Saturday, March 31, 2012

He did it!

Yep, Steve did it. He ran the whole 4 miles outside with me today at 7am. We went slow about a little over a 10 minute mile. That's good considering he's never ran outside, and never 4 miles ever!

I had a leisure run with Steve as my heart rate maxed at 137 with most of the time around 127. Not very strenuous considering my heart rate should be 140 to 145 for a good workout. I was off to the gym after our run. I decided to bike the 3.5 miles instead of getting in the car. It was a bit chillier then I had thought and should have worn gloves!!

I did my usual workout on the cross-ramp for an hour, another 6.5 miles. I followed up with 20 minutes of weights then got on my bike and headed for home, another 3.5 miles. I was done for the day with exercise.

After a hard morning workout, I took a nice 1 hour plus nap. I probably won't sleep tonight but the nap sure did feel good.

Now off to do dishes, laundry and clean up after the kids. .... until tomorrow when I do it all over again!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to Get Serious!

It's time to get serious about getting my buns in better shape! I've been slacking on my focus on my buns. The only thing I'm told over and over is to do squats and many of them to tone up the tush!

My buns are the only un-tone area on my body. The hardest to tone. It doesn't seem to mater how many miles I run, nothing touches the buns. I just see a giggly rear. So my new challenge is to do more exercises, squats, butt lifts off the floor anything to tone up my back side.  I'm starting today in hopes to see some improvement come June, swim suit season.

I have a gym friend who wants to compete in the Gopher Classic Fitness. She is trying to talk me into doing it with her. It's based on age, and height, so I'd only have to compete with other 40 year olds and over 5'7". It's not how muscular you are, I would only be doing a tone, fit competition. Not sure I'm up for it. I'll just tell her, we will see where I'm at come October when I'd have to decide for the show. It just seems like a lot of work on stuff I know nothing about. I'll have to do some research and try to figure it all out. She has a pretty good idea of what to do, so at least I'll or she will have company. lol.. ugh!!!! At any rate, it will inspire me to really work more on my weak area.. my buns. I'd never consider doing any competition where I'm at currently. I have a long way to go, but 6 months of working on it could change things? Who knows???

So like I said.. time to get serious about really toning my buns!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lists... Making changes

I write a lot of lists:  Todo, what I ate, weight, how much I ran, how many miles I did in a day, week.. etc..

It's a great way to track progress. Taking baby steps that add up to a whole lot of accomplishments. I love being able to check off my todo list. Seeing my progress and adding up the miles at the end of the week. It keeps me motivated and honest with writing it all down. It does take time, but time well worth spent.

It's all about making changes. You can see your changes in a list. My weight might fluctuate but I can track that and see where I went off. It's easy to get off and harder to get back on track. Keeping lists makes it harder to stay off track. It's just not possible. These are positive steps in changing. Changing my life in a positive way and one I can maintain for life.

It's hard making changes. Dieting alone is a big change. You go from eating and not thinking about what your putting in your mouth to thinking about every bite, every food choice. It's about not reaching for a cookie every day, about not doing the same things as you use to. You have to think about making good choices.

Some of the changes I've made were to give up diet Pepsi. I use to love drinking diet Pepsi. It tasted soooo good with food. I'd drink 2 liters or more a day. I liked it warm, cold but not flat. I'd drink it first thing in the morning and it would be the last thing I'd have before bed. I was addicted. It made me crave sweet foods and made me eat more and more because everything tasted sooo good. Well, I gave that up for water. Flavored water at first and now once in a while I drink flavored water but mostly it's just good old plain water. Water that tastes soo  good. Now I have a good change.. drinking more water! And it's going to stick!

Another big change I made was to not sit all day on the computer. I still have my computer time, but I'd rather be doing something. I get up and move. It's not healthy to sit all day.

So write a list, check it off, take baby steps and make it a life change. Do something today... Make some good changes in your life that will stick!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I want to EAT!!

Feeling rather hungry this afternoon. I'm having one of those days where I'd really like to sit down and gobble down a whole loaf of soft doughy french bread. I can't.... can't do it because I'm going to walk/run tonight while I watch Survivor. It's a good thing I have a back up plan for tonight. It would be nice to just eat whatever I want with out a care. What would that get me? A big old butt... I know the scale would not be my friend and I'd gain a whole lot of weight in a short amount of time. ugh...............................................................................................................................!!!!

This morning the scale was up 0.4 pounds.. water weight? Or could I really have put on some weight on my 2 day vacation? Well, I've just got to try a little harder.

Bread is not my friend.. I can have some.. SOME... Not a ton.... I've come too far to take steps backwards... Time to start moving.. An hour to go before I hit the gym.. I'll feel better then...

So in the next hour.. I will stretch, change into my gym clothes, write a todo list, clean up the house.. anything to keep my mind and body out of the kitchen and my hands away from the food.

I already had dinner, a banana, 2 big strawberries, a large baked sweet potato and a chunk of french bread. Plenty of food but not too much were I can't run. I should be full... I know it's just boredom.. wanting to eat for the sake of eating... I'll feel too fat and tired to go workout if I eat more..

Time to burn, burn, burn those calories and burn off some of the fat on my buns...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I feel extra lazy today. Zero energy... Just can't get motivated and I just want to sleep!

The kids are off on Spring break so we could sleep in. We didn't have to get up at 4:30am so I didn't bother to set the alarm. I woke up at 5:45am and dragged myself out of bed. It seemed harder to wake up today then normal. I should have just stayed on schedule!

I still did my normal 62 minutes on the cross ramp and burned my 708 calories but after that I felt weak and didn't have much energy to do weights. I think I did more stretching then lifting.

I also was feeling extra hungry today. No wonder.. coming off 2 days of junk foods doesn't help!

Here's what I ate..

A.M - Banana 2 ( small)
          2 slices of toast with apple jelly

Noon- 1 cup white rice
          banana - small

snack - soft serve ice cream vanilla
           white french bread 6" -250 calories
          spicy chex mix 1/2 cup

Lots of water and some smoked house almonds.

Dinner? Hum... not really hungry since I had that bread for a snack. We have fresh cabbage so I'll be making an oriental salad for dinner.

Right now.. off to nap for 30 minutes.. maybe I'll feel more like myself tomorrow...

Oh it's nice out.. nice enough to workout.. run or bike ride but too darn windy! That's my excuse to take it easy today.. easy back into my working out after vacation.. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better....
And Yes~~ I gained 1 pound on vacation! Could it be just water weight from all the extra salt? Let's hope so! Ugh!!! Nothing like taking some steps backwards... not a good way to start the week but plenty of time to recover by Sunday!

Off to nap...

Monday, March 26, 2012

So How Did I do?

So how did I do on Vacation?

I started off getting up early and running outside at 7am before we left for vacation. I didn't have time to wait until the gym opened on Saturday at 8am to get in a 1-1/2 hour workout. I did a quick 4 mile run (see results on Time post).

I ate a quick b-fast, banana and 2 slices of rye bread with smart butter.
Lunch - we had DQ, but I shared a meal with the kids and had 3 chicken fingers and a few fries with a half slice of toast. Dinner pizza at the hotel pool side and some M&M's and a banana. Not the best food choices, but didn't go over board either. Spent most of the day playing cards and swimming with the kids. I also passed on the cheese curds. Oh, I did have one strawberry frozen drink. Ouch! That was loaded with sugar!

Sunday, ran 3.2 miles in 30 minutes at the hotels fitness room. Swam until noon, then did a 4 to 5 mile hike in the woods at Jay Cook State Park.
B-fast- ate at the hotel, sugar cereal without milk, toasted english muffin with peanut butter and half with grape jelly. 1 small banana nut muffin, some spicy cereal and one small mini donut.
Lunch- Arby's Roast beef sandwich, onion rings (4), taste of curly fries and M&M's, in the car for a snack, Pringles, Dinner Taco Bell - 2 taco's fresco soft shell and an orange.

Not a healthy weekend of eating and I'm feeling kind of sick from it. It will be nice to go back to eating more fruits and veggies tomorrow! I'll skip all the junk foods! YUCK!

In all.. I was still able to exercise every day even if my food choices weren't so great! I'm hoping all the extra calories I ate were canceled out by the exercise that I did manage to squeeze in. Something after all is better then doing nothing. 

Now to see if I managed to not gain any weight? I will find out tomorrow!!!

Time to start fresh.. exercise and diet and get back on track!

Friday, March 23, 2012

4 Mile Outside Run Times

3/22/12 - 4 miles outside = 36:15, for a mile time of 9 minutes and 3 seconds.. My heart rate maxed at 147-150 and most of the time stayed around 137

I'm improving.. but this time I tried to go a little faster to pick up the pace.
I have to figure out if this really is 4 miles or longer???? It's time to get out the GPS!!

3/23/12 - 4 miles outside = 37: 34, or a 9 minute per mile and 24 seconds, not my best time - had to stop to wait for cars so I could cross the road.  I wasn't going for speed today. I already worked out for an hour on the cross ramp, then did 20 minutes of weights, then finished my bike ride round trip to and from the gym for 7 miles and only after spending the late morning shopping, I came home to finish my outdoor 4 miles run. Phew! Total miles = 16.5 (bike, run & cross ramp) Time I spent working out 1-1/2 hours at the gym, 40 minutes of biking and 38 minutes of running = 2hrs and 48 minutes total. Seems like a lot but not really when it comes to my health.

3/24/12 - 4 miles outside in 40*F weather, no wind 7am - 35:34 = mile time of 8 min and  54 seconds
Steve rode his bike along side of me while I ran. Helped to go faster!! Best time yet!

4/4/12 - 4 miles outside in 60*F weather, cloudy, light winds 5:30pm - 35:56, ugh!! I was hoping I'd get a better time. Oh well.....

4/6/12 - 4 miles outside around 40*F, windy cloudy 7am.. 36 = 9 minute miles .. had to stop to tie my shoe.. ugh!!! Tried to run faster up the big hill...and picked up the down hill speed... (time to time myself for just one mile... )

4/11/12 - 4 miles - 50*F nice and sunny 31:29 in Rosemount 

Vacation & Stress

Okay so how do you go on a vacation and still maintain your workout & weight-loss?

Not so easy is it? Well, you have to pre-plan exercise into your vacation. You have to write down how and when your going to fit in your workout. It's important to visualize yourself on vacation taking the time to workout and eat healthy.

We are going on a mini vacation this Sunday, so I won't be able to go to the gym before we leave for our trip. I will miss my morning run. I don't see an opportunity to get in a run on Sunday unless I go in the evening after we have dinner. That might be my best time to get in a 6 mile run in the hotel fitness room. So, in taking the time to think when I'll have the opportunity to get in my workout, it makes it more of a possibility. Working out in the evening after dinner will also help me make better choices for my dinner. I won't workout if I eat a big meal so this will help me eat less.

I'll be getting into a swim suit this weekend, so that also will help me in making good food choices. No need to eat a lot and just make my stomach stick out! If I eat less, no need to suck in my stomach the whole day. I'll bring healthy snacks to avoid the junk food they sell at the concession stand.

Monday, on the last day of our vacation, I will run early in the morning in the hotel fitness room. I'll have time to shower and then go eat b-fast with everyone around 8am. We will be off to the waterpark again and in the afternoon we will get in a 3 mile hike in the woods at a State park. If we get home early enough and it's still light out, I could even go for a run.

Vacation is all about finding time to getting in exercise and not going over board on treating yourself to "vacation" food. Oh sure, I'll do the buffet, but I'll look at all my options before I dig in. I'll figure out what I really want to eat, have just a taste. The foods that I want to try but aren't so great, I'll just take a bite and leave the rest. No need to clean my plate. One of my favorite things about a buffet is to try all the desserts. We all share them and just have a bite. This way we have it all and don't have all the calories.

An update on my weight-loss. Today I weighted in a pound heavier then yesterday. ugh!!!! So, it's up and down I go but mostly down... Guess it was a fluke yesterday.... ??? I won't give up.. I have my goal of 129!!! I've got until August 19, my daughter's wedding to take all the weight off and reach my goal. I hope to do it way before then and maintain but only time will tell.....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Feeling the LOve....

I'm sooo not feeling the workout love this morning. It might be the weather. The gym seemed extra warm today and I just didn't feel that surge of energy I usually get. I never had that pep in my step and I still don't. I just want to crawl back in bed and shut my eyes.

I'm blaming the weather or is it just me being a bit tired. Months, Weeks and days have they taken their toll on me.. am I hitting a burn out wall? I hope not! I'm guessing it was from over doing it yesterday...

Here's what I did...

Morning: (Same old same old) Cross ramp - 6.5 miles, followed by 20 minutes of weights, cleaned for 1-1/2 hours, Afternoon: ran 4 miles outside (up and down hills), Evening:  biked to the gym 3.5 miles and walked on the treadmill 1-1/2 hours for an additional 6 miles. Total miles yesterday..... 20! That's the most EVER!!!

Do I need a break? Nope... just won't be doing as much today for working out. I'll just be glad I did my morning workout. Any thing extra is always a bonus.

The good news? With all this extra working out.. I am feeling the love of the gym scale!! I'm down 2 pounds today from yesterday. Of course it could be mostly water weight. I was soooo thirsty I drank the whole 16 oz water bottle in what seemed like one big gulp! Guess, I'll find out tomorrow if the scale was just teasing me.. or if it really is true!!

I do know that I really watched what I ate yesterday.. here's the run down..

Morning: 3 scrambled eggs
              2 slices of toast with butter and jelly

Noon:  1/2 c. rice, loaded with fresh salsa
            1 large sweet potato
            pinch of cookie dough ---- ;0(
            1 large banana

Evening: 2 large bananas
              small bowl of wheat thin crackers

Snack:  handful of smoke house almonds

I'm guessing I burned over 2000 calories yesterday in working out so it probably canceled out what I ate?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What was my inspiration to lose weight?

I got to the point where I had wanted to lose the weight for a few years. It wasn't until I was at the doctor's office in July of 2010 where I weighted in at my heaviest ever, 188!

I felt awful about myself, my neck, waist, legs, thighs, arms were all huge. I hated the way clothes fit on me. I tried to hid my body with jackets. Swim suits were all about the skirt and tank tops. Anything to cover the fat and make me look okay. My back was killing me and I had to do something for me!

I was telling myself that I really wasn't that fat. I didn't have folds of skin. I was just solid, a solid sausage as Steve likes to tell me now of how I use to look. I stopped being in denial when I had to hop on that doctor scale and look at that large number staring me down.I didn't start to diet the next day. It took a month. It wasn't like I kept staying tomorrow I'll lose the weight.

I wanted to lose the weight, but didn't have a plan. I got that plan the day we went to the State Fair in August. The worst time to be on a diet with all the food. Isn't the fair all about the food? It's the worst time and the best time I'd say to lose weight. I looked around at all the people gorging on fried foods. Saw the fat people walking by and just thought, I don't want to be that group any longer. I decided I could taste some of the fair food, but that was enough. I did not have to eat a whole item. Just a bite of what I really wanted. I tried a bite of baccon on a stick and I think I did have corn on the cob and a taste of pretzel and one cheese curd. That was it! I still was able to enjoy the fair and lose weight. We walked and I felt great! Not deprived!

My new thinking was to eat, no starvation diet for me. I could taste everything and eat nothing. So, I still had a taste of my favorite junk foods. I just didn't go beyond a taste! I ate veggies and a lot of them.

I didn't add in exercise or working out at the gym until I had lost 30 pounds which was by the end of November. I lost the rest of the weight by keeping busy when I usually sat on the couch and ate. I did anything to be out of the house in the afternoons. I cross country skied, went back to the gym, shopped just to keep busy.

I still ate a normal dinner, but again only put a spoonful of whatever was served on my plate and completely cut out bread 100%. I never felt hungry and I never felt like giving up. I didn't have that bad self talk if I did eat something that was not a diet food. I kept it positive!

So now while my diet today isn't as perfect as I'd like it. I do now eat bread (toast, a slice at dinner) but I don't keep eating slice after slice or use it as a snack. I make it a treat to have bread. I now cheat and have my favorite junk, food cookie dough and cake, but I try to limit that too. I'm not always very successful. I want to have junk 3x's a day and sure I workout enough to eat it, but I won't lose any fat. I just make sure I don't get down on myself. I keep it positive and with exercise I do that. It's okay to have a day where I'm enjoying food. I don't have to be "good" 24-7, but I do have to exercise 7 days a week.

So figure out what works for you.. Think of it as a healthy life style. A good one that you can live with!

Oh and weight for the day gym scale with shoes/clothes etc 136.2.. (or 134.2 with taking off 2 pounds for clothes) 
Total weight loss  188 - 134.2 = 53.8 pounds lost!

I'm hoping to lose a pound this week... will I see 133?????
Note to self.. keep my hands out of the cookie dough! ;0)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reward, Reward, Reward

Nothing  feels better then to get new workout clothes. Today, I put on a new pair of workout pants for summer that are just below my knees. I am sporting a new look, dark gray instead of my standard black. I also bought a dark gray tank. It's a great reward for all the hours and miles I've put into running my buns off.

I have all the colors of the rainbow and then some in tank tops. I can't re-wear my tank top without a washing. I get soaking wet working out. I look like a drowned rat. My pony tail is even dripping wet after my hour long run. I have at least 10 if not more tank tops since some days I run 2x's a day.
I like that saying "Sweat is Fat Crying". I do a lot of crying! Just wish I'd see more pounds go with that...

Time to re-evaluate my eating. Start recording what I eat again.. so I can reward myself  with maybe a new watch  that has a GPS or another pair of running shoes that feel just as great as my indoor shoes. It has to be a non-food reward. I'll have to wait until I reach 129 for this big reward....

Monday, March 19, 2012


My 3 mile outside total running time today is 25minutes and 38 seconds

For a mile time of :   8minutes and 45 seconds per mile

That's the time to beat!

I'm also going to work on gradually increasing the number of miles and maybe alternating between a slow 10 minute mile workout and trying to do a faster time. I'd like to set the goal of running 9 miles outside and I'm okay with just doing a 10 minute mile for that distance.

Now off to bike 4 miles.... Not going to time myself.. it's just for fun!


I can't imagine ever running a race without training. There are some people that can just go out and run 3, 4 or 7 miles without running for weeks to prepare.

I just can't do that. I have to train to prepare, so I don't die running. I never seem to hear any of those non-trainers complaining about being out of breath, barely making it to the finish line or sore the next day. Nope, nothing. Of course, the non-trainers are out to just do it, do it for fun and not worry about making any personal best times.

I'm all about keeping track, improving my numbers or why do it? Seems the ones that run the races get more credit for doing the race, then the ones who run, day in and day out. I guess it only matters if you run a real race?

I probably should pick up my running pace. I know from my heart rate, 127-133 that I'm running like a 50-60 year old. I need to get my heart pumping more to improve. That means picking up my running pace. I can't just go a leisure 10 minute mile and expect my body to keep burning the same amount of calories. I know your body gets use to the workout, makes it more efficient and you burn less. I need to mix things up.

I hear a lot about interval training, run hard one minute, then slow down one, and repeat until your running time is up. I just don't see how I could last running for an hour, sprinting for half the time. Like everything else.. I need to start off slow. Maybe try it and see how it goes.

I'll be able to add my 3 mile run outdoor times this week. My best time was 27 minutes and some seconds. So, that's a 9 minute mile with a few extra seconds per mile. I'd like to run on a regular basis an 8 minute mile so time to work on that!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bike My Buns Off

The past 2 days I've been biking to the gym. It's only 3.5 miles to the gym and 3.5 miles home for a total of 7 miles. It takes 20 some minutes to do one way.

I was surprised at how easy biking felt even on the hills. I remember last year huffing and puffing up those same hills. It has to be from all the Crossramp I do every day. Who would have thought?

It does feel good to get in a 20 minute bike warm up before I run on the treadmill or climb up hills on the cross ramp. Biking doesn't burn as many calories, aprox 300 for 40 minutes. I love that I don't need to use the car and I get in a mini workout before the workout and after.

Do I feel sore? My legs are just a bit tired feeling after almost 2 hours of exercise, but it doesn't last. I feel good, no soreness. I could use an afternoon nap!

Total for week 12 my miles (includes running (treadmill & outside), cross ramp, and biking) = 70.1.. almost my highest total ....

My weight is up slightly from my all time low due to too much salt last night for St. Patty's Day. All is good.. .I will work on it again today and tomorrow. I want to see the weight drop more this next week. 1 pound or 2 would be great for the week!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Oh the benefits of weight loss & exercise

1. feel better about self
2. More energy
3. Look better
4. Can wear a size 4, 6 or 8
5. No more weight denial..
6. No more double and triple necks
7. Summer clothes still fit from last summer
8. Jeans don't make a muffin top
9. Shopping for clothes is fun or should be
10. No more hiding when the camera comes out.
11. I stay in the 5% that has kept the 50 pounds off for good!!

If I don't exercise every day....
1. I will gain the weight back
2. I won't be able to eat chocolate, candy, cakes if I want
3. I won't have all those extra calories I burn every day to use up
4. I won't have any energy
5. I won't be able to run 6+ miles any more
6. I will start to feel bad about myself
7. I won't look good in my clothes any more
8. The cellulite will come back in full force
9. I could gain back even more then the 50 pounds I lost
10. I will be in the 95% that will gain back the weight they lost! 

Seems pretty straight forward... I'll stick to exercising even if some people think I"m nuts!! I'm doing this for me and a lot of people would secretly like to see you fail. It's easier for people to just do nothing about staying fit. It's easier to make excuses why we can't do something we need to do. It's easier to just sit on the couch, hide behind a bag of chips and think oh tomorrow I will start to exercise and watch what I eat.

All is not lost if your sitting on the couch. Just put down the chips, start moving and start fresh right this second. You can do it.. I did and so can you!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

12 Week Goal

After 12 weeks of daily weighing myself, I'm finally at the lowest weight I've been since starting. I'm down 0.3pounds. I know.. not much of a weight loss record, but still going in the right direction.

If I make it to 129 by my daughter's wedding, I will be happy. I hardly have many pounds to lose, but it's all about finally making that goal and not rushing the remaining weight loss. Well, who am I to kid.. It's been over a year now and I have yet to get to my final goal. I'm taking it way too slow. It's sooo close I can almost feel what it would be to see 129 on the scale. Every day I see it go down just a little is encouraging.

Do you think anyone will notice a 5 pound weight loss? Doubt it. I am hoping to have a little more stomach muscles showing with that tiny bit of weight loss. I'm not going for the too skinny look. Just healthy, tone and fit. It just would be nice to see a 6 pack at some point in my life. I might be past the age where that's even possible? Who knows???

Since I started this weight loss journey, I've taken photos of the before and after. Well, I need to do an update. It's been a year since my last photo... It's more about just the toning up... It will be interesting to see if there are any noticeable changes after working out everyday the past year?I wanted to wait until I was at 129. I still have until April 15th, my 1 year workout anniversary to reach that goal! Look for photo updates soon....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lifting weights is suppose to boost your metabolism throughout the day. It build muscles and make you more tone.

I do about 20 to 25 minute of weight lifting every day. Sometimes I skip a Saturday or Sunday if I do extra running or if we are super busy and I have to get home.

I start by doing 10 ab crunches, with 70 pounds of weights. I don't rest much other then to move from one machine to the next. I do another ab machine that lets me tone up my right and left side abs and then the middle. I lift 110 pounds and do 10 to 15 on each side. I've lately increased the amount I lift and do less reps.

I go to a leg machine next where I sit in a chair and lift both my leg straight out. I vary the weight from 50 to 55 pounds. I feel the burn and 10times is enough for me.

I move on to my shoulders and arms.. I do 30 pounds where I pull down the weights from chest height down. The other where I'm pulling down the weights I do anywhere from 27 to 37 pounds. I switch back and forth between the 2 machines to give my arms a rest.

I do another type of exercise where I lift my legs and it tones my stomach. The only weight is my body weight being hoisted up off the ground. I do this 15 times with my legs bent and straight.

Now on to my favorite machine. I just call it the back recliner stretch. I lift 130 pounds and roll back and forth. It feels great!!

Back to the ab machine where I lay on my back, arms over my head and lift up 70 pounds, back and forth 15 times. I follow up with leg stretches and am done. I could close my eyes and take a nap right there.

Feels good to be done...... Guess we will see if all my toning pays off.. maybe some day I'll have a 6 pack! lol..... If only! Ha!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring In my Step..Hot Pink!

Oh... what a nice day in March, 64*F! Spring, Spring, Spring

I felt the need to get outside and hit the park trails. We have a loop that is a little over a mile long. I ran it 3x's for 30 minutes and was done with a nice refreshing workout in the Great Outdoors... I'll be doing more and more running outside this week since it's going to be in the 70's. The sun and warm weather is putting a  spring in my step!

I splurged on new hot pink running shoes! I sold some of my kids clothes to Once Upon a Child and got a visa. A good excuse to buy myself something I'm in need of! I am using my other shoes for outdoor running. I absolutely love my new hot pink shoes. They are light weight and the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Perfect for running. I almost want to buy another pair for outside too, but for now I'll stick to my already broken in shoes.
I was so excited to try out my new running shoes that I headed for the gym for the 2nd time for the day. I do the cross ramp in the morning for an hour so I ran on the treadmill for an hour at night. It felt a little strange at first with the new running shoes but my feet felt great after 6 miles. I could have kept going, but I was out of energy and starving! 

Another positive note: I was back down 1 pound today!! So my weight gain didn't last long. I still need to get back on track for weight loss. I'm not sure I'm there today. I had M&M's but I did pass on the toffee peanut popcorn that was calling me. I stared it down for a full minute before walking away. Knowing that if I purchased a box of that Fiddle Faddle I'd eat the whole darn thing! So, what do I do instead? Buy 2 bags of M&M's. I know myself and I only eat a few each day. Not enough to harm my chances of losing weight.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Kid Yourself!!

It's easy to be in denial. I was in denial for years about how many pounds I had packed on. I thought I looked fine. Ha!

I'd avoid photos, seemed every photo was an unflattering angle. That should have been a clue to my weight getting past the point of being okay. I hated trying on clothes. The clothing sizes kept going up and up... I reached a size 14! I looked like an over stuffed sausage without a waist and a growing neck or necks! I was solid! A Solid 50 extra pounds of fat!

I was watching the Biggest Loser this past winter. There was a challenge for the contestants to put back on all the weight they had just lost with a weighted vest. They all had to run carrying that extra weight. It looked tough!

Steve and I were at the store and I noticed those same weighted vests, boxed at 20 pounds each. Just to see how 50 pounds felt, he loaded my arms up with 2 boxes. I couldn't believe how heavy that made me feel just sanding with that extra weight and I still had another 10 pounds to add to that. I could not imagine trying to run carrying that weight.

I was also in denial over the weekend. Thinking I could eat fried foods, a candy bar, ice cream and cake and not see the results on the scale. Sunday, my weight creeped up a little then today by a whole pound. I'm hoping (denial again) it was just the added salt. I need to stop kidding myself about what I can and can not eat to lose the last few pounds!! Moving or not every day does not give me permission to eat whatever I want!!

No MORE DENIAL. .....!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Working Out Is My Church

While others find comfort in going to church.. I'd rather use that  "Church time" to focus on myself and workout. It's a good time for self reflection. To take in life, make decisions, sort through anything that is going on in my life.  I always feel so much better with that hour I have to my own thoughts. I'm not distracted by anything other then my own breathing... I feel refreshed, ready for the day and have a positive outlook on the day ahead.

It's not a crime to not love church, to not want to listen to someone else preach to me. I'd just rather use my time in a way that will benefit me more then sitting for an hour, singing high pitched songs and coming away not recalling anything that was said in that hour.

In my workout hour,  I will have burned over 700 calories, I will feel great about the start of my day. I will  have had that hour for self refection, decision making, and have a sense of calm and peacefulness that comes over me.

I can't say that church hour would give me the same results?

So tonight I'll go to bed and pray.. pray to keep moving, keep working towards my goals, be kind to others and just be....

Saturday, March 10, 2012


My weekend starts Friday afternoon.... 4:30 - 5:30pm I run... It's a great way to burn off extra calories I'll be eating for a weekend splurge. This Friday it was a full fried food feast, chicken wings, onion rings, fried mushrooms, garlic cheese bread. Not exactly a low cal meal. I was able to burn an extra 650 calories for the day, so that helped!!

Saturday's workout was good, but hard! After my 6.5 mile run on the cross ramp I weighted myself and was surprisingly down again!! 136.9 pounds!!  No damage done from my fried food splurge!! Yeah!!

I didn't start my day eating well. I made crepes slathered with jelly! We will be hiking this afternoon, so I'll be burning up more of those crepe calories!! I'll have to make sure to eat healthy the rest of the day!! So you see.. you can have "cheat" non-diet food and still lose weight! It's all about exercise!! Just get up and MOVE!!!

I'll let you know if I am able to maintain my weight loss over the weekend.. Still have a few more pounds to go to reach the final goal of 129!! So when I say I weight 136.9.. I"m really  134.9 (take off clothes, ipod and shoe weight).

Oh, and I really doubt anyone can tell I've lost anything! I think you have to lose at least 10+ pounds before anything is noticeably thinner!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rise and Shine!!

Rise and shine another great weight in!! I'm down another 0.9 pounds to exactly 137! Only 6 more pounds to go to reach 129.. or 131 on the gym scale.

It was a choice/option day.. to sleep in or to get up and go at 4:30am. The kids don't have school today, so we had the option to sleep in. Well, after 15 minutes of our "sleep in", we both decided we were not going to be able to sleep, might as well go. It's better to stay on schedule then to screw it up!

Tonight, I go back to the gym to do my 6 miles of make up that I missed on Wednesday night. I'll go early so I can enjoy a Friday night out. Burning my calories before I eat them all back. That's the plan!! Plus, we will split our food to eat one portion not 2 or 3.

I am hoping to get Steve outside with me on Saturday morning to run the neighborhood. He doesn't go workout on the weekends. I still go, but later since our gym doesn't open until 8am. The best time to do more exercise is right when I get home. I'm all warmed up and hopefully have the energy to keep going.

It's going to be soo nice out on Saturday. I'm taking the bike out and riding to the gym. It's only 3.5 miles and if I leave at 7:30am I'll be there in plenty of time to be first at the gym. Always good to get in extra exercise when it's nice out!!

Sooo looking forward to warmer weather where I can exercise outdoors!! Oh, and there is hiking planned for the weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Move it, Week 11

Oh how nice it felt today to see the scale once again drop in weight!! 137.8 not a huge drop, but I'll take a .2 pound weight-loss! I'm usually going up and down every day, so it's been nice to go down each day this week!

I do move a lot during the day. It helps burn more calories I consume. I still ate candy, a cupcake with cream cheese/butter frosting and cookie dough, plus frosted flakes and I still managed to drop weight today. So see.. running and just keeping moving helps burn no matter what you eat!! It's all about calories in and what you burn.. Muscle does burn more then fat!!

Speaking of fat... I need to update my % body fat! soon... TBD

All that junk won't help shrink my buns.. I'm hoping all the running will?

Well, I've been at this recording weight and miles for 11 weeks! My weight has stayed consistent. While the miles are up and down, but in a steady weekly range. It was time to mix things up.. I'm hoping my push to the next level of fitness where the weight-loss will stick! So far so good!!!!

A little Yippeeeee for sticking with it!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Run, Run Outside!

Yesterday was the first day of the year where it was nice enough to run outdoors. 60*F!!

I did a quick stretch and ran out the door. I was going to run a route in our neighborhood that I've determined to be exactly 3 miles. I had good intentions to run the whole 3 miles. I do 6.5 miles in the gym and sometimes 9.5 miles so 3 should be no problem.

We had so much snow melting it created streams of water all over the paths. I usually run the path behind our house 2x's. It was so much work dodging all the water, ice, branches etc.. I just didn't want to do it again. I pulled something in my calf muscle on a puddle jump, so I was already feeling the pain.

I did run for 20 minutes and it felt good. It was a strange feeling running on pavement. Almost like I was floating on the ground. I'm so use to the machines and using force to push me ahead that it was effortless to push off the ground.

My neighborhood run has a killer hill that I have to go up. It's pretty much right after I start my run, so I get it out of the way sooner then later. It gets my heart pumping fast! I need to find a running trail where I can go for longer then 3 miles and not having to climb up a hill that big! Some where safe and at least 4 miles to 6.

Typical Eating Habbits & Exercise for the day

Here's a little view into my eating habits.. oh, first my "Get Real" post.... my weight today is 138.0! Yep down 0.9 pounds already!! (don't forget to subtract those 2 pounds of my clothes & shoes!)  I really weigh 136.0, but I'm going to put down my gym scale weight to keep it real on the scale.

Yesterday's food
Water and a few almonds

Morning 7:30am
1 apple
2 slices toast with raspberry jelly

Handful M&M's

 Lunch: 12:
(Friday's Restaurant)
Split a burger and sweet potatoe fries with Steve
with 1/2 tomato, lettuce and lots of sugar filled ketchup.

2 Bananas

Eve: 6:30pm
Veggie burger with bun
salad (lettuce, onions)
Dressing low cal ranch 2 tbsp or less
sweet potato baked plain.. didn't add anything to it

I'm not perfect on my eating. I still like chocolate. Good thing I finished the last of the M&M's no more temptation but I'm sure there will be some other treat I'll find to replace that.

4:40am - 4:55am - stretching/warm up
5:00 am - 6:00am Cross ramp 6.5 miles run
6:00am - 6:30 am - weights
4:00 - 4:20 run outside 2+ miles

Oh.. and today's food.. humm.. not as good as yesterday. Add in a few more candies and some frosted flakes as a snack. Not a good choice! I did eat a better lunch, spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. A favorite low cal dish.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get Real With Weight!

I'm getting real with my weight!

I do weight myself every day at the gym. I've read that people who are successful weight loss and maintenance all weight themselves at least a few times a week. When I weight myself, I have all my sweaty gym clothes on, tennis shoes, Ipod, heart rate watch/strap all of which I figure weights about 2 pounds give or take.

Since I'm doing  a fitness journal, I have to let everyone know my weight. Just not my low, but my high too for the day. Weight is just another number in recording progress. It does fluctuate a few pounds every week. Every day I see a different number on the scale. I do have a pattern after weeks of recording my weight, it always stays in the same range. Some days I'm happy and other days I wonder what the heck! It never discourages me from keeping going with working out. I know that staying in the same weight range is a good thing. Especially when I've been at the all you can eat buffet table a few days in a row then binged on cookie dough and ate like a horse! lol...  Weighting myself every day most of all keeps me honest with myself and in check if I need to really stop eating like a horse or have a day where I don't reach for the cookie dough.

Well, running kind of gives you permission to eat more sugar and still maintain. It's not helping me lose the last bit of weight by always eating something sooo yummy. I can't seem to stop lately and I don't want to give up my little cheats here and there. If I really do want to get serious about those last 5, I will have to let go of my sugary treats!

Okay, so from now on... good or bad.. I will always put my weight on the top or bottom of my journal log.
I'm starting at the bottom today.. at my heaviest weight for the week (hopefully)?? 138.9 It's not exactly 134 where I was last week, but not far off either. I just have a few more then 5 pounds to lose today! Ha! Well, tomorrow or the next day I could be down 2 pounds and that's just the way it goes for a daily weight in. So, I don't take the scale too seriously knowing in a day or 2 days from now I could be right back down to were I started at 134.

I am okay with 138.9 since I was at 188 back in July of 2010. My heaviest ever in my life other then when I was pg. I think with baby in all I might have weighted that. Well, there was no baby weight in me at that time so I had zero excuse to be that heavy!! My body fat would have been at 29% YIKES!!! No wonder I looked like a sausage with a growing neck! Well, that's all gone and gone for good!

It is hard being 100% honest! Sure..! I'm only cheating myself if I can't be honest with all... So, I'm getting real and more real every day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

How Did You Do it?

The first thing people want to know is "How did I lose all that weight?"

I think everyone want to hear an easy answer. No one really wants to hear it took a lot of exercising.

I never thought of losing weight in terms of I have to diet. I just knew dieting from me in the past was all about not eating, starving myself to lose the 10 plus pounds. Well, I had more then 10 pounds to lose and I could not, not eat. I didn't want to not have energy left in me, that starving sucks the life out.

I did start out skipping breakfast, eating a cup of white rice for lunch with a ton of fresh salsa (purchased in the refrigerator section of Cub). Dinner, I'd eat what Steve cooked, but really limit portions. I did give up bread 100%. I still had dessert on special occasions, but a small portion. I didn't want to feel deprived or left out and I wanted it to be a choice I could do forever. Popcorn became my binge when I felt really hungry and on those days where you just want to sit and eat, and eat and eat. I also ate a lot of carrots, sweet potatoes all of which started turning me orange.

Dieting to me was all about restriction and this idea was not. I could have my cake and eat it too! I still do! I pretty much eat anything I want. I am not losing weight any longer, but I am maintaining. I am good with the past year of just maintaining my weight. Consider the statistics 95%, yes 95% of the people that lose weight will and do gain it back again. I needed to be in that 5%. I forever will not gain back any of the weight I lost! To me it's lost...won't and should not ever come back.

Back to exercising. Everyone wants a quick fix to lose weight. It is hard work exercising. If you don't love the exercise you won't want to do it. I started with cross country skiing, then switched to biking, in the gym I tried all the equipment until I found the cross ramp which I love. Now I need more variety so I mix it up, added the treadmill and the elliptical. Plus, I run outside (only when nice out), do rock climbing, hiking and discovered I liked mountain biking, the real dangerous kind, over boulders, on dirt, over jumps and turns. Plus I always to weight lifting on any and all the machines. It's all about variety and doing what you like too!

So after I give out my diet advice.. eat the same thing every day for awhile to lose a few pounds. Limit portion size and you have to exercise! That's at least 30 minutes a day of cardio! If you can't get on that type of program don't even think you'll lose weight and keep it off!

I hear a lot of people telling me they need to lose weight. Then I hear all the excuses of why they can't exercise. It just tells me, they are not ready in their minds to lose the weight. You have to want it! You just have to do it.. every day, today and tomorrow and forever! It's the only way and I know it, they know it but will you do it?

My advice... don't ask yourself if you feel like working out.. just go do it. You have to eat, get dressed, etc every day.. so you also need to exercise every day. Do it for yourself and no one else!! YOU are the most important person and YOU can only take 100% care of YOU!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Totals...

My Weekly totals...

I track everything in my "I Will Get Fit This Time" Workout Journal.

I use to track on-line at  but I was having computer issues and it seemed more trouble then I wanted it to be. Plus, I was really unhappy how you track exercise. Seems it does a really good job for breaking down amount of food, calories, nutrition etc but nothing for exercise. No totals, only calories burned and no graphs, charts or anything. I want the whole package if I'm going to spend time with my computer.

Of course, my journal doesn't do those things either. I do have a one page tracker that I log my weight and miles daily. I total the miles up at the end of the week in hopes to make my 50 miles per week goal.

Here's how I did this week: Feb 28 - March 4

Monday- (vacation) treadmill - hills and lots of them 6.0 miles, plus hiked in woods 1.5 miles
Tuesday- 6.5 miles cross ramp, 15 minutes of weights, treadmill 6.0 miles
Wednesday - 6.1 miles cross ramp, weights 20 min, walk 3.2, run 2.0, cross country ski 3.5 miles
Thursday - 6.5 miles cross ramp, weights 15 min
Friday - 6.5 miles cross ramp, weights 20 min
Saturday - Elliptical 6.5, weights 25 min

Total miles = 62.8
Total amount of hours aprox spent working out on me = 10 hours

It's my 2nd highest miles per week. I include the cross ramp, cross country skiing, walking, running and the elliptical.

I've been tracking in my Journal since December 28th...

Here are my weekly mile totals:
Week 1 (Dec 28th - Jan 1) = 49 miles
Week 2 (Jan 2 - 8) = 46 miles
Week 3 (Jan 9 - 15) = 50.3 miles
Week 4 (Jan 16-22) = 52 miles
Week 5 (Jan 22 - 29) = 70.8 Miles - lots of cross country skiing this week!
Week 6 (Jan 30 - feb5) = 52 miles
Week 7 (Feb 6 - 12) = 39 miles
Week 8 (Feb 13 - 19) = 40.7 miles
Week 9 ( Feb 20 - 27) = 56.8 miles
Week 10 (Feb 28 - March 4) 62.8 miles

Did it!

I did it!!!! I ran for 90 minutes today on the treadmill for a total of 9 miles!!! It felt sooo good!

I'm always a little worried about my toes hurting and getting those awful foot cramps when running for any extended time. My feet take a beating on the cushy surface of the treadmill. I did have to stop after 60 minutes due to the machine maxing out after an hour. It was a good time to hit the "stop", reset the treadmill for another 30 minutes and do a quick leg/toe/foot stretch. I really needed that to finish the last 30 minutes.

I always wear a heart monitor when running. I usually have a low pulse at 57 beats per min or less when just resting. When I run I look at the chart, age, and max heart rates one should be at for a target. Well, at 6.0 mph I max at 137 beats per minute. It puts me in the 50 age group for max. I have to get up to 144 to be in the 40's. lol... So, while I feel like I'm working hard, but not in the huffing and puffing killing me zone. Over all I feel great running, my legs don't burn, my breathing is easy, but there is a but my feet, oh my feet if they could just stay with the program!

So while I reached my first goal of running continuously for 90 minutes. I still have my bigger goal in site! I need to run 120 minutes or 2 hours straight for a total of 12~ 13 miles. I will do it.. I need to do it for me. I might never sign up for an actual half marathon race but I will have done it if I can do it on my own.

Now the next step comes it will be running it on pavement.. yes hard unforgiving pavement outside for 2 hours. I need to start slowly as miles indoors on the treadmill don't transfer to running outside. I'll have a whole new set of goals but for now, I'm going for the indoor goals!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Goal!!

I have a big goal in mind for myself. I'd like Steve to also have this same goal, but I can't force it upon him. I started running to "Run, Run my buns off" because they weren't exactly small or tone. With all the running I do.. they are melting away butt... I still have some toning to do. So back to my goal with all this running to melt away my buns. I'd like my goal to run a half marathon sometime this summer/fall. I'm not sure I'll sign up for an actual marathon or just do it on my own. That's 13 miles or 2 hours at my running pace.

Last year, I did my first ever 4 mile race. It was just down the street in Rosemount, I knew 4 miles was not going to be easy, but I could do it. I had a goal to run one race. I could check that off my bucket list and be done with it. Well, I got the race bug. Yes, it was tough. I had been running for a few months building up miles.I never ran on pavement before the race. I only ran in the gym on the cross ramp and sometimes on the treadmill. I didn't wear the correct running shoes. I like my slip on shoes that breathe. Well, breathing feet in slip on tennis shoes is not a good thing for running a long distance outside. The shoes start to slip and rub. By the 3rd mile, my feet were killing me and I was sure having trouble running with the sides of my toes being rubbed raw. I finish the race at a really good "my time". (I have it recorded in another blog.. I'll have to reference that later).

My second race was a friend getting me signed up and getting me out the door. A 5K or 3.2mile race around Lake Como 2x's. She would walk it, I would run. I did the smart thing and purchased good running shoes. The shoes breath and stay on my feet. I had a month to prepare for this race. I ran outside daily starting with one mile for a week, then 2 miles the next and the last week before the race I was running 3 miles outside. 2 days before the race we drove out to Como Lake where I ran a lap around to get the feel of the path. Race day, I had no problem running 3.2 miles, but was glad when I was finished. I ran it in 24:24. a little under an 8 minute mile. My goal was to run it in 8 to 8.5 per mile. 

All this winter, I've been running 6 days a week on the cross ramp going 6.5 miles a day. Sunday I run on the treadmill 6.5 miles and one day a week I walk or run/walk another 5 miles. The past week, I made a goal of going 3x's in the evening to run on the treadmill for an hour. I made it 2x's this week. Guess, 3x's per week was a little aggressive and I need to ease into adding more.

I'll continue to add in running so I can do 13 miles in one day spilt up for now into a morning run and an afternoon/evening run. I eventually, want to combine the two and run for 2 hours straight. So next step is to do 1-1/2 hours then increase from there. I have plenty of time.. no rush but I have to start doing!!

It will be outside running this week. It's going to be in the 50's. I need to add that into my workouts and will start with 3 miles and go from there!

I Can't Believe It!!

This is my first weight loss blog post. "Run, Run Your Buns Off" is exactly what I did this past year.

On April 15th, I officially started running 7 days a week. Sure I was running, but only 3x's a week and doing a lot of cross country skiing. When the snow melted, I had to look for other options to stay fit and on the right path to weight loss and maintenance.

This last year I was a daily exerciser at Fitness 19. I don't even consider not going. It's just not an option in my mind to ever skip a morning workout. This last year, I haven't had any days where I don't want to workout. I know that sounds like an almost impossible statement, but it's true. I worked way too hard to shed the 50 pounds I had gained from the birth of my 2 younger children. I carried that extra weight around for 10 years!

I have to admit, I haven't gone to workout at the gym all 365 days or this year 366. We took a few vacations where I was unable to workout, but I managed to find other things to get exercise such as walking, hiking, swimming..etc.. I'm sure if I add up all the days missed at the gym, it would be less then 20 including a day where I was too sick to go and a few days to recover from vein surgery and back procedures. That's not a bad record in my books. It's not like I said, okay.. I'm just not going to do it today because "I don't feel like it!". I have to always feel like going!

I have my fitness support system. I'm so very thankful to have a husband that also is on the same path to fitness. He wakes up Monday - Friday at 4:30am, tells me he is tired but always goes with to workout. I love how we can do this together. I enjoy his company running next to me, knowing we are on the same path.