Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

It's candy time.. I will be eating candy! I didn't have any last year, but as I go through life.. you can't always not eat something. It's all about moderation. Of course, after watching the news this morning and seeing the calorie counts for all the little mini candy bars.. I have second thoughts about sampling them all. Seems the candy bars are all 100 calories or more. I just burned off 700 calories at the gym and now to eat 7 little snickers, Twix.. etc.. my hour at the gym for nothing. Well, I can't really say that because if I didn't burn those calories.. I'd be in bigger dieting trouble!

It was another day that I over slept 15 minutes.. cutting my weight lifting for the day down to 10 minutes. That's just not enough time to do all I want. I need to go back at some point during the day and lift for at least 30 minutes or use my weights at home and do some ab workout.. which might be a better option.. less time required..

Also going back to the chiro today.. I work on my core every day to help my back.. It helps somewhat but not completely.. I can tell every day that it's getting harder and harder to do certain things without experiencing a lot of back pain.. I'll keep working on making improvement.. taking care of me!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Should I? Imagine..?

It's always tempting to skip working out. I haven't had a working alarm clock for a while now. We have a few un-reliable ones, and I'd rather not set them since they never go off when they are suppose to.. it's only at random times, I hear a faint.. beep, beep, beep... so annoying!

This morning I over slept.. it doesn't happen very often.. it was just a 10 minute oops.. The first thing Steve said was "I'm tired.. we should just skip it"... "Well no,.. why do that? I'm up.. it's not too late" I said,..something is always better then nothing. We just do less weights, but still can get in an hour of cardio.. Plus, we can always do our ab workout when we get home.. Nothing lost... Right?

PART 2.. Imagine..

I had an assignment in class to practice using imagery. I decided to try using the imagery technique to prepare for a race. I closed my eyes and decided to think about my past race, the 4 miles in Savage. I pictured the race start, with all the flags around us. I imagined myself running down the narrow path, stepping over the cracks and the crumbling pavement with grass poking up. That's where things get fuzzy.. I was so relaxed.. out I went.. and then realized I was sleeping.  I heard Steve come in the door. Oops.. so much for a visualization technique.. I sure didn't get far in my 1st attempt..

Attempt 2 to use imagery.. Once again I went back to the Savage race.. I decided to do this technique in the middle of the night when I could not sleep.. thinking it would relax me.. and take my mind off the fact I could not sleep at 2:30am.. All it did was get my heart racing.. I'd panic.. and stop thinking about the race because I'd start twisting and turning in bed.. I was sooo restless. Not a good thing to visualize when I am trying to get back to sleep.. Instead.. of thinking about the race and my competition, I tried a new relaxation technique repeating to myself. relax.. relax  with some deep breathing.. That must have worked.. because I did go back to sleep and proceed to over sleep!

At the gym when working out this morning.. I wanted to try the visualization technique again. I thought about running my 4 mile loop outside.. and thought about the scenery I'd pass while running that route. At the end of my 60 minute run, the last minute.. I sprinted.. I visualized the finish line ahead, with one minute before I crossed the line.. My heart was pumping.. I was focused and I kept up my sprint until the minute was up. A great way to practice sprints at the end of a race so I can finish strong.

I can also use imagery for studying.. I tried it for a test I have on Thursday. I have to memorized bones, muscles and terms. I laid in bed going over the muscles  and bones visualizing where they were located. I feel better prepared today then I did yesterday just after that exercise. Still more to memorize.. more terms but that too will come. .and maybe I'll try the imagery for those too! Just have to make sure I'm not too sleepy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Sunday....

What did I do with my Sunday? Something I haven't done in a really long time! Absolutely nothing! That's right.. no running, no working out.. just a lot of sleeping in, napping and sitting around. I did manage to frost some cupcakes I made yesterday and set the table, clear it and serve my cupcakes.. Oh.. and made a trip to the store.. just for the ride.

Nothing too exiting... for a Sunday.. A really lazy day but one I really needed. My head feels a little better now that I let my body rest and repair.. I was running on fumes this last race.

I'll update my racing thoughts on my Savage run page.. so check for the update.

Monday... back at it again.. working out.. running..

My running goals.. 4 miles at my race pace.. 7:47 per mile.. I need to start practicing this every day .. even if I do every other mile at that pace for 6 miles... I need to work on getting faster.. stronger!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sick.. ugh!!!

I'm sad to report.. I ended up sneezing like crazy right after I finished that race today.. that's right.. I sat down a few minutes after I was done running and started sneezing like I've never sneezed before.. one right after the other and here it is.. 11:30pm and I'm still sneezing.. it's all in my nose! Ugh!!! No wonder I was having a hard time running/breathing today. I was feeling a bit off and sore too from working out so hard Thursday night and Friday morning. It didn't even make a difference that I took Friday off and did not run.

I'm hoping to get some good rest tonight.. sleep in until 8am and go for an outdoor run... a slow 6 miles.. fresh air..

... now.. off to pour over the on-line race results.. if there are any??? This was a fun run and it was not so organized like others I have done in the past.. We shall see!

Savage Halloween Fun Run 4 Miles

Another 1st Place for me.. 31:05, pace was 7:47 per mile, for the 4 mile in Savage. Logan and Celina both ran in the 1/2 mile and  Celina came in 3rd followed by Logan in 4th a second later. A great day to run.. I did go out too fast and was at the first mile marker in 6 minutes and 30 seconds.. mile 2 at 15 minutes.. not sure of mile 3.


This is what I wanted.. 1st place metal! Got it!!! The other 2nd- 4th you only got a ribbon.. this is why I run!! Yipppeeeeeee

Out of 72 people, I came in #19.. I was 16 seconds short of coming in #1 for all women that raced.. #3 isn't so bad either!! 36 women ran the 4 mile race..

I was comparing my 1st race ever.. the 4 mile in Rosmount 2011, where I got a time of 35:22 (8:51 per min pace). Today's similar race... I improved my pace time by 1:04 per mile! I came in a whole. 4 minutes and 16 seconds faster. I was actually thinking, I should have improved my time by a lot more.. under the circumstances of me not feeling 100% I'll take it!

As far as the race, it was a rolling hills kind of race. Pretty flat mostly, which is nice. A lot of turns, running on the street, paths, sidewalks.. through neighborhoods and along busy roads and next to a lake.. I went out way too fast at first but it really didn't feel like I was running fast until I got to the first mile marker. I realized.. I had 3 more miles to run and I was tired.. I didn't feel like dropping my pace but ultimately I did.. I lost focus.. could not concentrate on my goal of pushing myself.  I just focused on trying to keep up with who ever was in front of me, until I passed them too. It was the home stretch.. after mile 2 where I should have kicked it up a notch.. I had no energy.. I was not feeling right, but didn't really know why? I let one woman pass me up.. she would go on to take the 1st female over all.. I never did my last sprint.. I didn't even try.. well, I did try somewhat when I saw the time was 30 minutes.. 5 seconds too slow.. as the clock changed to 31 minutes, but close enough and I was tired. I have to say.. I was sooo disappointed, there was NO water at the end of the race!! I was not happy!!! The water bottles were back inside the building a long walk away. Thankfully, I had water in the car and Logan went to get it for me. I did not love running 4 miles fast. It hurt.... I'll stick with 2 or 3.. or 1 mile.. I just don't love running fast for 4 miles.. Which means.. I need to train for it! Yes, that's right.. I need to train to run 4 miles at my 4 mile race pace.


Go out and run with them!!!
It's something that will last their life time.. memories of running with mom and dad..

The best sport you can invest in.. and it's free.. there is no cost to run outside.. only your time...something way more valuable then dropping $$$$ on sports you watch them do..

The Wait!

Here is it... 9:02 am and I'm waiting. I'm waiting until 2pm when I can run 4 miles in the Savage Halloween fun run. I've never ran in an afternoon race. I'd rather just get up early like every day, wait around until 9am and run my 30 minute race.

I'm going to look at this late in the day, race start as a good thing.. Here's why! I slept last night.. In fact, I slept really good. I even got to sleep in for the first time in ages until 8am. I got to eat breakfast and I'll be able to hopefully, eat lunch. I should eat lunch to have some energy!!

On the not so positive side.. I just don't like having to wait to run until late in the afternoon. I'm going to worry about it all day. Too much time to change my mind.. to much time to sit around and wait.. and wait..

This is a Halloween fun run. I'm wearing a fun Hello Kitty shirt. This is my costume..simple but I'm still taking part in the dressing up part. Might need to do some type of costume.. shirt for every run from now on.. something to think about!!

Today's race my goals are to:
1. Have fun running it
2. Just to run to get exercise
3. Compete against myself for a better time
4. Maybe place in my age group 1-4th.. (I really want first.. but there is nothing wrong with any place as some people don't ever get to experience that!) (plus, my excitement of placing is short lived..)
5. Just do it!!!!! No matter what!!!!

After today's race, we just have the Turkey Day race in Hastings. I'll be running with the kids in the 1 mile.. Easy stuff.. plenty of people and a good way to start the day before the big feast! No placing involved.. it's just to do it with my kids.. get out and enjoy the day what ever it's like!! Plus, dress up like a turkey for fun..

So here I sit.. plenty to do today.. that I should do.. wait and wait.. the waiting game!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Running BLogs..

I've been doing a lot of reading of other runners blogs. I have yet to find someone at the same place as I am in running. Maybe that's a good thing.. most of these blogs are written by women in their mid 30's and run a lot faster. They do 1/2 marathons and full marathons by the dozens, like it's nothing. I don't need to find another me on the Internet, but someone with similar goals and struggles would be nice.

I always go thought a lot of self doubts.. I want to run.. I don't want to run.. or race. Competition is always a bit nerve wracking. I put too much pressure on myself to always improve and win. Winning means, winning at what ever you set your goals to be for that particular race. My goals change for races, but in the end.. it's always about competition with others.. being the best I can be and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It's exciting and scary.. I'm always happy I did what I set out to do and conquer my fears, because that's all it is.. I'm really only competing with myself at each and every race. To improve my fitness.. push myself and do something I would have never done 2 years ago..

Sometimes.. I need a little reminder.. It's okay to be nervous.. it will be over soon and I will once again feel great about just having done a race. I need races to monitor my improvements and to push myself or I'd never change. It's getting harder and harder to notice changes in the right direction. I don't see huge leaps and bounds in my fitness like I use to. While I dread the wait of the race.. I also look forward to it..

I did the smart thing. took the morning off from running and instead just lifted weights for 30 minutes. I did not do any leg weights.. don't need to make those sore or tired.

My race is at 2pm.. I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow.. spend all morning being nervous.. and go to the race by 12:30.. get there by 1pm.. check in.. stand around.. wait, wait.. run at 2.. 4 miles.. I hope to finish around 30-31 minutes.. 29 would be really great!

I don't know the race route.. I have heard its not very hilly.. but I won't really know till I run it... It's going to be chilly tomorrow 40's.. need to check for wind..

My reward.. hum...?? I'm hoping just a metal or ribbon.. a place in my age group 1 -4th!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zero...Tune out

I've been increasing my miles I run the last 2 days to 10 miles a day. This week has been one of those lazy weeks where its cloudy, rainy and I just feel like doing nothing!

Today, I had zero motivation other then to get up and go to the gym. My workout on the cross ramp felt long and I just wanted it over. I had zero desire to lift any weights,  so I did as little as I could in the 15 minutes I had left.

I'm guessing my lack of wanting to workout, has something to do with the weather???  Although  my run on both Tuesday and Wednesday felt fine. Maybe I'm doing too much too soon?

Still going to run in Saturday's race in Savage.. Looked up the times from the past race that was in August in Savage and the race was called something else. Looks like there are some women in Farmington that can run a 6:30 per mile pace. I won't be able to come in first if they decide to run... 2nd I might have a chance!! It's hard to say and right now I don't feel like running it fast.

Yesterday it took 36/37 minutes to run 4 miles.. pretty slow at a 9 min per mile.. or more but there are at least 6 pretty good size hills on my route.

Tune out!
I tune out what I don't want to hear.. Steve was going on and on about peoples experiences when they die and come back to life. This is very interesting to him. He loves stories about it and will pour over the Internet to find information on the subject. I on the other hand could careless. I half listen..

I can relate, Steve's strong interest in life after death.. to my running interest. He doesn't want to hear about it but I love reading about every aspect of running.. I keep it quiet because I know he does not find it interesting like I do..

So tune into what your interest are.. tune out every thing else.. there is a happy place some where in there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I have not gotten my eating junk under control. I had pop tarts, ice cream, pizza, pasta and snickers mini's yesterday. Not a healthy looking diet. I probably stayed within my 2300 calories for the day since I still weighted the same today as yesterday.

What am I doing about it? Well, I ran an extra 4 miles yesterday with a friend from my class. She also runs every day so it was nice to have someone keep me company and push me to run more. I ran 10 miles yesterday and worked out for a total of 1 hour and 41 minutes just on cardio.

I should start running more.. adding more miles.. I also need to vary my workout because my body is use to my every day cardio. Today, I cranked up the incline the whole workout and did 1 minute of speed running early in my hour working out instead of saving it for the last minute. It doesn't seem like big changes, but gave me more of a workout without making it too hard.

Today, my plan is to go for a run outside in the afternoon before lunch. I want to run an extra 4 miles at least and maybe drive to run the lakes for another 2 miles. This is one of the last nice days to be outside...

I did notice I can run inside the Dome on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $1. It's not close to home but it is an option to get in some running although, I think its running on cement which is not good for the feet. Not sure if I will do that but it's an option at least. Might just have to figure out how to run in the cold, show.. etc.. after all, I will cross country ski through it all..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am obsessed!

I admit it.. I'm obsessed with running and reading about it. I go so far as to look up old race results in my age group, read peoples blogs about running that I don't even know. Look into running clubs and pour over up coming races and even think about my plan of attack for racing next year.

My latest thoughts are about splits. Not the splits you do with your legs but running splits/times per mile as you run. I have a watch that I can set to know how fast I run per mile. I just need to know where those mile markers are and how to record that info and retrieve it on my watch. Now I'm all excited to get out that watch manual and pour over it to figure it all out. I can do my cross ramp, and practice keeping track of my mile times and hopefully being able to get the info out of my watch without erasing it all.

There is also a Grand Prix running series where people get points for running certain races. It's according to your age group, where you place in that and the number of people participating all determine the number of points. Guess it's just another way to compare yourself to others. It's only $5 to sign up and you have to do at least 10 races thought a years time. I first need to join MDRA. Minnesota Distance running association. Being a student, I can be a yearly member for $20. I get a calendar of race events, a party in January and discounts with that membership. I am going to sign up! I am ready to do more with running!!!

Oh, and I now have a semi- costume for my Saturday Savage race. I bought a Halloween hello kitty shirt and I'll wear that until I warm up.. with a orange tank top and black running pants. Good to go!

I'm also doing a long 8 mile run today outside... one of the last nice 70*F days to enjoy. Just hope the rain stops and the sun decides to come out to dry up the roads!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's not all about running..

I don't always run.. It's not about running all the time. I do other exercises, but I concentrate more on running because it's easier to see my progress. Last week I ran 44.5 miles total. That's about an average of what I normally run every week.

I never include the total time I spend lifting weights or doing other exercises such as rock climbing, biking, skiing, walking, hiking etc.. But I do those things too. They just aren't as easy to track!

I still would not say running is my favorite thing. I like a variety of ways to get exercise. I just know that running is what keeps me burning the most calories and has really changed my body. I know cross country skiing also had a big impact on my fitness, but I can't do that all year. I would love to but we just don't have the snow.

Today.. is another beautiful fall day. It's going to be in the mid 60's. Time to get outside and run.. put on more miles! Maybe go for a bike ride too.. 10 miles or so?

Race info...

Farmington time to beat (flat 4 miles) 26:15 or 6:34 per mile... (too fast for me!!)
Farmington 2nd place Time to beat flat  4 miles) 31:22 or 7:51 per mile
Rosemount time to beat(hilly 4 miles)  30:35 or 7:39 per mile

I can do the 7:39 per mile time.. or around there.. I know I would not be able to maintain a 6 min mile. My best 1 mile time was 6:39 on hills so too fast for me to run 4 miles at that pace!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

70*F in October!!

It was a great morning to be outside running. The high today is 76*F right now at 4pm.. It didn't start out that warm. When I ran at 7:30am it was only in the 40's. It still felt great to be outside.

While I ran, I was thinking about the race next weekend. I want to run in the 1st annual Savage Halloween Fun Run on the 27th at 2pm. I didn't pre-register because I wanted to make sure we would have nice weather on race day. It's only a $5 difference so not much to pay extra.

I have already done 3 of the 7 races in the Ground Pounders Grand Prix Running Series.If you run 4 races, you are entered in their prize drawing. I have no idea of what the "prizes" are, but I suspect it's water bottles, discounts on shoes, maybe a free subway sandwich, some stuff from runners gate all the sponsors of the races will have something for the prizes. Nothing too exciting prize wise, but might as well be entered and do this last race.

I've been reading a chapter in my Psychology class about mental training. I need to practice that! I am once again doubting my ability to do as well as I want in this race. I have zero data since this is the 1st race ever in Savage. I can't look up past results for my age group and determine what time I should get. I like have that information so I will know what kind of time I need to place in my age group.

What am I going to do for result comparison.? Easy.. look up the Rosemount July race results for their 4 mile race in my age group. That will be the race time I will shoot for if it's possible. I usually know before whether or not I can place by the year before's results as the same people usually run in these races. I was new to all this year and so my times were unknown to anyone.

I want to run this 4 miles for fun. I do know that I am very competitive. I will want to run a good race and not take the easy way out. I want to push myself but I'm also scared of that too. It's hard work running fast and it takes a lot out of me. It feels good after the race and I'm glad that I always try as hard as I can. I have zero regrets. There does come a time where I will no longer make great strides in my running times. I'm not sure I need to always place. It does feel great!! Don't get me wrong! That half marathon was the 1st race all this year where I didn't place. I wasn't running it to place this year and I knew from last years results I would not be fast enough. I'm not sure I will ever be fast enough as those races are only 1st place awards. It won't prevent me from trying or just trying to improve my time or just finishing another half marathon is a huge accomplishment no matter the time.

I need to get mentally tough for this next weekends race. I know it's all about fun.. so I'll try to keep that in mind.. and try my best too!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have it good!

I know things are good when Steve joins me on my morning run in the fog and drizzle. He would like to skip the whole let's run on Saturday and Sunday but I'm determined to keep going. I want to be able to eat on weekends and burn off some calories, keeping my metabolism burning.

He doesn't complain.. just hops on the bike, and pedals along side of me, watching for cars to keep me safe. Time passes by quickly, as it's nice to have company out there on the road in the early morning. I am always surprised at how quickly 37 minutes goes by.. then we are all done.. 4 miles.. feeling good and a great way to start the day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Come along with me...

Here's what I see... I want to see the number on the scale go down every time I step on it.. until I lose 10 pounds. A customer of mine just lost 20 pounds since July.. She walks every day and just cut her portion size. Simple.. create a deficit of calories and you will lose weight.. add in the cardio to burn more and keep muscle while losing fat. No crazy diet plans involved.. I didn't earn it, but I lost 2 pounds from yesterday. I had 2 cupcakes, I should do better!

I see myself trying to figure out a new path in life.. a different one.. there seems to be a road block, but I need to figure it out. I'm a little discouraged on where to go from here. I was all excited yesterday to have brainstormed a plan to put my personal training and soon to acquire ACE certificate in action. I did some reading and realized all the road blocks I'm going to have to figure out. They are just not small  bumps but rather large ones. I have to remember.. I'm not re-inventing the wheel.. I just need to copy it but make it my own and distinct from others. Obviously  there are people out there who are working in the field and have figured it all out. I don't want to get stopped in my tracks! I need to keep pushing on.. researching.. and make decisions that will be best for me.

I took action yesterday and I did some advertising for my current cleaning business. Got a call for an estimate last night! I'm being proactive and doing something in a positive direction to help support my family. I can't stop there.. I need to do more advertising.. I need more new customers and work more. There is also another plus side to getting more customers, the money but more then that.. I'll be exercising more.. burning more calories and that will help towards my weight loss goals.

I have a plan to work on a long term goal. Running more.. longer.. Saturday and Sunday are going to be set aside to run outdoors. Run longer.. more miles.

Today, I'm trying a new sport. Tennis with Celina. She has been playing since summer and now loves the sport. Time to try something new.. and get exercise while doing it!

Food... oh food.. always an issue! I only drink water, love bananas so always get in 5 servings of fruit.. Need to work harder on eating more veggies. Stay away from the white bread!! Limit sugar and eat foods with lots of flavor! Small portions and track my calories on

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Balance....Focus.. Try harder!

I need to balance out my life more. It feels like I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to do.

My first priority should be helping support this family. Seems its taken a back seat to my fitness, and school goals. I've been letting work slide for too long and I need to make that more of a priority.

I keep telling myself, I just need to get through such and such then I'll have more time to focus on my current business. Well, it's easy to ignore it and continue on.. I need more balance between working out, work and school.. it has to be even..

I just need to be more focused on what I need to do.. lay out specific goals for the day and prioritize everything until December when my 3 classes are finished.

I decided to postpone the last class for my Certification until next fall. I need to concentrate on starting my my new fitness business and my current one. Plus, I need time for me, I need and want to add in cross country skiing to my day. I want to add more running and I want to lose 10 pounds. All good winter goals to have. What I don't need is more couch time with studying. I need to do what's best for me and to maintain my goals.

I just have to try harder to make things happen.. will they? Sure.. with hard work, and determination! I can do anything!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long & Short Term Goals

I started this post yesterday and I'm having a hard time with it. For months now, I've been completely focused on my one main long term goal of running the Belle Plaine Half marathon.  I didn't make any other long term fitness goals beyond this race. Saturday was finally race day, now it has come and gone. I did what I set out to do. I ran 13.16 miles, collected my half marathon metal and ran it in under 2 hours! So what's next? I'm a little lost now that I've accomplished my second biggest goal since my weight loss. 

I did some brain storming yesterday and here's what I came up with.. for both long term goals and short term...

Short term goal
Run the 4 mile Savage Race – 2 weeks
Running in the cold outside - now
Taking the ACE Exam and passing - December
Turkey Day race - Thanksgiving Day
Toning my triceps to firm them up - daily
Toning my gluts..- Daily

Long Term Goal (6 months or Longer)
Belle Plaine Half Marathon - Next 2013 (faster PR- looking for a 1hr:45min) 
Dualathalon - Bike & Run (spring)
Start my own business Personal trainer/ running coach??? (need certificate & ACE passed)
Teach Aqua classes part-time or look into this as an option to try (need ACE Passed)
Finishing the Personal Trainer Certificate & continue to get a group fitness cert.

I use Psychological Skills Training in all aspects of my life. Currently, I used it during  a half marathon running race by talking myself through what my goals are and what I want to accomplish. I make a plan on what my race goals will be, whether or not I want a new PR or I’m just running it for fun, or maybe to place in my age group. I always set a goal for every race. The half marathon goal was to just run it,  and collect my race metal! I had to keep saying to myself.. keep going, get that metal to show you can run it! 

A short term goal is to run the Savage 4 mile race in a week. I want to run this one for fun and not worry about placing in my age group. I need to focus on just running a nice pace and enjoying running. My long term goal is to run the 1/2 marathon again next October 2013. I want a faster PR of 1 hour and 45 minutes! Lots of training to do between now and then. 

How do you measure your goals.. SMART.. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound.

Specific Goals - see above Long & short term
Measurable - See dates 
Attainable - Yes!
Relevant - apply to my life now
Time- Bound - Training every day and working towards each of those goals

Numbers are fun!

I love numbers! Numbers of all kinds to show progress on my fitness.

There are some people that don't get my fascination with wanting to know how fast I'm running, what my heart rate is, my BMI, % body fat, and the list goes on and on.

I can tell you.. that people that don't want to know, are afraid of their numbers! They don't want to get honest with their health. It's easier to just ignore it.. pretend you don't care. Just like weight.. not too many people weigh themselves on a regular basis. We all have an idea of what we weight.. and most people fib a lot on what they do weigh, and they are only hurting themselves because no one really cares what you weight. They should only be concerned with their own numbers.

Sure we all compare ourselves to others. Sometimes those numbers aren't telling you the whole picture.   Like muscle weights more then fat.. so you need a variety of ways to measure your fitness. Use other numbers to tell the whole picture of your health.

Don't be afraid to write it all down.. I wish I had written down more info when I was over weight.. I'd be amazed at how many inches I've lost, how much body fat is gone... how much lean muscle I have now compared to then.. The only numbers I do have are clothes size.. a 12/14 to a 4/6.. weight 188 max to now 137 on a good day!

I do write down all my new numbers. I will be able to compare those numbers as I keep working out, running races and staying fit. There will be a certain point where my progress is going to not change too much. That's okay too. Better to stay the same..

So get honest.. I'll write up a bunch of tests and numbers you can add to figure out where you are now..

1. Weight yourself today, now!_______ wt
2. Circumference measurements in cm.. waist_____, hips_____, thigh_____, neck_____, arms
3. Blood Pressure
4. Heart Rate, 1 minute count # of beats resting_____
5. BMI.. can calculate on line..
6. % lean muscle mass -calculate on line
7. Fitness tests: # sit ups in 1 minute
8. Fitness Test # push ups in 1 minute

I have plenty more but this is a good place to start! Get real.. get fit and start today.. learn to love numbers!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fresh and New!

I feel fresh and new again today. I did my morning workout.. ran for an hour, 6 miles on the cross ramp and I feel great! I took Sunday off from running. It was a day to rest and relax.. I did just that!

Looking back at the race on Saturday, I would have liked to watch others behind me cross the finish line. It would have been nice to help cheer on those people and see the ones I passed up. I was too busy recovering to even think about being able to do that. I ran the 2 mile race in Apple Valley on the 4th of July with Steve, Celina and Logan. The thing I like best about that race, it was short.. only 2 miles, I finished before everyone else, I was able to recover quickly and cheer on my kids and Steve watching them cross the finish line. It was a great feeling to be there for them and to see the last woman cross the finish line running.

I'm sure my race goals will change over time. Maybe my only goal will be to race it slow enough to recover quickly and then just stand there until the last person arrives to cheer them on.

I'm looking forward to my next race in a few weeks.. the Savage 4 miles. This race will be at 2pm. late in the day.. so not sure how that will feel not running in the early morning hours? My goal for this one? I'm not sure.. there is a certain point, where your personal best can't keep getting faster and faster. I'm not sure I always need to run them fast. I guess for this race, I'll just see how I feel that day and just run it for fun, no need to worry about time as I've accomplished more this year in running then I ever imagined! So get out there and IMAGINE BIG!! I did it.. you can too!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Metal Proud!!

This metal means the most to me.. out of all the races..6 total now..
4 miles - 2011 - Rosemount (35:22) (8:51 per mile pace)
3.2 Miles 2011 - Como (25:24) (7:56 per mile pace)
3.2 miles - 2012 - 2nd place Burnsville (24:25) (7:51 per mile pace)
2 miles - 2012, 1st place (trophy) Apple Valley (14.24) (7:14 per mile pace)
1 mile - 2012, 1st place Rosemount (6:39 min mile)
13.16 miles 2012 Belle Plaine (8:55 per mile pace)

My next race.. this year!
October 27th Savage 4 miles
T-day, in Hastings (5K) 3.2 miles

I need to find a 6 & 10 mile race!
I want to try a bigger Twin Cities race!!!

The Next Day

Here it is.. 4:43am the next day after running 13.1 miles. I couldn't sleep well. My legs ached and it probably didn't help that I napped yesterday for over an hour.

I woke up, took 2 Excedrin. For the most part, I feel good. Just a little stiff/sore like I expect I'd feel. My 2 left toes are not going to feel any better today! I'm afraid to put on shoes! I have one black toe nail, but that was a previous blackened toe.. It was feeling good and now.. yikes! Lots of pressure and very sore to the touch along with the toe next to it.. my toe nail was already extra thick from growing a  nail on top of another and now it is coming up once again.. Not sure if I will lose it, probably not but it sure is sore!

It's funny how I didn't feel a thing when running. I thought my feet felt great. Oh so very wrong! My right toes are all fine... but not the lefties!

Where it hurts most on my legs is my thighs. I'm sure its just from the extra speed in running 13.1 miles. I've never ran that fast (8:55 per mile time)for as long. When I did run this summer, I'd do a 10 min mile.. nice and slow.. with a rest every 4 miles or less. It's not like my thighs are killing me.. they are just a little tight.. I probably should stretch, which I will soon.

I won't be running today.. Monday- YES!!! I'll have to recover by doing my cardio on the cross ramp to give my toes a break! No running outdoors for awhile..

Yesterday, I was 100% sure I'd never run a full marathon 26 miles and I am going to stick with that! I'm not sure if I'd have any toe nails by the end!! Plus, I have a bad habit of not wanting to eat or drink much before a race. I had a hard time recovering after this race. Then again, I always feel the same after each race.. I have to take at least 30 minutes to recover.. sit, drink water, eat a banana and a bagel..

So here I am.. the next day.. already planning next years half marathon training!

My plan.. run 13 miles without stopping 1x a week at a slow 10 min mile pace. Tape toe nails? lol...

I'll be back again next year... I know.. I know.. why oh why do I want to do it again! lol... Because I'm a runner..

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Race Statistics..

13.16 miles
My time: 1 hour, 56 minutes and 40 seconds (1:56:40)
My pace time of 8 minute and 55 sec per mile! (8:55)
#66 out of 177 total who ran
26 women came in before me of all ages.
6 women in their 40's came in before me!
27 # women 40-49 Total
40 # total men came in before me
36 men finished after me.
75 women finished after me
111 men and women came in after I finished.
101 Total # of women
76 total # of men

The Finish LINE!!!!!!!

I'm happy to report I ran the Belle Plaine Scenic by-way 13.1 half marathon in under 2 hours. It was my goal to run it in less then 2 hours and I ran it in 1 hour, 56 minutes and some seconds.. I'll have to wait until the race results are officially posted as I can't recall how many seconds right now!

Here's the break down of the race!

Checked in around 8am.. The race started at 9am.. Plenty of time.. It was drizzling.. and it felt cold. I went back to the car to warm up and change into just my new rain jacket and tank top. I decided to wear my visor just in case it did rain. I didn't want to chance having my eyes burning from the rain and not being able to see. As it turns out.. I didn't need it!

I started up conversations with 2 people. A guy who was also standing there putting on his bib while I was doing the same. There was the young mother who was waiting at the starting line who was running her first 1/2 marathon before she planed baby #3. Sometimes its the people you meet at these races that have a bigger impact then the race itself. I'm always nervous so I want to talk to someone.. anyone! It helps calm me and I get to hear their running story....

I'm so glad I had that woman to talk to at the start line. Time seemed to stand still.. and drag on and on.. we all just wanted to run.. and it was the longest wait! I've never run a race where I start farther back in the crowd. I usually go right up front as I don't want people in my way and I don't want to run more then I have to.

This race had people running to pace yourself. They hold a sign while running so if you want a 2 hour time to run by this person and they help pace you. Well, I kept up with the 1 hour 30 minute pace person for 3 miles and then I let them go......

I passed plenty of people along my way.. each time I'd lift my visor. I did this on accident the first time  I started passing up people. I decided why not keep doing it. I had to lift it up to see since the hat kept sinking lower and lower when I ran. That hat made it on my head to mile 12.. then I took it off. It was soaking wet! YUCK!

It was nice to see my family at mile 1, waving to me.. I looked so happy.. fresh in that photo! I would not see them again until I was 100 feet from the finish line. I wanted Logan and Celina to run with me to the finish line and they did!

I tried to dedicate each mile to someone.. I never got past my father.. I over come with too much emotions so I decided, it's his birthday month.. the whole race will be dedicated to my father.. who I truly miss. I miss his constant phone calls.. and just hearing his voice. Dad this one was for you.. I wanted to make you proud! I kept him in my thoughts every time I passed someone up!

The race route was nice, rolling hills, farm land, sand pits, beautiful fall colors, crossing the river on the bridges, past the country homes and people working in their yards, a dead stinky raccoon  5 horses that came over to the fence to watch all of us run past, there were also the many volunteers in costumes who gave me water and offered kind words of support.

I still remember passing up the old guy in the black knee highs.. I was thinking to myself.. I have to pass this old, knee-hi wearing guy.. then the 2 women who had the funny looking run.. they had to go! I tried to count people ahead of me and thought I was in the 40's.. I finished at #66 so a few more I couldn't see in front of me.. Probably a good thing! I ran a good 7 miles behind a woman I determined to be my pace person.. she was in hot pink too and looked around my age from her backside. She was always at least 20 paces or more in front of me.. then to my disappointment.. she started to slow and I passed her. I was hoping I could tell her after the race.. she helped me.. but I never saw her again.. I felt let down when I ran on by but never said anything..

I was expecting some un-godly hill at mile 12.. I read some on-line comments and even the guy before the race I talked to mentioned this hill. Well, it was long but not steep.. I would pass another woman I considered a pace person... She came in some where behind me.. #67...

I just wanted that metal of completing a half marathon 13.1 miles around my neck! I just wanted to reach the finish line.. that last mile felt long.. probably because it was so close.. I had ran so far.. I just wanted to be done! I turned the corner and there was the big red finish line with Celina and Logan smiling and waving to me. I just had to keep running and cross that finish line!

That was probably the hardest part of my race. The last mile.. the last 100 feet.. or now maybe it's the recovery?? I cross the finish line.. white as a ghost.. dizzy.. needing water and needing it NOW! I ignored the woman who tried to hand me the metal I so wanted.. Thankfully, Steve grabbed it for me. I was in no condition.. to get it. I was on a mission to get water. I felt sick! I had to get food but I could not eat. It took a good 30 minutes for me to feel some what normal and eat a banana. I am still recovering.. 2 toe nails that feel and look like they could fall off. I ate a salad, took a hot shower, and napped for an hour.. now I'm on the couch..took some Advil am waiting for the race results so I can pour over all the statistics. I just love that part!

So will I ever do a full 26 mile marathon.. no.. Its too much. I might be back again for the half but now I'm thinking maybe I should do a 10 mile race. A bigger race with lots of people to experience that... it's going to have to wait.. I won't run again in a race until next summer. Well, maybe T-day race in Hastings. It's only 3 miles.. easy stuff..

Race Day is Finally Here!!!

5:23am.... I've been up for hours laying in bed waiting to get up to start my day. I've worried about pretty much any and every thing I can about this half marathon.

I went from worrying about my stomach, now to will I get lost on course? Will it be well marked? How many people will be racing, will it rain? What should I wear? Will I be cold? Will I be too hot? Will my feet hurt? Do I need a visor for the rain?

The weather report is better then I expected. 50*F at race time. 20 degrees warmer then yesterday. Not much wind.. little to no rain on the weather radar, but the report does say rain at 10am. It doesn't look like we will be getting the severe storms.. it's all going farther south.

I'm nervous... just because there are a lot of unknowns for me... Will it feel long since I don't know the route? I usually break up my running into 3.5 miles with stops. This time.. there are no breaks... no land markers.. I'm sure we will know what mile we are running??? This is a smaller race.. out in Belle Plaine so I'm not sure what they have for help, water, route  directions.. all the things now I worry about!

I will be heading to the race destination in a little over an hour. The race starts at 8:45/9am.. I'm hoping to be done by 11am.. back home around 1pm after a nice lunch?

My plan of attack:
Eat a banana.. I need some energy
Bring Dots candy.. quick sugar! have a few before the race
Take an Excedrin/caffeine pill around 7am.. should last 4 hours
Bring clothes to change into!!!
Don't forget my ipod, etc..
Camera to capture the finish line..
My family for support!

I'm looking forward to receiving that metal for completing the half marathon.. I never imagined myself doing any running let alone races and now entering a half marathon. This has to be one of the biggest accomplishments after losing 50 pounds. I know it's not the full marathon.. maybe next year I will feel like I can do that.. for now.. I'm doing something big for me.. Running 13 miles, all at once.. I've been training all summer. I want this.. and I'm doing it today!!!

I'll update later on... race results and photos.. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stop Being a Wimp!

I know.. I know.. I'm being a wimp about running tomorrow. I wanted a nice sunny, warm day to run my 13 miles with no wind.. just really nice. What will I get? Scattered showers.. wind?, sun.. probably not... It will be one of the warmer days with the temps in the 60's. Not sure if it will even be close to the 60's during my race?

I'm trying now to talk Steve into cheering me on at certain points in the race. humm.?? Might not happen?

So when do I expect to finish 13 miles?? Well.... It takes me 38 minutes to run 4 miles.. so 12 miles will take me about 2 hours and 3 minutes. I would like to run it ... in under 2 hours.. So, if I don't round up on my time.. 37.5.. I could finish in exactly 2 hours..

This is my first 1/2 marathon.. I need to remember to enjoy it.. run it for fun.. don't even think about the time or running fast. It's just to do it.. any way I can!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Couch.. Thoughts?

Last night while I was sitting on the couch, I was thinking about how long ago it felt like I had worked out.  In reality, I worked out only a few hours before, but it felt like I should be working out again. Then comes the next morning, and I'm back at it again.. running doing my cardio for the day but now it feels like Ground Hogs Day all over again. You know the feeling.. like time never passed.. starting all over again.. and again and again...

That's exactly why I need to mix up my cardio! I also need to get some other form of exercise in later on in the afternoon or evening. I read that it does little good to workout then sit on your butt the rest of the day. Now, I don't always sit on my butt all day long but a lot of the day I do. I've used homework/studying as my excuse to sit around more and more.

Yesterday we had a beautiful fall day. I should have worked, and then ate a little something and went for a run. Yes, I did run in the early morning hours but there is just something about running outside that I love. Yes, love.. sometimes I need to convince myself that I do love it.. but once I'm running for 15 minutes.. I love it. some days I wish it would never end.. Weird to think that but it's a nice quiet time to focus on me and me getting stronger and more healthy..

I need to make a plan to get off that couch  in the evenings.. go for a run.. do something to stay moving.. I need to keep it interesting..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What would I do?

Q: You are a personal trainer teaching a weight training class to 10 overweight/borderline obese women. All 10 women suffer from social physique anxiety. What approach/techniques would you use to maximize intrinsic motivation in this group? Be specific and use concepts related to feedback and reinforcement in your answer.

As a once over-weight middle aged woman,  I can relate to other women who are overweight/borderline obese and that suffer from social physique anxiety. When I was over weight, I was worried about not having enough energy to finish the exercise class, and whether anyone was watching me, as I was self conscious about how my body looked. It was also hard to stay motivated when I had so much weight to lose. I felt alone and over whelmed. 

The approach I would use to to maximize intrinsic motivation in a group of over weight/obese women would be to offer a weight training class that takes attention away from a body-conscious approach.  The women may feel more confident in really believing the class will be geared toward their needs. I would give positive feedback to each individual as a way to encourage them. I think pairing the women up would help them make friends in the class and in turn, help each other out by offering support and reinforcement. I would also have each person come up with personal goals they would like to accomplish from the weight training class. Before each class, the participants could do a self evaluation, focus on a goal for that particular class, whether it be trying a new exercise, lifting more weights, or just for showing up.  I think it would also be a good idea to ask them what types of exercises they enjoy doing and focus on the ones that make them feel comfortable. The women will be more willing to keep coming back to the class if they are doing exercises they enjoy and are making friends too. 

I know from first hand experience that it's important to make connections when starting an exercise program. It's the other people around you that can help keep you motivated. They notice when you don't show up and are generally concerned about your well being. You share stories of how to get fit, what is working and whats not. You share your lives. It makes coming to the gym and working out more rewarding if you have friends on the same path in life. It's easy to stay motivated if you know your support system is waiting for you. It's those other people that encourage me, giving me positive feedback just when I need it the most. That is enough of a reinforcement to keep going back, just knowing my support system is there for me, making it easier to keep my fitness goals. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

True Flow

In the moment running long distance and you lose all track of time..

Plans do change over time...

What a disappointment! I had plans to run the 1/2 marathon only to find out yesterday, On Saturday there is a 60% chance of rain.. T-storms. I was looking forward to this event all summer. I've been training for months now. Ugh!!!!! Well, I'm still going to check the weather radar on Saturday morning in hopes its not raining. I won't run in the rain or lightening!

Logan woke up not feeling well again today. His head was pounding and was coughing like crazy. I'm sure he is okay to go to school now that he's had some Advil but he has no appetite. The cough also won't go away, although it does sound a bit better. I had to cancel my plans to rock climb with a new school friend. I was really looking forward to going climbing today. It would have been great exercise and now this...

It's also raining out today.. I need some sun shine to cheer me up... Well, at least it's a good day to study and get all my homework done. All is not lost.. I'll look on the bright side of today. I will get things done that I need to do!

There is always tomorrow... and as we all know.. plans do change over time.. we just have to adjust and its how we deal with change.. is what's telling.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's almost Bucket List time..

That's right.. in a few more days I check one more thing off my bucket list. Running a half marathon!

I'm super excited and nervous too. It's a long distance 13 miles to run. I know that I can run that distance but it still makes me nervous. It's all new area to run so I won't have familiar landscape. I also want to do well for my first long distance run. Mostly, I just want that metal saying I ran a half marathon!

I'm not running on Friday. I need to give myself one day of rest. It's going to be hard taking a day off but I know.. it's needed.

The day of the race, I will need to be in Belle Plaine by 8am as the race starts at 8:45/9am. I plan to run  in under 2 hours. I'd love to run and be done in 1 hour and 45 minutes and the only reason is because that's last years time in the 40 year old age group I need to beat to come in 1st.

Is 1st place that important.. no, it's really not, but if I can place... I will want to try.

Off to the Race!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pursuit.... and perserver

I have the impression some people want you to fail. I've lost the weight, kept it off for 2 years now. Most who lose weight and don't exercise, gain back the weight shortly after they lost it. You might lose more weight again only to re-gain it.. the starting of the Yo.. Yo diet. Weight goes up and weight comes down.

Well, that's just not going to happen to me. My weight fluctuates less then 5 pounds. I'm not planning on gaining back the weight I lost. I will preserver and that's only possible with exercise.

Those of you wishing I'd gain it all back.. your going to have to wait and wait and wait.. because it's not going to happen! I know to stay fit, I have to exercise. I have the support I need to keep me going.

I've made lots of new friends on the same fitness journey as me.. I want to keep going. I will keep going.. I must keep going.. So off to the gym I went.. on a Sunday morning before the sun came up.. I was out the door.. driving to the gym to run for an hour. I have company in my pursuit of fitness. Many other women in their 40's and older also show up every day around the same time as I do. Little by little I am getting to know the familiar faces and putting names to those women. We share our stories and our lives with each other as we log mile after mile. While our bodies have not changed that much on the outside.. we are all working towards a common goal.. To stay fit and support each other.

I love my new life.. I am enjoying getting to know more women like me.. All in the pursuit of the new improved me!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do Something Every Day That Scares YOU!

Yesterday while reading another fitness blog, I came across this bit of advice that was on a magnet "Do something every day that scares you". Good advice to live by, and since it's October...the month of being scared (Halloween). Why not start finding ways to scare myself into doing things out of my comfort zone.

Going back to school to become a personal trainer was a huge step and something completely out of my comfort zone. I had not been to school in over 17 years or more. I am on a journey to start yet another new business, Personal Training or fitness and diet coaching. I work every day toward that goal of mine to complete that certificate and pass the ACE exam.

What is going to scare me today out of my comfort zone?

I ran.. well, I did the cross ramp for 1 hour, going 6.3 miles. I decided to run in the cold as a practice run for next weekends 1/2 marathon. I did another 4 miles out in the cold.. in my practice clothes. I ran 10.3 miles total.

I also tried out my new sports bra/running top that is moisture wicking plus, tried a new shirt that also is moisture wicking and will give me enough protection from the cold ,but keep me cool/warm enough to not get over heated while running. I tried new workout clothes that were new and different out of my zone.

I also plan to try a new restaurant tonight. Not a big stretch for something that scare you. It's more trying something new and discovering something else I might like. A new place to eat and new foods to try.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Boxing... Running.. Climbing..Sugar

Boxing.. Who would have ever thought at age 44 I'd try boxing! Well, I did just that last night in my weight training class. I learned how to jab and do a cross punch. So much fun and you do work up a sweat. I might just have to find a boxing or kick boxing class to take.

This morning Steve found someone on his favorite Cross Ramp machine. I suggested trying something new to mix up our morning exercise. What do you know.. he was ready for a change and off we went to the treadmill. I ran at 6.0 hills for an hour, rand 6 miles and burned almost 700 calories for the hour. Steve started off walking, then upped it to 5.0 for 30 minutes or more and then walked to cool down and was done after 45 minutes.

Steve did complain of his hip hurting and the weird feeling when you walk off the treadmill. I know from experiencing the same things when I started running on the treadmill that those issues will pass with time. It takes awhile to get use to anything new. Its going to feel different. Your body is going to hurt a little until it gets use to using those muscles. It's all normal. Unless, you experience stabbing, sharp pains there is no reason not to continue.

I'm hoping at least 1x a week we can run on the treadmill. This guy who uses Steve's favorite machine shows up every Friday. Sometimes it takes something out of your control to mix things up. I'm taking it as a good thing. Time to try something new. Mix it up and make yourself stronger!! I'll get him to run with me some day outside... ;0)

Climbing.. Rock Climbing! I've been getting e-mails from Vertical Endeavors and realized.. hey.. I'm a student! I have a student ID. I can get in 1/2 price to rock climb on Friday nights. I also just remembered lunch specials for half price every Tuesday/ Thursday. I need to check the website just to make sure I'm right. I think at least 1x a month I might try this again. It's good for upper body strength which I need to work on. Plus, I just love it. I'm going to buy my own harness about $50 since renting is $4 each time. A good investment and not too much to spend. Looking forward to next weeks new workout challenge!!!

Which brings me to my last topic.. how did I do yesterday on my sugar-less day! It was hard. Harder then just spending an hour working out. At least when I workout, it's over after 1 hour. Not eating sugar for a whole day.. lasts all day! Hours and hours of thinking about it and wanting it.. plenty of time to screw up!

Well, I did it.. I kept thinking about cookie dough.. chocolate chip, my favorite. It's also the only junk food we have so it was on my mind. I resisted and I made it. No junk foods for me yesterday. I didn't even do bread which is another downfall, comfort food. I did eat a salad and have a banana when I got home from working out. I ate such an early dinner at 2:30, so I was starved at 8:30pm. I figured I could have anything but junk.. so I ate veggies and fruit. Okay to do even late at night.

I'm proud I accomplished my food goal for the day. It was hard but I did it.. Now I'm thinking I might want to try doing it again today. I know I said just one day. That's all I need to do. The first day is always going to be the hardest. Our minds and bodies are fighting against us. Now that I know I can do one day.. why not just 2 days? So once again.. I will struggle to keep myself from eating cookie dough or junk foods.. I can do it.. I saw the results on the scale this morning.. down 2 pounds from yesterday! I'm curious to see what I can lose in 2 days.. Here we go again...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hard Hours

My hard hours are from 1 to 6pm. I had an early lunch at 10:30am just because I get up at 4:30am and have b-fast at 7am. So by the time 10:30 rolls around.. Its lunch time.

Today at lunch.. I resisted the chocolate chip cookies I baked for my customers. I didn't even dip into the cookie dough.

I measured a cup of rice and stuck to that..
For a sweet treat.. had an apple, Sweet Tango. YUM!

I was done working by 1:00pm.. off to the bank and Cub foods. I passed by M&M.. actually thought about buying a bag.. you know, for the kids and to fill the candy jar. Nope.. I knew I'd want to eat a handful or more so I kept walking.

Here's what I purchased at Cub.
pretzel crisps
Cheese air popcorn (for the kids snacks at school)
Baby carrots
Rice, broccoli/cheese box mix.

I had a banana as soon as I got home. I cooked the rice and decided that was my dinner tonight. Had an early 2:30 dinner and then had an apple.. and off to nap from 3 to 4pm.. .I fell asleep in my chair!

It's almost 5pm.. for 30 minutes now I've wanted cookie dough or the apple tart in the frig. It's my comfort food..

Instead.. I've been on the Internet.. calorie counter .com.. Entering in my activities for the day.. food.. water.. and seeing the results.

I keep telling myself, it's just for today. Tomorrow I can have that cookie dough or tart. I just need to finish today with out it! Have another apple or banana if I need that to stop myself from eating that cookie dough! (it's also the only junk food we have in the house... go figure!)

Goal.. Goal... I have a Goal.. To eat healthy for just today! Only today. Do not eat junk!
I have class (weight training from 6 to 8pm - burning more calories) keeping me busy and out of the kitchen to snack! I only have 45 more minutes before I need to leave. I will only have 1 hour when I get home and I usually don't eat after 8pm.. I'm on the home run.... I can do this!!!

I'm not sure why it's sooo hard. I went months losing the 50 pounds and never had a tough time. I was sooo focused on losing the weight I didn't even think of eating sugar foods. Ugh!!!!! I need that strength! I need that determination!!!.. I need to do this for just today!!!!

My reward.. I need a big one.. this is big.. I know it's only one day but sometimes it's the first day that's the hardest. If I can do today...hum.. what do I want? A new facial cleanser. Yep.. that's what I want. I will go buy that facial cleaner that I saw on Dr. Oz and try it as my reward. I would never buy it other wise so why not use that as a non-food reward? Is it enough of a reward to keep me out of the cookie dough? I think just writing out my struggles right now for anyone to read.. is helping.. I won't quit.. I'm too close to making my goal for the day.

Your Goals.. Your Future..

I try to think about my goals every day. I try to work towards accomplishing goals.
I check off one of my biggest goals first. That is to spend 1 hour doing cardio. (700 calories burned)

My 2nd goals is to eat healthy. Easier said then done. I usually start off my day by eating fruit.. then as the day goes on I lose focus on my goal. I'm not sure why I do this day in and day out. I sabotage my efforts with little thought. I'm guessing that's why people blow off working out. It's easy to say it's a goal then not to follow through.

I need to change my thinking.. Change my goals to break it down smaller, so I can accomplish my goals. So I'm going to change my healthy eating goal to this...

AM- Goal to eat Fruit (stay around 600 calories and no more)
Noon- Veggies, fruit (stay around 600 calories
Evening - Veggies (stay around 600 calories
Snack.. My biggest challenge! What do I need to eat or want to eat for a snack? (200 calories)
2000 calories per day!

Snack Ideas:
Carrots & low cal ranch dip
air popped popcorn
Sweet potato - microwaved plain

Veggies I like:
Brussels sprouts
Sweet potatoes

Lunch Choices:
Veggie soup
Sweet potato
Salad w/low fat dressing

B-fast Ideas;
Scrambled Eggs
Any fruit
Canadian bacon

I need to stick to my list! I can add healthy choices. This will help me reach my goals of health eating by identifying the foods I can go to when I'm hungry. This list will help me choose wisely. I might not stay within my 2000 calories per the day but I need to stick to my list. Eventually, I can work on lowering calories.

I'm going to print out my list and stick it on the frig. This way I will have a reference for when I'm hungry. I can see my choices and see if I come up with other healthy options to add to my list! Try it with me.. lets see how we do! A challenge!

B-fast: 1 cinn bagel w/ smart butter (250)
           2 med bananas  (200)

Lunch:  1 c. Rice/salsa (300)
                  Apple (100)

Snack banana (100)
          Apple (100)

Dinner: Rice, cheese and broccoli

The hardest part of my day... Snacks and dinner. The hours between 1 and 7pm... Time to make some changes.. Time to work on those healthy eating goals

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have noticed I gain weight when I take it easy or skip a workout. I had a week back when classes started where I thought biking was a good substitute from running or the cross ramp. Wrong! I still ate the same, but didn't burn as many calories.

I need to start counting calories again. I've been allowing myself to eat bread, have sugary treats, ice cream, cake, pie, etc.. While my weight goes up and down.. I need to drop a few pounds I've gained.

I logged back on to I then remembered, my which is what the government recommends for good nutrition. Might need to check that website out too.

I do track my food but don't stop to figure out how many calories I am consuming. I'm sure I under-estimate and I need to stop doing that!.

On another subject... I had to workout by myself today. Steve stayed home to sleep. It was sooo hard. I wanted to quit, give up and go home. I stuck it out .. worked hard and am glad I burned 700 calories..

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You... Will Make You Stronger

I remember the first time I wanted to train for a running race. I had been exercising for 11 months on a regular basis working my way up to an hour of cardio on the Cross Ramp. That previous winter I spent an hour most days cross country skiing from December to the middle of March. I certainly had enough cardio to begin training to run on pavement.

It was a big step for me. I didn't like running for the most part. I avoided the treadmill at all costs. My only goal was to be able to run the whole 3.2 miles. I didn't want to walk it. I wanted to run.

The first day I went out to run, I just ran slowly.. only 3x's around our little block to run a mile. After 1 week, I increased to 2 miles, or 6x's around our little block. I was getting tired of running around and around so the 3rd week, I added the trail behind our house. Gradually, I worked up to running the whole neighborhood. almost 3 miles. I ran that fall. I ran that 3.2 miles in some 25 minutes and 25 seconds or something like that. A great time.

The first time I ran in a race, I didn't train at all. Well, I did do cardio in the gym and I had been cross country skiing but I didn't actually build up miles running outside like I did for this race. I would not recommend anyone doing a race without training.

It didn't kill me to build up running little by little. I didn't feel awful or sore after. I did it slowly, by adding miles little by little.

Running does make me feel stronger. Even when I swam competitively, I never felt that strong. There is something about running that changes you.. It's not going to kill you.. but it will make you feel and be stronger!

Take Control Of Your Future

It's time to act. It's time to take control of your future. There are great health consequences for not taking control of ones health. As you age, your body loses flexibility, mobility, muscle strength and the list goes on.

Look to your own immediate family health. Are your parents over weight? You have an 80% chance of being over weight yourself. Do you want to follow that same path?

In my "past" family.. I am the only one that cares about my heath. They all choose to do nothing and it shows. They are obese and unwilling to change poor eating habits which consist of McDonald's every day as a part of their diet among other fast food places. The couch, TV and Internet are their friends. The only activity they choose is watching their kids/grand children participate in sports. Should I care what they choose to do? Nope! We only need to care about our own health. We only need to take control of our own future and our own lives. What we can learn from others is what to do, and what not to do.

I took control of my future. I take control every day that I choose to workout. I take control when I make good food choices and I take control when I just don't watch my kids participate in sports, but do it with them.

How are you going to take control of your future? Or are you letting your future.. decide your path? With no control.. no plan.. no action.. no care... ? Is that what you need? Is that how you see yourself?

You and only You have the power to take Control of your future.. Make a plan and stick with it! You can do it.. Take a good hard look at the people around you.. who do you want to be? The couch person or the active person? It's your choice!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning Plan .. Exercise 101 Tip

I go to bed each night thinking about my morning exercise plan. I decide what time I am getting up to exercise. It's all based on time. What to I have to do that day. How much time do I have and how early do I need to get up to accomplish my exercise goals.

I had a plan last night to sleep in this morning until 6:30am. I wanted to stay up till 10pm last night and I didn't want to get up at 4:30am. I still woke up at 4:45 am, so I could have gotten ready and gone to workout. I had a different plan. My plan was to run outside. It's going to be another nice fall day. I want to run outside and enjoy the fall leaves and to run outside in the fresh air.

I still have not gone for my run. I plan to go right after Logan gets on the bus. This will give me plenty of time to workout for 2 hours if I choose. It will be warmer outside. The sun will be shining. I will love my run.

The only down fall to my plan is that it will be late in the morning. I will have had time to sit around for 2 hours. I will be hungry and want to eat. I will need to eat this morning before I workout since I am starting so late. I'm not crazy about eating then working out, but today I need to eat. I also will need to eat something before I run my half marathon since that too starts at 9am and I will need to be up by 6am that day. It's good practice for my stomach as I usually don't like food sloshing around.

Starting my exercise later in the day gives me plenty of time to talk myself out of it. It's important to me to stick to my plan. I made the decision the night before knowing the consequences of waiting to workout. I know I prefer to workout right when I get up, before I've eaten and before I give myself a chance to talk myself out of doing it.

I know I could skip a workout. I know I should take rest days. I know myself and my goals. I know I don't want to gain weight. I know I like to eat. I know I like the feeling when I workout. I know I had my plan set for the day. I know it was a choice I made. A choice I need to stick to. A choice I made for me.

To make exercise work and to stick with it. Make a plan the night before. Don't try to do what I am doing today by putting off exercise until a later time. Make exercise the first thing you do when you wake up.

Here is a little Exercise 101...  tip.

1. Make a exercise plan the night before.
2. Figure out how early you need to get up to workout for X amount of time.
3. Set the alarm and get up. Don't go back to bed!
4. Plan wake up time.. 30 minutes to include 15 minutes of stretch time
5. Stretch..Stretch.. stretch...
6. Go do cardio.. 15, 30, 45, 1 hr, 2 hrs.. just do something!
7. Lift weights 15, 20, 30 minutes or more a day
8. Eat B-fast
9. Start the rest of the day, feeling great.
10. Repeat, repeat, repeat every day!

Lesson Learned The Hard Way!

I always try to tell my kids to not learn things the hard way. As a parent, we have life experiences that we can share with our children, so they don't have to go through the same mistakes. The choice is to take the advice or to ignore it.

In running, I wish there was someone giving me advice, so I would not have to learn the hard way. Seems every step of the way, I've had to figure out things myself. I do read articles but tend to ignore the advice until some event happens to change my mind. Black toe nails, blisters, workout pants that slide down as I run, poor fitting running shoes.. the list goes on...

I ran 13 miles yesterday. Your feet, toe nails and anything that can and will rub on you will. I now know why runners wear sports bras. I have 2 very raw, rubbed marks from the under-wire in my bra from running. It started to rub this summer in one spot, but was not that bad. I'd switch bras and it would not get worse. Now there is no denying the fact,  I do need to get a sports bra or risk deep open sores. I thought sports bras were  just to keep you from bouncing too much. A problem I really don't have any longer since losing weight. Now I know.. go out and buy the right clothing. It's worth the investment.

Is there more life running lessons? Yes.. I will have more Ah, ha moments where I wish I had someone giving  me advice. It looks like, I'll be learning the hard way..