down into separate parts. It's not so tiring that way..

Another busy work day ahead.. a test to take this weekend and looking forward to wine tasting tonight.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Phase Are You In?

What Stage are you in?

Pre- Contemplation: You know the health benefits of exercising and know you should exercise

Contemplation - takes you up to 2 years to start exercising, you do it once in a while

Preparation - at least 3x a week for 20 minutes

Action - Exercising at least 6 months, 3x a week for 30 minutes or more.

Maintenance - You've been exercising for 5 years on a regular basis 3x's a week for at least 30 minutes, You're going to be a life long exerciser. You do it because you enjoy it.

RELAPSE - Can happen any where along the stages.. What to do if it does happen. Have a plan.. know there will be challenges, you won't always want to exercise and plan for this time.

I hope to reach Maintenance. I have 3 years to go. I'm to the point where I enjoy exercise and look forward to working out each morning. It makes me complete and it makes my day complete.
I don't have a plan for relapse because it's just not going to happen. Even if I'm injured there are exercises you can do to let your body heal and work other areas. If I ever get to the point where I can no longer run, I will swim, bike or lift weights but I will do something.

Today my day is already looking up. I feel refreshed and 100% better then I did yesterday. It's a new day. Forget about yesterday and move on and forward. Start fresh.. feel good and just live life to the fullest.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Red.

I have a new exercise ball.. Big red! I pumped it up yesterday and started to bounce, stretch and do all the example exercises. A good stress reliever and it felt good just to roll around like super man..

I wasn't sold on this big ball. I've seen many people use them but never tried it myself. It seemed silly.. Well, I will see how it goes.. so far.. it's okay..

Lazy Girl...

I've been feeling lazy lately and I can't seem to snap out of it. It's not the lazy where I skip a workout but just plain lazy.

Yesterday, I had a test. I did study, but I did not feel like it.. I get like that a lot.. I work hard at first.. then as time goes on I am less then enthusiastic and I lose interest. I probably did get an A on that test. I know I knew most of the info or enough to get an A but maybe not 100% correct. I just want classes over. I want to take that ACE exam and be done with it. I do have one more class in the fall. A class break until then will be much needed and I'll have the humph to do it all over again. This too will pass.

I'm also in a crabby mood. So much for exercise making you feel better. I am in a bad mood due to on-going computer issues. I can't seem to type more then 1 or 2 words with out the cursor moving all over the place and screwing up what I just typed. I am attempting to do a computer restore to October when I didn't have these issues. The only problem with this is it's taking way too long and I've been on the computer since 7am.. 1 whole hour has passed and instead of being a fun, nice relaxing thing to do.. Its done the opposite. Grrrrrrr...

Not exactly the post I wanted to write.. not funny at all.. well, I don't ever think I incorporate enough or any humor in my blog which I need to. That's why I read other blogs that amuse me.. To get a laugh.. some people are talented in telling funny every day stories. I need to work on that one..

Back to my workout for today. Steve wanted to run on the treadmill. Who am I to turn down that idea! We warmed up on the cross ramp our perfered choice of cardio.. for 30 minutes.. Then did the treadmill, random with 1.5 incline max.. for 30 minutes.. It didn't feel great.. I never got to the point where I was like yeah.. this is good.. Nope.. just ran it and kept looking at the time.. tried to run fast for a minute, then back down and up and down,.. just to make things go quicker.

Resistance training.. same old, same old.. abs.. and a little arms. I can't do much in 15 minutes.. I need more time.. I should go back..

I'll post about the big ball later. When I'm back at my laptop with hopefully, my keyboard issues fixed.. until then you'll have to wonder about my big ball..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Workout Tuesday...Day

Oh Tuesday... I had a good workout this morning. Studying and running are always a good  mix for me as the time flew by.

My new approach to creating a calorie deficit yesterday did not work as planned. I still ate those darn candies and had bread because I was hungry for dinner and told to wait. That's just not a good plan to be overly hungry.. So if you fail.. try again. What will I do differently?
Lunch - need to eat veggies.. dinner eat earlier and make good choices. Have just 1 candy not 3. Lets see if this will stick today?

Still having computer typing issues. It's just not fun. I have no idea of what is causing it and I want it to stop!
I need to fix this.. time to do something about it... Did it work? I re-started my computer with the new updates and what do you know. Same same old.. now to try something else?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow.. here we go again

Snow.. good and bad.. Not  sure I'm really ready for it or maybe it's not the snow, it's the cold 20*F. I am excited to cross country ski once again this winter. I just hope we get enough of it.

Stepped on the scale today and I gained another pound. What is going on?? Okay. I need to get serious. Sure, I skipped working out yesterday but only because no one showed up to unlock the doors.
I doubt I could gain a pound in one day but there it was on the scale today. It just keeps creeping up and up.. I could have worked out yesterday but I made the decision to take a day of rest. I should fit those days in once in a while or at least 1x a month.

What it takes to lose a pound is just a deficit in calories you take in for the day.  What if I just concentrated on taking in 500 less calories per day. I could make that decision before  I ate a chocolate.. I'd save 100 calories for the day. Not eating the extra slice of bread.. another 100.. I will just keep track of what I give up for the day instead of keeping track of what I eat.. or maybe do both. Yes, both sounds better and I will see how that works.

It's been 2 years now that I've been a regular at our gym and working out daily. 2 years of being fit and healthy. It sure does feel good. I'll never make excuses that I'm too busy to workout, I'll never say I don't want to go.. I think I'll skip it. I won't ever stop. Stopping is not an option..

I have more computer issues today. The cursor wants to jump around on me and go back a few words and I have no idea of why? It sure makes typing this difficult. I did fix the nano/micro issues with the font/page getting smaller and smaller and now this! grrrr..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nothing.. Zero

Nothing like going to the gym only to find out, no one working there bothered to show up. I even showed up late, 7:22am and opening time is 7am on the weekends. Figured, might as well do my grocery shopping, and then see if someone showed up to unlock the doors.  Nope.. No one and I doubted it would be anytime soon. There would be no personal trainers to show up and call for backup on the weekends.
It’s hard enough just getting yourself to go to the gym but then to have the doors locked when you get there! Sooo un-motivating!
I thought of other ways to exercise, like go run in the rain. That just did not sound appealing.  Work out at home to Dance 3.. no I’m hungry and the kids are up so that means doing dance video with an audience, Which I don’t exactly need!
I really wanted to run 42 miles this week.  Now it’s more like 36 miles.. I won’t burn an extra 700 calories today, which means I have to really watch what I eat. I’ve already blown my breakfast with a ham and cheese bagel, with a blue berry muffin covered in butter and 2 bananas.  I might have thought I worked out and needed a big breakfast.  Maybe I won’t feel like eating lunch.. ???
I have plenty to do today.. clean the house, bake a cake and study.. Plus still fit in time to run.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heart Rate Zones and how to figure it all out!

Okay.. so how do you figure out your heart rate zones for working out? And why do you want to know? Good questions..

Here's how you figure it all out.. and I'll use me as an example!

Age = 44 years old
Resting heart rate = 45 (take your pulse for 1 min or do 15 seconds (count each beat) and multiply by 4) yes, mine is low.. it's always been low.. yours might be around 55 or higher..

Here's the simple  formula..
 208 - ( .7 x age ) = ______ Max Heart rate

208 - (.7 x 44 ) = 177.2 is my max heart rate,  Zone 3

So what do you do with that number?

Here's how you calculate each zone 1, 2 & 3 (Still following?)

(MHR - RHR) x 40%  + RHR =______ Zone 1

(MHR - RHR) x 60%  + RHR =______ Zone 2
(MHR - RHR) x 85%  + RHR =______ Zone 3

Just to let you know what this stands for.. 
MHR= Maximum Heart Rate
RHR = Resting Heart Rate

My results: 

(177.2 - 45) x 40% + 45 =  97.88 Zone 1, Range = (97.88 - 123)
(177.2 - 45) x 60% + 45 = 124.32, Zone 2, Range = (124.32 - 156)
(177.2 - 45) x 85% + 45 = 157.37, Zone 3, Range (157 - 177) Max!!!! 

If you use a heart rate monitor when working out.. you can see what Zone you are in .. 

I wear a heart rate monitor when running and my heart rate averages 131 for 80% of my workout. I start out lower 125 (it's tough to start out..warm up) and end a lot higher 155 (sprints the last 2 minutes). 

For most of my workout I'm in Zone 2.. which is where you want to be for 80% of the time.. Exactly where I should be. now if you are just starting a cardio program.. stay in Zone 1.. until you can do 30 minutes of cardio.. then go up to Zone 2.. 

I did notice when I ran that 1/2 marathon my heart rate averaged 151..154 If I remember correctly.. at the upper end of my zone 2.. 

Weekend Workout

I went to bed early last night and woke up at 4am to a very loud BOOM! Thunderstorms in November.. how strange! Outside did not look good for running.. I just drove myself to the gym and decided to study for my test while running the cross ramp for my hour. Random..setting, 8 resistance and up to 15 for incline. I did forward for 15 minutes then backwards for 43 minutes and finished the last 2 sprinting forward to finish my 6.0 miles and burn 700+ calories for the day.. Did  some heavier weights.. Abs.. , arms and back... off to home I go because I'm hungry and its 9am..

I seem to have a better workout when I have something to do while I exercise. Studying helps me focus on something other then just running. It just seems a lot easier to memorize while I run. Now to do more studying to go over it once again to see if I can recall what I just learned the last hour.

Breakfast was a challenge today. We only have very ripe bananas. I like the more green ones.. off to have a few pepperoni.. not a great choice but we are out of ham which I really wanted today on a bagel.. I'm still hungry!!!!!! Oh, and I ate 2 pumpkin pop-tarts. Healthy choice.. I know...

Every workout ask yourself these questions..Circle what describes you right now after your workout.
Refreshed - 0,1, 2, 3, 4
Calm  0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Fatigued 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Enthusiastic 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Relaxed 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Energetic 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Happy 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Tired 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Revived 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Peaceful 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Worn out 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Upbeat 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

0 = Do not feel
1= feel slightly
2= feel moderately
3= feel strongly
4 = feel very strongly

Add up the totals for the following
Positive (# 4, 7 & 12) =
Revitalized(#1, 6 & 9) =
Tranquility (#2, 5 &10)
Physical Exhaustion (#3, 8 & 11)

Keep track over 4 to 6 weeks daily and track your results..

My results today were:

Positive = 5
Revitalized= 6
Physical Exhaustion=0

I printed a copy and glued it to my I will get fit log book.. I plan to do this assessment every day to see how my mood varies over time... My prediction is that I will probably have similar results every day..

Friday, November 9, 2012


Thankfully it's Friday. Did I have a tough week.. well, no.. but I'm looking forward to the weekend even if we have nothing planned. Well, I always have my workout planned. I really want to run outside and have been looking forward to it all week long! I'm hoping the weather cooperates or I'll have to go to plan B..

Today's workout was kind of a plan B.. Seems everyone likes to workout on a Friday. Extra bodies at the gym and on my cross ramp. Oh well.. I was going to run on the treadmill today anyway.. Figured this was a good opportunity to try out that new cardio workout.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and back to 5. The planed workout did not go as I thought. I should know better.. Nothing can be done all at once. You can't go from walking for an hour and expect to run a marathon the next day. I had good intentions to stick to this workout and I really thought I could do it.. So here's what I did do...

6.0mph for 5 minute warm up, 6.5mph for 1 minute, 7.0 for 1 minute and back down to 6.0 for 4 minutes.. Then I realized.. I was doing no incline. I switched my workout to Random.. which is an incline up to 1.5 and back to zero.. up and down at various inclines throughout my workout.. So I kept doing that same workout.. I never got past 7.0... I only ran for 30 minutes. My heart rate was at 141 max.. and held around 131 most of the time.

After 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, my feet felt sore on my right foot. Not sure what was going on?? Since the machines (Cross-ramps) cleared out of people.. decided to go back to what was familiar and what I enjoy the most for my cardio..

Gave my toes/foot a rest and went backwards on the Cross ramp at 15 incline and 9 resistance  (random). The machine only goes up to 20 for incline and I think 20 for resistance? I've never gone past 10 on that. All this is pretty boring if your not a runner and don't do cardio but I am so it's part of what I do..

I will pass on this.. if you do want something funny and entertaining to read.. you must go to this blog.. I just found it a week ago and this woman makes me laugh. At

I also read this blog..  she is the one I copied the workout for the treadmill. She has lots of great exercises and cardio workouts to try. I'll keep trying and doing more and more to mix things up.

Forgot to mention.. the type is getting smaller.. not the font.. my computer screen.. Wow.. have no idea of how to fix this mess but I must touch something that keeps making it micro small.

I broke out of my normal b-fast.. I had eggs.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


We did Insanity in Strength Training class tonight. That's right Insanity! The crazy guy on those info-commercials. It was tough and I was not in the mood to do crazy jumps, squats, lunges and all at a super crazy fast pace. Night time is not my workout time.. it's my down time. I want to sit, relax and wait for morning.

After this insanity video workout, we did a 40 minute weight workout, shorter reps 8 and 3 sets but heavier weights. I got a good workout.. I feel  it now. Wonder how my body will feel tomorrow??

I did like the heavier weights and less reps. This might work better for my morning workout since I really don't have much time. I need heavier weights! That's it.. Starting tomorrow!!

My day was crazy busy.. that's always my Thursday. Nope.. never got out and ran this afternoon even thought I really wanted to. It was a nice 50 day and the sun was out... A little breezy but nothing crazy.. What I did do instead was to sleep. I tried to study a bit for next weeks test but instead I fell asleep.. Hopefully, I'll sleep tonight..

Off to read.. hoping my legs feel like running tomorrow.. I am going to run.. Treadmill day.. I miss running and feel like I am losing it.. Cross ramp just is not the same but I'm sure it will help with hills as it's all up hill on that thing.

I'm trying a new Cardio program.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5....

Start off with 5.... warm up at 5.0.. to 6.0, 4 min at 6.5, 3 min at 7.0 and 2 min at 7.5  1 min 8.0, then cool down back at 6.0 for 5 minutes..

Plus, I'm adding in studying for my test.. memorize.. Should keep my mind off looking at the clock on my rest time.. We will see how it goes..

The Sun!

Thankfully the sun is out once again! It's been quite a few days that we've had no sun shine and I needed it. November according to the weather people is the gloomiest month of the year.

Thursday (today), happens to be my busiest day of the week. I have class two times today and I have to work all morning and part of the afternoon. I also would love to find the time to run outside, 4 miles, since it's going to be one of those few and far between 50*F days. I will be tired after working, then have to go back tonight to do resistance training. This was one of my goals.. to start running more miles and add in more resistance. I need to start with at least 1 day this week and today is the day! I've  put on 5 pounds of candy weight. Feeling not so great about that! Time to run that off!!

I made a decision to take one class this winter. I'll do the hands on Practicum. That means I'll have to find a Personal Trainer to work with that will allow me to follow them around and help with clients to gain experience.  I might look the Grove, because I like the idea of doing the Aqua classes or maybe a swim instructor instead of weight lifting?? I would also like to take CPR/First Aid but not sure if it's offered so I need to look into that. I've laid out a school plan for the winter and fall.. I decided to not only get my Personal Training Cert but a group cert too. I could also continue and get an advanced cert but this time I need to take one class at a time to stay focused on work too.

I'm not in any rush to finish up my certificates as I need time to figure out what I'd like to do with it. Ultimately, I think Steve and I would like to own a gym in a free standing building. We see Florida as an option.. maybe?? Any where warm!! It's a lot of equipment to invest in.. but I can be the personal trainer, so no need to pay anyone else to do that. Plus, It's something we can do into our old age! A lazy person's option to owning a business. Sell the house after the kids leave for school and down size.. invest in our future.. our future income.. Something to think on... Plus, we still can continue our existing business which brings in income.. time to get moving and planning...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Design Workout Program..

It's time to design a workout program...

Current workout
Cross ramp 60 minutes = 6.0miles (M-F)
Saturday & Sunday run outside varies (4 to 7, 7, and 8 miiles)

Resistance Training:
Weights 15 minutes M-Saturday (6-days a week) with 1 day of rest.
Abs.. 15 reps, 1 set, front,  R-T & L-T
Leg lifts (abs) 15  reps - knees bent, 15 reps - legs straight (1 set)
Dumbbells, 12 lbs flys 1 set- 15 reps, Each arm triceps 15lbs 15 reps (1 set) Rt & lf sides
Back stretch, 130lbs.. 20 reps, 1 set
Triceps pull down 40lbs, 15 reps, 1 or 2 sets

What are my workout goals?

1. To get faster at races (1, 3 miles)
2. Build endurance to run another 1/2 marathon
3. Lose weight.

M-F in the mornings I only have 1 hour to do cardio and 15 min resistance (keep same)

New workout plan: 1 week, 2 weeks.. (3 & 4 weeks increase to 4 days a week)
Can add in 2 or 3 (Monday,  Wednesday) days a week of afternoon/evening running on the treadmill for 30 minutes to build endurance and lose weight (burn more calories) plus, add in 15 more minutes of resistance 3 days a week.

Treadmill workouts for 30 minutes
1,2, 3,4, 5 plan

Cardio warm up 5.0 - 5.5 mph for 5 minutes, 4 minutes at 6.0mph, 3 min at 6.5mph, 2 min at 7.0 mph and 1 min at 8.0mph,, then back down to 5.5/6.0 repeat.. 30 min total..

Running at a faster speed (any thing above 6.0mph) adding in more miles slowly..

Weights.. lift with 15 lbs and increase #of sets to 2 or 3. (same workout) add legs too! (Thursday will still be my 1 hour of resistance at class until December)

No plan.. no sticking with exercise! Bottom line.... HAVE A Workout plan.. Make it your todo list and cross off every little baby step every day until you accomplish the whole thing!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A drizzle kind of morning.

 That's okay.. I run in the gym.. it's nice and dry. I've been running without my ear buds lately because what do you know?? The gym actually has a better mix of songs then my Ipod. I was happily running along and here comes this old guy taking the machine next to Steve. He proceeds to snort, cough and do other weird noises for the remainder of my 15 minutes. Gross... Steve said he does this all the time. See what I was missing being tuned out and listening to my Ipod.. Wonderful...

Which brings me to the topic of those that have and have not.. That is.. have a treadmill at home and those who do not! I see a lot of treadmills in the corner of peoples rooms folded up, gathering dust. Sometimes they are re-purposed into clothes hangers and a place to store boxes and toys on too. Some people actually do use their treadmills every day. I have to wonder.. how they find the motivation to keep running, when no one is around to keep them honest. It sure would be easy to just  look at the thing.. walk on by and sit on the couch or go back to bed. They probably are able to keep running at home, because like me.. they need to ... they want to...

I'm really sick of...

This web page being micro or nano... I need to figure out how to make it LARGER!!! Where is the magnify to 100%??

I'm sick of running indoors... I really want to be outside
I'm sick of it being dark in the mornings.. I want it light so I can run outdoors. ...
I'm sick of homework... I want to be done with classes..
I'm sick of being bored at night.. it's too dark to be outside after 6pm
Sick of computer problems!!! Ugh!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thinking of Hiring a Running Coach?

Thinking of Hiring a  Personal Training Running Coach?

Getting started is the hard part. Remaining motivated is harder. You can't underestimate the value of having a mentor and someone to kick you into gear and keep you running.

Whether you want to train for a 5K or a marathon, having a sound training plan and the support of a coach can be invaluable. As your
soon to be ACE-certified Personal Trainer Running coach, I will be available for online or in-person coaching. Here is what's included:

•  A 1 time free Initial  40 minute consultation to determine personal goals, fitness level, lifestyle, health/injury concerns. Plus on-going e-mail communication and weekly goal check in’s.

• A customized training program exclusively designed to take into account your ability, fitness level, goals, and training history with a focus on both immediate and long term success

• Availability of my coaching for ongoing and unlimited training questions/concerns via phone, email or text

• Monthly sit-down sessions (by phone with online clients) to evaluate progress, tweak your training plan, answer questions, etc.

• Stretching demonstrations and/or descriptions with pictures

• Running tips and advice in my Run your buns off blog

• Feedback and adjustments to your training as needed (program can be adapted based on how you do with the training plan)
• Race strategy sessions
• Goal setting sessions
• Nutritional/fueling consultation

Option 1: Training Plan.  Free initial consultation, I will create a customized plan for you based on your goals and current level of fitness. This is a plan only option. There will be no ongoing coaching, but there can be minor plan modifications if needed. $80.00.

Option 2:  free initial consultation, The Monthly Plan. I’d put together a plan to prepare for your event, 1 month at a time. At the end of each month we’d get together (by phone or in person) to go over the previous month, and plan for the following month. This option doesn’t allow for a whole lot of modification to the plan and costs $75 per month.

Option 3: Personalized Monthly Coaching- in this option I’d plan your workouts 2-3 weeks at a time but we’d have communication weekly (or more) by phone or email allowing me to modify the plan as necessary. Your feedback allows me to further tailor the plan to your exact needs. This option costs $100 per month.

For online coaching, take 10% off of above prices.


A start of a new week.. a new running week, a new work week.. and a new week #46 in recording my running workouts.

Last week was another average mile kind of week. 43 miles with only 6 of those miles outdoors.

It was daylight savings time on Sunday but you really can't appreciate the extra hour of sleeping in until Monday morning. I'm just not sure that extra hour helps. I felt kind of un-motivated to run on the cross ramp today. Maybe that's because I had such a nice outdoor run the day before. I was wishing it was daylight and I was able to run in the woods.

I do notice when I run indoors. I try to distract myself as much as possible from thinking. I listen to music, watch TV.. try not to think too much and avoid those awful political ads!

Some days I hate having to workout.. well, not really.. I just don't like that it feels hard the first 30 minutes and the last 5 minutes.

I need to get new music as I'm finding myself not even bothering to listen to my Ipod in the mornings.  Seems the gym has better music playing. Plus, Steve and I can chat a bit.

What do I need to do to make working out more fun??

1. run with others
2. run outside
3. do another fun activity (figure out what that is!! Rock climbing, swim?)

I think this gloomy November weather has me feeling a bit blah.. I need the sun. It was out for an hour while I ran yesterday and that really helped. Where is it today? I just feel like crawling back in bed with a book.. might just do that.. study and read in bed today..

There goes my computer again.. I have micro font.. my computer keeps minimizing the page so much that I need to get a magnifying glass out soon just to see what I'm typing. Nope.. can't figure out how to make it bigger but something I accidently touch makes it smaller and smaller..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trail Run

I ran with a friend from school today on the trail around Lebanon Park. The same trails I ski every winter but we ran it in reverse. Now that I know I can run those trails and what to expect, I'll run them again. It was nice.. love the dirt path and nature all around. It made for a nice run.

It was also my 2nd time running with someone other then in a race. She is about the same pace as me, but maybe somewhat faster. Which is good. She also is all about stopping, checking the maps then running on. I never allow myself to take walk breaks but it was good. I need to do more of that because it really does refresh you and gives you more energy to run longer.

Time also passed quickly with someone to run with. I enjoyed the hour long run with company. It was great to make a new friend and have someone to run with on occasion. While we have different running goals, hers more to compete against herself then others but likes to do half marathons and even full.. I'm more in it to win in my age group but also to better my own time. We both now are thinking of doing a dual-talon or even a tri in the spring. Its nice to know she also is new at this and it might be nice to do it with a beginner too! We can help figure it out together.

Running is one of those solo things to do.. While it's nice to have someone to run with, its also nice to run alone. A good balance.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goals.. I know I have some?

Where are my goals? We are reading a chapter in Sports Psych about goals. So far this is the chapter I'm most interested in reading about.

I do have goals, but a lot of the time I lose site of them. It's easy to say I want to lose weight and come up with a plan then to not follow through. Maybe Goals are kind of like a diet.. when you say Goal.. it's like saying diet and how long does anyone really stay on a diet? It has to be more of a life choice. Choices you make. To eat another slice of pie, to exercise or sit on the couch. To eat veggies and fruit or to down another slice of bread or cake.

I need to look at goals as how I want my life to look like. If I see me being healthy and that includes eating less or just really concentrating on eating veggies and fruit if I'm hungry instead of grabbing what ever is easier. Those are the goals I need to set and change for me.

No this idea of mine was not in the book as far as I know.. I have not read enough. I just know saying the word goal, writing it down is as good as forgotten. I need to do what I did when I lost weight. Just make it a life changing choice and stick with what works.

I don't think of exercising as a goal I need to accomplish every day. I think of it as something I need to do and want to do to maintain my fitness level, and maintain my weight. Ultimately it is a accomplishment.. but like a diet.. I want it to stick not be something I do for a few days and say great! I accomplished my goal, Now I don't have to do it any longer.

So what are my goals...or life changers..

Run the T-day race 1.3 miles with my kids..
Add in afternoon exercising this winter.. x-skiing
Eat more veggies and fruit.

Friday, November 2, 2012


I've discovered the foam roller! Who would have thought!!! Runners have tight "I, T" Bands along side their legs and tight hamstrings/Quads. You lay on this hard roller and go over it until you find a spot that hurts, hold it for 10 seconds and find another.. It hurt,s but feels good. I felt loser and felt more stretched just after trying this foam roller. It's great on the back, sides, glutes etc.. I have to get one..

Steve was not sold on this foam roller until I had him try the one at the gym. Now he's a believer. Off to the sporting goods store we go today.. Can't wait to see changes in how my legs feel in a week, month etc..

2 years ago.. I started working out.. 3 days a week at the gym and now every day.. 7 days a week. I lost the 50 pounds, started working out to maintain and I've done just that! I've been recording my workouts in my fitness book for 45 weeks now.. I've made huge personal goals. Done things I never thought I would, ran races, came in 1st place, ran a half marathon, biked, skied, mountain biked, gone back to school, worked out every day, run outside for miles, eating more fruit and veggies..

What's next?

More races, more eating healthy, continuing to go to the gym, continue to attend class/school to get a certificate in personal training, continue to push myself towards new goals and get out of my comfort zone. Figure out what I love in life and go after it. I can do anything I set my mind to! I've proven it! I can and will do it!!!

It's time to discover what you can do! Go after your dreams.. think big.. and just do it! Don't wait!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Win.. Win..

I've had a few people lately tell me I'm too competitive. I am not sure what's wrong with that?

I use to be a competitive swimmer, so I have that urge to do well and win. Running is the same thing. If I have a chance to win.. I'll try my hardest to do it.. I don't want to disappoint myself or anyone else (I don't think my family really cares one way or the other). I also want to win because I love it. I love being 1st. I love those trophies and metals. It all confirms to me to keep going, keep running because I'm doing something right and I'm being rewarded for it.

Don't assume I don't want to run with anyone slower then me. I actually like running more. Why? I like it because I'm able to slow down, think of something other then me.. and it's nice to have company. I don't care how slow they go.. just get out and run. I have plenty of other opportunities to run fast, slow or not at all. It's not all about running fast.. I want to enjoy the run too.. So don't be afraid to run with someone that runs a lot.. they can always run more after your done running with them... It's not a waste of time, any time you go out. Sometimes it's more like a rest day to run slow.  We all need those but it's hard to do..

okay.. enough for today.. off to study for a test.. then to go lift weights..

Test Update: Perfect Score!!! 100%, A+....

Life is good when you work hard for what you want!!