Monday, December 31, 2012

Ice "e".. and run.. Last post of 2012

I discovered our large pond was plowed today. Who ever did it, made a huge path round the entire lake/pond plus made a big ice rink in two places. I did a little shoveling where they had not re-plowed after the last snow fall. We all got our skates out and had a fun time right out our back door. Great exercise and had fun doing it. Which meant.. no extra cross country skiing today but I did run on the cross ramp today.

This is the last post of 2012... I need to start a new blog.. which I'll post tomorrow.

Changes are coming and  part of the blog changes I'm going to try adding more of my own daily photos along with my blogging. I hate photos of myself so it's hard to say if I'll have very many of me.. but they will be my own photos.

Other changes... I'll talk about more then just running. It will include personal training/resistance because I do that every day too. I just don't talk about it or love it like I do with running.

What changes are you making for 2013?


What are your plans to ring in the new year?

I'll be spending this one watching BF..on-demand, playing cribbage and having a glass of wine then 2 scoops of rocky road ice cream.. Staying home this year.. and hoping to stay up until at least 11pm to ring in the East coast new year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

One More Checked Off!

It's good to check my first aid, CPR off the Todo list! I finished it up this morning in 1-1/2 hours! Easy, quick and now Done!

I have one BIG thing left on my todo list. The ACE American Counsel of Exercise Test to be a personal  trainer. This week will be spent working out, studying, Working, Studying, Skiing, studying and more studying.. I have to figure out what day next week or the following will work best to take the test. The sooner the better. I can then just concentrate on my next and final class starting January 14th.

I'm so close to being done.. 3 short months away and only a few days away from taking the test. I won't know the results for a few weeks so the wait is going to be hard.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Me and My Treadmill

I ran today.. not fast 5.5mph, but I did run. My heart rate was around 135 most of my run up to 140 when I was climbing hills. At 5.5mph I was expecting my heart rate to be a lot lower since I normal run at 6.0. I didn't go 6 miles.. made it only to 5.3miles at the slower pace. The time when quickly all due to my running/walking friends on either side of me this morning. It was nice to chat and catch up, plus it really makes time fly by. I've logged over 365 hours this year of working out and everyone of those hours was not a waste of time, nor do I regret all the hours I spent working out. Out of 8.765 hours in a year.. a measly 356 is nothing for time.

Really think about your day in hours. How many do you need for sleep, work and misc.. I bet those too busy people have a lot more misc hours then they think! Those miscellaneous hours can be used to walk on the treadmill while watching TV or surfing the Internet.

Done working out for the day.. now off to ski for fun..

Friday, December 28, 2012

3 More DAYS.. Or Just 3

I have 3 days left to write this blog.. It will be a new year and I always start fresh every year. Mostly because Blogger likes to charge for adding photos and I'm cheap. I don't want to pay. It's easier to just start fresh and make a new blog. I'll be sure to leave a connecting link for anyone.. who follows me. Or at least a link for me to find myself. Ha!

I also have 3 more days of poor eating choices. I'm just finishing up the goodies from Christmas and I can't let them go to waste. The last slice of pecan pie I ate for breakfast today. I have been craving Chinese food and I'm thinking lunch would be a good idea to pick up some chicken and broccoli with lots of rice and cream cheese won tons.

3 more days of studying like crazy for my ACE test. No, I haven't signed up.. I'm a little afraid.. it's $300 so not cheap and I have to pass or its another $200 to re-take it. Ugh!!! The pressure!!! I am doing a practice test today that's free. I have been studying every morning while I workout but I need to do more. Plus watch those DVD's.. anything to help!!!

In 3 more days.. I will have completed my First Aid/ CPR training that's good for 2 years. A requirement for personal trainers and to take the ACE test plus it's needed for my certificate at DCTC.

I also have 3 more months left of class.. A new Anatomy class that starts Jan 14th.. And 3 months to complete 96 hours of hands on experience.

The last 3 item.... 3.. Three... 3... A's in all my classes! Its official.. grades are in and I did great! All my hard work paid off and I enjoyed every bit of it.. just like I wanted to! Lets hope I can continue to get my last 2, A's in the last of my classes for the Personal Training Certificate.

I already have 3 existing customers of mine who are interested in having a (me) be their personal trainer. So much to do.. Looking forward to 2013...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where is everyone?

The gym was really empty today. We showed up late.. 5:40a.m. and there were only 2 people. No personal trainers, no other regulars... Where did everyone go?

It was kind of nice having the gym mostly to ourselves. After a while more people started to trickle in.. but in all it was a quiet day. It won't be that way for long. The rush of the new year with all those new year resolutions will be in full swing. People will be every where.. for 2 weeks.

Which brings me to a new topic.. ..

I bought Steve some exercise bands for Christmas. I really wanted them to work with my new clients. A great way to do resistance training and easy to transport. Now to work with the bands.. feel comfortable and pass on some of my knowledge or lack of it.. but soon to acquire!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Carb Day...

I just liked this post.. Figure I'd pass it along..

Back to another CARB LOADing day! I love my cinnamon breads but they don't love me.. I'm making every meal a cinnamon roll or cinnamon nut bread feast! I'm suppose to be back to eating normal..
It's a good thing I worked out today.. ran 6 miles and now I need to get off the couch and head out to ski.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dance Your Buns Off

It's Dance party 4.... Review will be in soon.. Today I'm busy dancing my buns off, eating and being merry...

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 24, 2012


It kind of feels like going to work every day when you go to the gym. The same people are there, day in and day out. We have our daily meeting of the minds.. We have a quick, but busy work schedule and then we head for home. I like this kind of work! Sometimes I do get sick of seeing the same people (as every job there are a few toads), but for the most part I'm happy to see them and catch up on their life during my workout. I'm not always as productive. Today I actually wanted to study for the ACE test. I even brought new material to memorize so I was all prepared. Instead of studying.. I spent the whole hour talking away.. I call this my daily meeting. Well, come to think of it.. I have a lot of mini meetings too. You just can't go to the gym without having a conversation with everyone you know. It's a good thing too. Those are the people that care if your there and are worried when your not. I truly count on the regulars at the gym to be there.

After holidays there will be a mad rush to get fit. Doesn't everyone seem to be on a diet and fitness kick right after the first of the year?  Everyone has great intentions to start the year off right. Exercise, lose some weight and be healthy.. turn over a new leaf and get cracking on that New Years Resolution.. Us regulars at the gym have to chuckle a little. We know the next 2 weeks after the 1st will be busy. We will have to share the equipment with a bunch of new faces. We do know it's short term. After 2 weeks.. the crowds fade and a few new stragglers will hold out for a month, while the rest will never be seen again.

Tomorrow is Christmas.. no gym.. no meetings but you bet I'll be there the day after along with all the familiar faces..

The water Experiment Update:

I lasted all of 2 meals.. B-fast and lunch yesterday. I forgot all about drinking water before dinner. I did drink 2 glasses of wine but it's not the same.. It was harder then I thought to drink water. I didn't really want to fill up. Today,since I forgot my extra water for b-fast.. I'll drink my 20oz now.. (already drank 20oz working out.. does that count?) Isn't it like when you get off track and eat some junk.. the next meal.. eat healthy.. all is not lost! I need  a post it note to remind me to drink water!! At least 12 oz.. until it becomes a habit...
Back on track I go.. trying to drink more water! Eat less... Ho hum.....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Is My life....

This is my life..

I tried a new experiment I read about a while back. The study was based on weight loss from 2 groups. One group drank water before eating. I'm going to make an assumption and say at least 12 to 20oz. The other group was told to just drink water, no specific times or any other information.

Outcome of the experiment was the group who drank water before each meal lost an average of 6 pounds more then the other group. I don't recall how long the study went on or if they were told to eat less/diet..I'm just recalling the facts that drinking water before each meal helps to fill you up, and you eat less. Simple right?

I wanted to try this same study. I figured might as well start with breakfast. I already worked out so I drank 20oz.. then I came home.. before eating my b-fast I drank another 20oz. (40 oz of water). I should be full. I ate my normal breakfast toast w/jelly and 2 bananas. I'm a little water logged feeling.. but I am still a bit thirsty and I'm still a little hungry. Not exactly what I was hoping to feel.. Well, this is just one meal. Not sure I'll remember or want to do it for every meal but I'll at least give it a try for one day. You can do anything for one day.. Which leads me to part 2 of this is my life...

Workout clothes.. you need them. I was kind of proud of the fact I never wore tennis shoes and didn't own any for years and years. We all know how that worked for me.. 50 pounds of fat! Plus, I didn't own any type of workout clothes other then what I needed for work. I can tell you from experience. It's better to own too many tennis shoes then none.. it's better to buy yourself workout clothes that are going to make you want to workout in them. Plus, your going to have to wear those clothes, so you'll be ready and want to workout. Workout clothes are not for your belly to expand in, just because they are comfortable. The elastic waist band is only there, for you to be able to move more comfortably while your exercising.

It's almost a new year.. don't wait and start in 2013.. start today.. Get off the couch.. find a activity you like doing that is fun.. Time to brainstorm.. think back, way back to childhood.... what did you enjoy doing?

Now go do it.. because this is your life....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunny Side...

Another day of blue skies and the bright sun. My kids both asked yesterday.. "Why is the sun so bright lately?".  My first quick answer was, "because we haven't seen it all November and most of December!" I went on to tell them, "The sunlight is reflecting off the white snow.. making it seem brighter. Black absorbs and white reflects!" I think they were looking for the sun is going to burn us up! Its getting brighter and brighter . We will be blinded.. lol.. It is nice to see the sun.. No more gloomy cloudy days. We all need to see the sunny side.

Update... How's my intake of water going before, during and after working out?

It's going.. I did it.. I drank before.. weighted myself. drank during and finished my 20oz of water after and am polishing off another 20oz with b-fast. I did weight myself before and after my work out just to make sure the numbers were the same. I'm a little compulsive like that..

What's my next change up.. I've done the workout change.. going slower staying around 121 and allowing myself to go up to 131 sometimes.. to burn more fat.. working on drinking more water.

Now I need to figure out how to work my watch to determine mile splits and calories burned. Use all the functions.. imagine that! I broke out the directions and they still seem like anther language  We'll see how I do figuring it out. Might have to ask for help.. HELP!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Our bodies are made up of 50 to 70% water. A necessity for human life and /or just plain old life to exist.. It's so important to stay hydrated and especially in hot and cold weather.

I know all these things.. that I should drink at least 20 oz of water.. Drink before, during and after exercising. I have this bad habit of just drinking a tiny bit in the mornings. Enough to wash down 2 pills (Excedrin/caffeine) and 3 almonds. I wait to drink until after I have ran for an hour no matter how thirsty I am (A sign of already being dehydrated if your thirsty). I wait until after I've weighted myself.. then I drink as much as I want.

I learned the hard way in the half marathon race. I really do need to stop, drink water and then run. I would have never made it to the end of the race had it been a warm day. I need to train myself to drink more before I workout.. and drink during and after. I think it's time to work on this part of my race training. I need to do it  on a daily basis to get use to doing something that's going to help me preform and feel better.

How and what is my plan? I'm still going to drink little when I wake up with my almonds.. I'll just weight myself right when I get to the gym instead of after I run.. This will allow me to drink and run, not to worry about the extra oz of weight on the scale. I also will stop running while I drink for a few seconds and get use to the feeling of stopping and starting.. I'm always afraid if I stop.. that's it.. I won't be able to get the same momentum going once again. With training and a few adjustments to how I workout.. when I drink water I should see an improvement in my workout training. Seems like common sense but as you can see.. it's easy to start going down a wrong path due to weird reasons..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm going to pay one way or another..

I am a morning exerciser unless there is snow. Enough of the stuff to ski. I was expecting to see at least 3 to 5" when I woke up. Looks like we might have just gotten under 2". Is that enough fresh stuff to ski on? I'm hoping we get more later on today.. please.. oh.. please..

I made my decision based on the snow report to sleep in this morning. I napped yet again yesterday afternoon, and I stayed up extra late, 10pm. Staying up past 9pm and waking up at 4:30am just don't mix well. Now I'm paying for my sleep.. with a headache that didn't go away with Excedrin (drug of choice) and   I still feel tired.. really tired. Plus, I could have used that hour of exercise to study and burn 700 calories. I'm really paying for it now.

Don't worry.. I still will get lots of exercise. I have 4 big houses waiting for me.. and I think I can, I think I can .. get in some skiing later on today if it's still light out when I'm done working.

I feel so blah.. so un-motivated.. This is what happens when you get use to working out every day.. Your body needs it to function... My brain needs it too..

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pick Me Up..

I knew this morning my mood would pick up.. I do not feel the same as I did last night. I know exercise/running is the best mood enhancer, a legal drug and treatment for feeling down and out. No therapist needed. Everyone has moments where they feel down and out.. life stresses, the holidays and the news lately. How can it not affect your moods. 

I had my Pick Me Up this morning.. an hour on the cross ramp.. going at it hard.. with my heart rate in Zone 3... averaged HR 131 while I studied for the ACE Test. Time flew by.. and I feel great! I didn't have much time again today for resistance training. I did lift heavier weights and I did as much as I could with the time I had. I'm not sure of my resistance goals other then always work on my glutes.. I want to get rid of the last of that cellulite.. little dimples.. I have been working on my 2 cheeks since summer. I'm sure there is some improvement but not enough. I need to work harder/smarter. I noticed another exerciser using the equipment that I do every day. She had a different way of lifting weight and when I tried it.. it worked more of my glutes then normal. I know.. squats are the way to go.. but I don't love them or like them.. so I found this other way to target my glues but not as effective. This new technique might be the answer. So I'm on day 2 of holding the weights out in front of me... while I have to squeeze my glutes. It's sort of like this but hold 15 pounds straight out in front of your body instead of just holding your head. I'll report back in a few months if this is actually working??? 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I feel like I should run...

I really need to run.. sometimes it's better to deal with things while running.. I make better choices.. think more clearly and do the right thing, once I've ran and had the chance to "think about it.. "

I should know better then to re-visit old e-mails that are hurtful, unkind and just down right cruel. Sometimes I need to remind myself of why certain people are NOT in my life. I need a jolt of reality and not clouded by the years that have gone by. I need to be back in that moment to get the full realization.

I can't run.. it's too late.. and I need to get some sleep. I do know.. after my run tomorrow. Things will be clear.. I'll feel better about my decisions..and I'm already feeling better just knowing my run will be the best thing for me.

Having MY Pie..

I was under a lot of stress these past few months. I cut back on my work schedule.. (making less money) and added 3 classes. This last week with all that has happened in the news plus, all my finals.. I've been reaching for the pie. Some how I think Pie is what calms me.. or cake.. or candies or cookies. Sure exercise does the same thing but when I have a massive headache.. feel tired and just done... I reach for my comfort foods. While I don't plan to stay on this self destructive path of eating a bunch of crap and thinking that's the way to calm myself.. right now.. I want it.. I want my Pecan Pie and cake..

The pie did not take away my headache.. it did not make me more focused. It did add extra calories and it did not provide any nutritional value with the exception of those yummy sugar coated pecans.

What I need to do instead of eat pie.. is to focus.. focus on what I want to accomplish with the rest of my day. Here's my plan or what I could do with my afternoon

- Bake Christmas cookies
- Make my forms (new business/book)
- Take a much needed nap
- Sit on the Internet and get nothing done
- Wrap gifts
-Clean my house
- Read (anything for fun)

The two things I want to do.. go to the library and pick up all the magazines  running and diet books that I have not been able to read in the last 3 months.. Spending the rest of the day reading and napping.

What I"ll probably do.. surf the Internet for a while.. take a mini 30 min nap and then work on my book. Plus, I know shopping will have to be done tonight.

But right at this moment.. I'll have my PIE..... and just relax..

Hungry, hungry, HUNGRY

Waking up hungry....

Do I love to eat. I look forward to my breakfast every morning as I'm usually starved by the time I'm done working out. This morning, I was hungry when I woke up at 4am. Too early to get in the habit of eating.

Like I said, I love my breakfast. I am hooked on English Muffin Bread, Toasted lightly, buttered and one with apple jelly and the other with State Fair Raspberry Jelly. I top off my meal with 2 semi green bananas and a bottle of water. I go through phases where I'll eat the same breakfast for months at a time. I'm off the cinnamon pop tarts.. I use to eat only edamome or microwaved plain sweet potatoes. I really should eat a low cal breakfast like I use to and when I get sick and tired of toast every day.. I'll switch back.

I do love to eat.. doesn't everyone? I just know I need to balance my love of eating with exercise to burn those calories. It's a lot easier to just do more exercise/ cardio then to not eat what I want.

I try not to eat after 7pm at night. I split meals when we go out to eat. I try to eat fruit as a sweet snack, nuts and popcorn to fill me up. I still love tons of salsa..

I do know it's best not to get too hungry or I make really poor food choices. It's better to eat a little then to be starved and over eat. I pay attention to how full I am feeling and don't go over that... And I'm still hungry.. b-fast #2.. hash browns and a caramel roll..

Monday, December 17, 2012

1 More Down.. 1 To Go!

I took the last test.. a final in Sports Psychology.. got a B.. not complaining considering I read the chapters a few weeks ago and didn't study at all. I should still get an A over all for the class. I don't think that B will bring my grade down since I've done 100% on everything else.. only tests I've missed a few points here and there. I did notice a place in the grades for extra credit.. wondering if we will get a few extra points for answering the on-line questions of the week.. ? Would be nice.. as it would make up for the missed points.

Tomorrow is the last of the last.. One more test to go.. not a written test but a practical, hands on personal training.. assessment type of test. I'm sure to do fine.. I'm just wanting it done. I want to start my own business and start working with clients..

Oops.. forgot about the most important test.. Passing the ACE! Still looking into finding a first aid/CPR Class and then re-studying for the ACE.. I plan to take it next week.. that's the goal by Thursday or Friday at the latest! It's the last things to do for my accomplishment list of 2012...

Tomorrow.. is a BIG Day!! A day to celebrate all I have accomplished these past few months..

Update: Passed my last and final 2 tests. While I didn't get an A on my psych on-line test.. a "B" is good enough since I still will have an overall grade of an A for the class. I did get an A on my hands on practical test this morning.. 98 out of 100 points. Nice!!! The pressures not done just yet! On to First Aid and then next week the ACE TEST!

A Milestone...

It's been 365 days... 52 weeks.. 1 year.. Since I started recording my exercise in a journal. I will get fit... I did get fit.. I stuck with it. A Big Milestone in my life.

I took the time every morning, afternoon and evening to record my exercise, what I ate, and my goals for the day. It does not stop with a year.. I will continue to record my fitness. Just like the world will go on after 12/21/12...

What does the next 52 weeks.. look like.. only time will tell... but I will keep going, keep recording what I did for exercise, what I ate and my goals. This is the key to maintain my weight loss and keep me on track.

My next big step.. Write my own fitness journal... continue to challenge myself and find new fitness goals.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I want to be apart of this!

This is a running group. They wear crazy outfits, have fun and run together. I want to have a crazy group of running friends who want to do fun things just like this..

Might have to start thinking of ways to make it happen..

It looks like crazy fun! Coming from a runner..

Getting Fit Transformed My Life

My fit book, the helpful tip of the day..

Getting fit can transform your life. The increased confidence and self esteem you experience may enhance your enjoyment of both your professional and social life.

Fitness has transformed my life in more ways then just losing weight and maintaining it. I have a whole new life, a whole new outlook on my life day to day and my future looks bright!

I say this over and over. Your responsible for your future.. you choose what to do and how to spend your time. If you too busy to take care of yourself now.. there will be health consequences at some point.

Find something you like doing for your heart health.. find some time everyday, for you. Figure out what you can stick with and do every day. Here's my suggestion..

Brainstorm every activity you liking doing...

hike in woods
Down hill ski
Rock climb

Any activity you like doing.

Listen to music
Watch TV
Spending time with Family & Friends

Now take the 2 lists and combine them..

Read and walk on the treadmill.
Bake.. you move around, stand and burn calories
Bike/hike and listen to music
Bring the Internet with you to the gym and surf while biking
Talk to friends while going on a hike.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

These Boots Were Made For Walking..

Bye bye old cute ski boots..
I gave up on my cute x-ski boots yesterday. I tried them one more time and realized no matter how many band aides I put on my heal and how much I want them to feel good, they just won't ever. My right boot feels weird and something rubs awful on my outer heal. I want to love these ski boots, they are white and so pretty. I just was in too much pain to continue and I know how important our feet are. I experienced this same thing with my running shoes. You can't just go by how cute a shoe is... you have to try it on, pick the best shoe for your foot and ignore things like cute or not so cute.

I was really counting on getting some fresh snow today. I knew it was going to rain but I thought I heard the rain would turn into snow? Guess the weather people are wrong again. I rushed out yesterday just to switch my ski boots today in hopes I could ski. I did get new boots.... I don't love the way they look but I sure love the way my feet feel just walking in them. This is sure to be a good sign for when I ski.

I hated the fact, every time I went out skiing I would not be able to last more then 45 minutes. I wasn't tired, it was my feet were hurting so much I could no longer stand any more. I'm now excited to go try out my new ski's with my new boots and see if this is the winning combo. I now have to wait and not sure if there will be any snow left once the rain is done. Tomorrow it just look colder so no chance of snow. I'd really still like this rain to turn to snow.. Here's for wishing..

Just a note.. what's your resting heart rate? Mine is between 38... and 43/44.. (really low!) A healthy low!!

What's your favorite winter sport? Mine.. obviously x-skiing.. I'm down 2 pounds this week from the extra miles I've done just skiing for fun! Yippeeeee..

Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Things That Just Happen...

I stole this idea from one of my favorite blog sites.. What Random things happened to you today?
  • The creepy guy at the gym that stares me down and Steve can't stand.. was on my cross ramp machine. It's Friday after all and he just has to be at the gym. 
  • I went from a busy work schedule to a not so bad schedule. 
  • I had to do some 4th grade math at 7am. I lost track of what problem I was trying to figure out... how many dollars in 24 quarters.. Some how I switched it around to 24 dollars and how many quarters.. so much for listening.. 
  • I studied again for a test I just took... just my wrong answers, so I won't get them wrong again when I take the ACE test! 
  • Yesterday, I forgot to respond to an e-mail about watching a neighbor child this morning.. I feel awful.. 
  • I got to watch a customers child who had pink eye.. she was home alone and only a 3rd grader, good thing I am always on time and this mother trusts me! 
  • A old guy spit in front of me coming out of Cub. I almost walked right in the path of that spit! Yuck!!
  • Unfortunately we were all saddened by the new of the Sandy Elementary school shooting. Things like this should not happen.. how sad.. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Walk don't Run...

It was not fun today.. I could not workout, I could not run, I could not ski. I had an appointment for my back and I was not allowed to drink water or eat after 5:30am. I still got up at 4:30am, figures the one day I can sleep in.. I can't sleep! I'm sure tomorrow I'll want to sleep in, but I can run tomorrow so no chance of that!

I wasn't suppose to do much today after my appointment for my back. Rest.. and did I rest! I slept from 1pm to 4pm , doubt I will sleep much tonight after all that!

My last strength training class and I'm done with the final! Waiting for my grade.. Won't know till Tuesday.. and not sure I did well on it.. multiple guess.. I still will end up with an "A" even if I bomb the test! I got 100% on every thing else! I am always unsure of my tests but I studied.. I knew the material.. and I'm sure I have nothing to worry about.

Figured out a lot tonight on finishing up my Certificate for Personal Training. I can take the Anatomy class on-line.. and do 2 credits of the practicum. Helping a friend with their new business and helping the instructor with a cardio class to put in hours of training! Yeah!!!! Things I'm interested in doing! Now I'm excited about winter semester.. and can't wait to start fresh again to finish up this certificate, so I can start my own In-house Personal Training! Yippeeeeeee...


The snow is melting so fast. It was 40*F yesterday and into the evening. I'm guessing we lost half of our foot of snow just from yesterdays warm up. I really noticed the melting when skiing. There were a few more brown spots where the dirt/ground was taking over my ski trail. I still purchased a trail pass yesterday in hopes we get more snow. The pass has already paid for itself as I've gone out 4x's since it snowed on Sunday. I just would like to see the pass be a better value for my money and I want to ski! I really wish I had looked into volunteering as a ski patrol sooner.

The local park, Lebanon offers yoga every winter. They probably have it throughout the year but January seems to be the month I like doing yoga. It's just 5 classes.. 5 weeks long... Yoga always seems to make me sleep better. I just take the beginner class, more breathing, relaxing.. holding and learning new poses. 

Running on the cross ramp has been easy ever since I switched up my program after that cardio test. It's a lot easier running in Zone 2.. keeping my heart rate below 121. I still have to concentrate to make sure I'm going slow enough but I have more energy, feel less hungry and don't feel burned out from working out. Yesterday, I stayed in Zone 2 for 45 minutes, the last 15 I just felt so great, I ran hard and got up heart up to 141, Zone 3..4.. I've been doing zone 2, I think over 2 week now.. so I'm seeing results in my energy. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cross Country Skiing.

Oh how I love to ski! The woods, the cool crisp air.. just doing something different and loving it!
Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row I was able to cross country ski. Heaven...
I realized after 30 minutes into skiing that I didn't even bring my ear buds. I didn't even miss them! Although today I'm sure to bring them along with my heart rate monitor. I've been skiing for 45 - 60 minutes per day. I travel about 3 miles and that's just because of the un-plowed trails. Although, yesterday I used my old skis/boots because of the blister from my new boots. I did notice I slipped back a lot with my old pair. Maybe my new skis are better? hum... need to check this out again today because I sure did have to work hard to go forward on those old skis without slipping back.

Best part! I actually feel some quad soreness. I hardly ever feel sore in my legs, abs or arms so its always nice to feel something from my efforts. I'll take the semi-soreness just to know I'm working it!

On another note.. I talked with a school adviser yesterday. The guy is the head of the fitness program I am enrolled. He doesn't have much of a personality.. maybe from working with students too long? hum? Any rate.. found out that I need to have at least 6 credits so it won't work to just take my Anatomy class in the fall.. it's only 4 credits! Ugh!! So.. now I decided to just get it all done this winter. I already know a lot of anatomy, muscles, skeletal,  heart, lungs, digestive, CNS, PNS.. might as well continue to build on what I already have memorized and learned! So here I go again.. no break.. less class as I'm just going to do my CPR/First aid 1cr.. then my practicum.. 1cr... maybe 2cr and then Anatomy. I might have to take another class just 2 credits in some other certificate.. maybe advanced personal training? hum?? thinking about it? Okay.. before I get ahead of  myself.. 3 more finals to go.... Thursday.. Monday and Tuesday! Yikes.. and no post yet for grades on my test yesterday! Grades are in!!! I got the 3rd highest score.. an"A", I still want to know the ones I got wrong.. so I don't get them wrong for the ACE exam test. I need to take that ASAP! Along with CPR/First Aid..

Update on skiing today. Nice.. warm.. but the snow is melting! I won't be able to ski tomorrow.. and I'm not happy about that! It's truly a love-hate with my new ski's... I love my new skis.. Hate the fact my right heal hurts in my boots and I have a blister. Not loving the way my feet hurt in them.. Might have to check out new boots.. not happy about that.

I did talk with a volunteer trail skier. I want to do this next winter. I gave my name and e-mail address. I'll also need cpr/first aid with this and put in at least 25 ski hours, with 2 events helping. Sounds like fun and I'll be able to do it next winter!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have a class friend who is taking the plunge and doing a running business, a franchise. I won't mention the group (just in case). I'm envious that she is done with her certificate.. on to the actual..Need to use it! I still have to take that ACE exam.. and do 2 more classes... well, 1 really.. That will have to wait until next fall when I can stress myself out yet again.. That wont be the only classes I take. I see there is also a certificate for web design. I'd love to learn that too and its a few short classes and I'm up and running!

So.. back to my envy.. I can see some benefits to being part of a group.. a franchise. To me there are far more negatives then positives. I'll stick to doing my own thing.. whatever that might be. At some point, I do need to just do it.. I have all the knowledge, and tools now I need to use them and make some money, help others with fitness.

The Day Has Come!! Finals!!

I've studied.. plenty or is it enough? I won't know until I see the test if I'm prepared enough. It makes me crazy nervous!! I don't want to see any questions that I think What? What?

I spent my cardio hour cramming for the test.. trying to fill my brain with all the info I'll need and then some to get an A on this test! I just want it over.. I want the pressure and stress gone! Well, I will still have one more test on Thursday night to complete. Not as much pressure since I only need 33 points out of 100 possible (30 of which are coming from a paper I wrote.. ) to get my A. I'm sure to get at least 3 points right. lol..

On to more fun.. looking forward to subjects.. like snow and.. more cross country skiing!! I sooo want to ski.. I'm going again today. Yesterday the trail groomers were out so I got to be the 1st on the newly plowed trails. I still had to make my way through some rough trails. It was hard to get going skiing. I added extra wax.. way too much. The ski's were like cement trying to get them to glide.. I had to scrape off some of the excess wax and then finally.. my new skis were gliding along... Wish I could say the same for my ski boots.. I had a nice dime size blister on my heal. More things to fix and figure out.. it might be time to go back to my old pair of skis and boots..

Well, off to class I go.. Wish me lots of testing luck!! I probably won't know the results until grades are posted but I'm sure to know how I think the testing went.. report back later..

Update.. Stress just getting to the darn test on time. I was late.. late!! I needed gas.. forgot the roads were snow covered.. and I ended up getting to the test 10 minutes late! Ugh!!! Oh well.. all is good now.

I was surprised to see not 50 questions but 100.. I have a feeling I did great! I'm sure I missed a few but oh well.. Now to keep looking to see grades posted for the test...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Better Than Nothing!

It was slow going this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed at 4:30am... I just laid there.. until 4:38am... If Steve decided to not go workout this morning I would not be going. I didn't want to drive and risk getting stuck in the snow or not being able to stop and sliding on the ice. We needed his 4 wheel drive truck to get us to the gym. Better late then never and do what you can with what time you have...

I still got in my morning static stretching and  hour of cardo.. skipped resistance (weights) and went home. We were 30 minutes late.. still got home 10 minutes late to wake up Celina. No school delays for the kids which was kind of good! It would have screwed up my work/ski schedule today.

So you ask... "how's my studying going?".. its going.. I should have spent more time memorizing and reviewing new material. Do I want to? Nope! I'm so done!! I don't need many points to still get an A for the class. I'm sure if I blow the test, I will not get an A. I don't want that to be the case. I should know this info as I already memorized it 1x.. too long ago to stick in my brain and I knew that would be the case. It's coming back.. but I'm so over it! I have 2 tests to do this week.. Tuesday and Thursday.. then I have 2 more the following week on Monday/Tuesday and I'm done! I just have 1 more Strength training class on the 20th and then I'm 100% done with these 3 classes that I started the end of August. They have lasted too long. I will miss the people, the instructor and learning.. but I will not miss tests, memorizing and homework!

This winter, I will work on hands on training - a practicum. I get to follow around a personal trainer and learn.. just observe. I have 48 hours to do.. a lot! I have all winter to finish this along with my First Aid /CPR... I can't forget the most important test I have yet to take.. My ACE test! That determines if I can be a personal trainer. So more studying ahead.. better just do it now..

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Bossy, Mean, Impatient.. nope.. not today.. but sometimes!

It's Body Mass Index.. Or for short BMI

So how do you calculate it..

Your Height:______

Your Weight:______

Formula ( ____                         Weight)       X 703 = ______BMI
             (height ____ ") x (height ____")

What is the normal range for BMI? 20 - 25 (healthy)
if your number is larger... your OVER WEIGHT!!!

Snow.... It's snowing!

Finally we have snow and enough of it to cross country ski. Am I a happy person today. Just wish I didn't have to study or feel like I should all day.

There are a lot of things I should be doing..

  • Putting up our Christmas tree
  • Baking and making cookies for Christmas
  • cleaning our house
  • studying and more studying for my test on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Skiing
  • Running more miles..
  • Resistance training.. a lot more of it.
  • Organizing our house
  • Picking up our house
  • Sledding with the kids
  • Reading the paper
What am I going to do? A balance... a little of everything.. I spent the last 2 hours at the gym, running on the cross ramp, doing resistance training all the while studying for my test. I bring all my  flash cards, and notes with me to review while I do my cardio. I could probably memorize a ton of stuff every day if I spent the hour doing this day in and day out. Of course I hate having to memorize anything and recall it later on.. Might be a good thing to do at least 1x a week for this aging brain. 

I also will go cross country skiing. I don't think I have any takers in wanting to join me.. so I'll make my own trail and go it alone. I'm sure the parks will not make a trail until we have at least 6" or more.. It's not going to happen today even if we get that much snow because they just aren't that fast! I also want to find some time to put up the Christmas tree. I'll save that for after 5pm when it's dark out and I don't want to go outside. 

Then its studying up on what I don't know.. which is a lot.. I'm afraid. I'm sooo done with these classes. I hate to give up now when an "A" for each class soo possible.. if I don't study.. I'm settling for a B... and I know I'll be kicking myself later for not trying harder to just memorize this info that I so wanted to learn and know. 

Everything else on my list is going to have to wait. Wait until my classes or tests are over. I need to concentrate on what's important right now.. With a little fun in between.

Cross Country Ski update:
I went out... skied 2.66 miles on a un-groomed trail.. thankfully at least one person before me blazed a trail. I used my new ski's only to find out on the trail.. I forgot to wax them. Mind you.. they are non-wax skis but they still need wax to break them in and help them glide especially on sticky wet snow. It was more like snow shoeing with little to no gliding. I also did not wear the right clothing. My new fuzzy on the inside leggings were perfect and so were my knee-hi Hello Kitty socks.. but my jackets.. well, just my black jacket.. a little to warm.. I should have left that home. It soaked up all the heavy snow and clumped up, leaving it heavy. I was smart enough to wear just the outer layer of my ski jacket to keep me dry until I was too hot and unzipped it. Lots and lots of heavy wet snow falling down on me. My face was dripping, my hair was covered with thick wet snow.. What a mess. I do love skiing.. I just didn't love today's skiing. I did take time to notice how beautiful the wood looked all covered in fluffy wet snow.. the branches were all hanging low.. I should have brought my better camera but it's too big and I was out there to ski. I tried to take photos with my camera on my phone but at some point.. I messed it up and the settings were all wrong. I'll post photos of what I did get..

Until tomorrow.. when I ski again.... with waxed skis! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Never, Ever Again!

I will never, ever be that fat person again on the left. She is gone! It feels soo good to shed the 50 pounds. So good to be fit. It's not easy every day working out. There are a few hard days but it's become my life. My new life and I look forward each day to getting more tone and healthy. While I don't see much difference  in me from week to week. Thankfully, I have a fitness journal to remind me.

Remind me that I will, never, ever be that person on the left again!

Real Age... Fitness-Health

What is your real age? I take this on-line questions to figure it out every once in awhile. It's at's pretty extensive in the questions and I feel its a good assessment of real age.

I took it this morning and determined this 44 year old.. is a real age of 38.8.. which turns out to be 5.5 years younger. I'll take it.. because I still feel like I'm in my 30's or younger.

I kept all my old medical test records for my cholesterol HDL and LDL.. when I was over weight.. both were out of the normal range. What was recommended was exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 days a week, plus diet. It took me losing 50 pounds.. re-taking the same tests and what do you know.. back in the normal range and staying there. Goes to show you.. taking control of our lives.. exercising and eating healthy are key to living longer, and slowing down the aging process.

Now.. back to study.. or refresh my aging memory.. I have a test on Tuesday. I'll share some of the important info as I come across it.. This way it will stick in my brain.. I can recall it for later use and someone else might learn something from what I know.. lol..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Running Award!!

There it is.. my first running award. I ran in 4 Ground Pounder Races this spring- fall. I was also a lucky winner of a $50 gift cert to Runners Gate. My favorite running shoe store. They also have running clothes etc.. I'm sure to find something to use up this $50 ... plus, I'm hoping to use another $20 coupon I have unless it expired?? Wouldn't that be nice!!

Running for Dummies...

just read a post from one of my favorites about how new runners make all these dumb comments. I too was one of those dumb didn't think I was a runner.

  •  I had no idea of a marathons many miles is it?
  • Didn't know that you had to qualify to run the Boston Marathon
  • Didn't know how many miles were in a 5K, 10K
  • Didn't know you needed real tennis shoes with backs to run and laces.
  • Didn't understand why runners had black toe nails and why they would keep running after experiencing this. 
  • Didn't know how you could get a runners high..
  • Didn't know there were crazy obsessed people out there loving running and only wanting to run. 
  • Didn't know how much people really get into races until I was in one. 
  • I had no idea how to be called a runner..what I needed to do to qualify myself. 
  • I just didn't know much I had no clue on.. and I'm still learning but I've come a long way...

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Our health is everything. It's easy to ignore when we feel great. We don't even think how much it matters until you are sick.

I'm happy to report, I feel better today. Not 100%, but still better and on the mend. I actually worked out today on the cross ramp for an hour. I made sure to keep it easy, not too much resistance and slow to keep my heart rate under 121 for most of the time. I had company today while I ran. I had another women I know run next to me and we talked the entire hour. Thankfully, the time went by quickly.

Even being sick I was still hungry. I wanted Ice cream last night sooo much. I thought about getting myself a bowl from 7pm to 9pm.. I resisted. I could have written a whole blog page last night just on how much I wanted that ice cream. How hard it was to resist. Instead of getting ice cream I did some homework, watched TV and spent time on the Internet. It's funny how certain times of the day we crave specific foods. In the afternoon and evening I want sugar. It's my comfort food. It's what I think I need to calm me.. I need to change my thinking and start craving healthy fruit instead or popcorn.. anything to stay away from candy, cakes, cookies and ice cream.

This is to be continued.. it's another night ahead and we will see how I do without sugar.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Running Distance

Now that I have been running for almost 1 year.. week #50, 2 more weeks to go that I can add to my total miles ran.

Here is the statistics:

Most miles ran/cross country ski = 92 Miles back in March..
Most miles just running = 75 miles

Total miles so far on Week #50 = 2,283.02 miles

I could have almost ran from New York to California  which is 2,461 miles.. just 177 miles.. now I still have 2 weeks but my average miles are around 40 per week.. I already added in  Monday's total so I'm not going to make it to California this year, close enough!

Going Banana's!

I'm still sick today. Feeling a little bit better since going to the doctor and getting some horse pills.. well antibiotics for a bad sinus infection. They do look like horse pills.. huge.. but I'm not complaining because the way I felt yesterday I would have swallowed a cupcake in one gulp to feel better.

I got up this morning all ready to workout.. Steve just said really? Don't you think it's best to take one more day of rest? Here's my thought process... I felt better then yesterday.. my teeth didn't feel like they were going to fall out of my mouth. I could breathe.. Still had a headache, still sneezing and my face still hurts.. plus my body aches.. I took some Excedrin, hoping that would kick in and I'd feel 100% better.. Nope.. all I did was lay on the floor, in blankets trying to stretch and realizing once I started coughing.. it's probably not a good idea to workout. I need to save my energy for working today because I can't take another day of rest. I got lucky yesterday and could change my schedule.

I am going a bit bananas not working out. It's always on my mind. I want to go run to burn off the calories I'm eating and to stay fit. Plus, I don't want to start on a path of not going. I don't want to start talking myself into thinking.. Oh I will just run later on today. Because later on comes and goes and I don't feel like working out. It's just never a good idea to save it for later! It's only okay to do that if your getting extra exercise in addition to your normal cardio/resistance.

You would think being sick.. I'd lose my appetite.. not the case.. it's just that food doesn't really taste as good. I attempted to stop at the store yesterday for my favorite fruit.. bananas. I couldn't even bring myself to go into the store. I felt and looked awful.. I drove right on by even thought I knew today I would be wanting my bananas. What do you know.. there they were.. waiting for me.. my banana. Steve had picked some up at the store yesterday. Does he know me or what?

So while I feel like I'm going bananas today by not working out.. It's good for me.. I need the rest and I will be back at it tomorrow. Healthy and able to workout without hacking up junk or sneezing all over the place. I'm sure everyone will thank me and my germs for keeping them away.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Must Be Sick!

If I skip a workout that I woke up for, got dressed for but never made it to the gym... You know I must be too sick to go. I'm ache.. my head hurts and I'm sure I have a sinus infection from just a really bad cold.
Life must go on.. so I'm taking it easy today. I'm not working out unless I feel better later on.

I want to workout... but my head isn't feeling it and I know to get better sooner then later, I need a day of rest. I'm 100% sure the others in the gym will appreciate that I did not take my germs and spread them all over every piece of gym equipment, only to pass on my cold. I hate it when I see people who clearly are too sick to workout, touch everything.

Yesterday, I did run for today. I ran 2 hours total and 12 miles. I felt good enough to do my morning cardio on the cross ramp at Zone 2 for an hour then I ran the lakes for another 65 minutes. I really do think this new cardio workout where I have to force myself to slow down is giving me more energy to go longer. Which is what you want if your training for endurance and fat burning.

Well, off I go to class because I have to.. Can't miss a day. Then off to work (need to check my schedule to see how long I am working) then to the bank.. back to bed and rest. Drinking lots and lots of water, take some vitamin C and hopefully get into see the doctor, so I can get some antibiotics for by sinus infection. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow.. Tomorrow is a new day.. today is a day of rest.

Clear your mind of can't.. Samuel Johnson..

Monday, December 3, 2012

1st Race Ever!

There is nothing quite like your first race. I didn't know anything about running. I didn't even have the correct running shoes. It didn't stop me from running my first race in Rosemount 4 miles in 2011. It was a huge 1st step I would take..

I know it's hard to see me.. with all the young guys who decided to go shirtless. Makes me feel over dressed in long pants and a tank top.. It was July.. I think it was in the 90's if I remember??

Never Too Late!

It is never too late to be who you might have been.” — George Eliot

I'm going to be doing 28 days of Inspirational quotes.. This is the first of more to come..

Maybe these quotes will get me to do something. Something I didn't think of before.. get me to do more then I thought I could.. After 28 days.. I will base my 2013 resolution on my findings..

Who might I have been?? Right now.. I might have been a personal trainer.. Working at my own business. This is what my plan is to be... and it's not too late to follow my new dreams... of adding exercise into my life and into others..

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Woke up to thick fog this morning. What happened to weather reports of sun this weekend? Where did it go? here it is almost 2 in the afternoon and I think the fog is thicker then this morning.

I ran again today around the lakes 3x's and I ran them slow.. or tried to. I had a little malfunction with my heart rate monitor, it got stuck at 100.. I'm sure I was not running that slowly and the fact that it stayed constant made me really know it was so off.

Tomorrow.. back to the gym.. early in the morning.. no more sleeping in until 7:30am.. It will be up at 4:30am.. and run...I'm looking forward to seeing any new changes at the gym.. There will be fresh paint.. and I'm not sure what else if anything..

3 more weeks left until my classes are over.. 3 assignments to finish and I'm 100% done! I'm procrastinating on these last 3.. I've been working on them little by little, but have not tried very hard. I want them done.. done so I can have time to study and not think about another thing to do!

So off I go.. back to homework.. I plan to have it all done by Monday.. 100% done!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food For Thought

I was reading Prevention magazine the new issue yesterday. There was an article about how you think of food to make better choices.

Here's an example.. Say your tired and hungry for a mini Snickers. Sure.. it's going to taste good and you really want it.. but you might not want to eat that candy bar if you change your thinking..

Snickers = energy crash and burn... . that's right.. the 2 seconds I'm actually eating that candy bar I'll feel satisfied but no sooner then I finishing downing it.. and I'll experience a sugar level crash.. It will zap my energy and so I might just reach for another candy bar to prevent the crash.. only the crash will be much bigger once I come down from that sugar high..

Apple = Fiber my body needs, so sugar to satisfy my cravings and it's still a healthy choice. It will give me energy and if I eat another.. then I'm getting in more of the fruit my body needs every day.. at least 4 to 5 servings a day.

You can pretty much do it for every kind of food. Just think of how your body will respond to that food.

Bread.. fills you up, but won't keep you full for long so you need to eat more and more just to stay full and not hungry. Plus.. do you really need all those carbs? Sure.. have some but choose something that's going to keep you full.

Some thing to think about.. now go make your Food for thought list.. Conquer those self defeating eating habits.. and start thinking about your food in a new way.. what your body really needs and how it's going to respond to what you put into it. You might not reach so fast for that candy bar?

Later Still Works

To sleep in on a Saturday morning felt so good. No pressure to get to the gym by 7am for fear of all the cross ramps being taken. This is a weekend of running outside. Good thing it's a nice weekend for December 1st. It was only 39*F when I ran at 9am (really late for me), no wind and cloudy the perfect conditions for a good run. The only big decision was how to dress? I wore my new fuzzy inside leggings.. which I love! A tank top.. and 2 thin jackets with hoods. The outer jacket is more like tent material or thinner . just enough to break the wind and keep the rain from getting me soaking wet. I wore it more for another layer to take off that was light weight and would not bother me much after I took it off and  wrapped it around my body. I didn't even make to the 2nd lake.. 10 minutes into my run and I was already taking off layers.. first the hat, then the wind breaker jacket.. soon followed by the other jacket.. so I was running in a tank top with mittens on my finger tips. I determined it was best to just carry my mittens in my hands to keep my finger tips from getting cold. It provides just enough warmth to keep them at a nice temperature. I'm almost tempted to make or buy those weird arm covers, they are kind of like legging but for the arms.. just because I'm always a bit chilly and I think that's what I need. Why not just wear a long sleeve shirt? I might if it had a build in bra top like my tank top because it has to keep all the wires in place for my ear buds.

So how was my run? I ran at the park.. love the park.. love going around the lakes and seeing the chipmunks, squirls, geese, birds, dogs and other walkers/ runners. It feels great running on a dirt path instead of hard road. I do have to run a little on a cement paved sidewalk but not for long.

I tried hard to stay in Zone 2.. not much luck.. my heart rate was around 125, 127 and sometimes 130.. but for the most part, I tried to run slower. I tried to follow the new cardio plan as much as I could. It's not that I try to run fast. It's just what I do when I'm not thinking about slowing down. I did feel better, not so tired and  I really did enjoy the run a lot more just by slowing down. While it was more challenging than I thought and I still didn't slow down as much as I should have. I felt great, like I could have kept going for longer then the hour. I ran 3'x around those 2 lakes and headed for home.. After all.. it's the weekend and I have french toast with maple syrup, and home made hash browns waiting for me.. 1 hour of running and 6 miles is plenty..