Saturday, June 30, 2012


I had a quiet run this morning. I decided to leave the ipod home along with my heart rate monitor and watch to time myself. I would run tech free. Free to listen to the birds, cars, my breathing, my feet pounding the pavement, the sprinklers and the hum of bugs..

I've read a few articles about leaving it all behind. Some how this is suppose to be good for you, good for your running. I'm not so sure?

I was just so tired of listening to the same 62 songs programed into my ipod and tired of listening to people talk on the radio and hearing all the commericals that seemed to take up most of my run time. I just wanted to skip it all today. I was thinking maybe this is what I needed to enjoy running again.

I do know that listening to the radio or my ipod helps my mind drift. Without that distraction my mind wants to tell myself to just walk, turn around and go home.... why are you doing this.. why, oh why?
I never feel like that when I have something to listen to. Well, I take that back.. sometimes I wonder what I'm doing the first 5 minutes, but I quickly forget once I get in the mood of running and zone out listening to whatever is in my ear.

I had no reason to look down at my wrist, nothing there to tell me how hard my heart was working. No time to check to see how long I had been running. It didn't matter today. Today, I needed to run to keep fit and just run to enjoy it for a day.

So, will I run tech free again? I might.. but not for a long time.. I'll stick with being sick of listening to the radio or the same songs over and over. I'm thinking time to download a few new songs and make my run more enjoyable...

Friday, June 29, 2012

A little bit of everything.. running into each other..

This is a little bit of everything..

I'm not enthuastic about running lately. This morning I got up at 5am.. Still feeling tired like I could go back to bed.

The last 2 days I only ran 4 miles each day. Now that I've been running 7 miles a day, 4 seems like I'm slacking off. Today, I ran the 4 miles close to home in 37 minutes.. a 9 min and 15 sec per mile.

I just feel tired, sore from the knees down and just not very motivated. I'm still getting out the door to run every day. I have to, to keep my weight off.

Steve asked me last night why I didn't want to watch the running on TV. I just don't want to watch others run. I run only because I have to, it keeps my weight under control and it's the only way I know how to do that.

I need to feel energized again. I need to feel rested. I need to feel good. I'm just blah and blah about everything.

I tend to shut down when I feel stressed... I'm stressed because I have a lot of projects I'd like to finish up.. a lot to do coming up and I just don't have the energy right now.

So while I'm having a hard time today. This too will pass and I'll feel good, well rested and energized again. I just have to keep going and take it one morning at a time. I can't let myself quit and I know that.. I just need some rest.

Think I'll take a 30 min power nap.. maybe I'll feel like working.. ????

Help!!! This is when I need someone to motivate me....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Energy

I stepped outside this morning to get an idea of what the weather was like for my run. "Ugh!" was all I said, then quickly stepped back inside into the AC.

I ran slow.. even forgot to set the stop watch until 2 minutes or more into my run. I was just not feeling it. The Dew Point is up there and almost 80*F at 6am. Too early to be this warm. Thankfully, there was nice breeze and it's over cast so no sun to beat down on me.

I decided to just get a ride home from the gym and work extra hard on my arms and abs today. That too felt hard. I just went about all my exercises at a very slow pace. I had time to kill until Steve was done running so I got on the bike and pedaled for 18 minutes burning 100 calories  and going almost 5 miles at an easy random pace. Good enough..done for today..

Some days you just have to give in and call it good. Some exercise is better then nothing but I just didn't have it in me to push through the heat lazies..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 Week From Today

That's right! One week from today will be the 4th of July. Our family will run in the Freedom Days Apple Valley 2 mile race.

2 miles doesn't seem like that big of a deal. It really isn't far since I run 7.22 miles or more per day. It's just that I don't run every day like I will for those 2 miles.

I'm excited to run it and see what I'll get on my mile time. I'm just looking for anything under an 8 min mile which I know I can do. Whether or not I place or score a trophie is another story? We will have to see on that one.. no promises.... Just depends on how I'm feeling that day.

I do know I'll need to take a day or two of rest before this race. My shins are sore from all the miles I run and it will be good to give them a break. It's going to be hard to not run but I want to do my best so rest is what I need.

This 2mile run is the first of 3 this month. Next will be a fun 5K (3 miles) fun Color run/walk race, and then what I'm really looking forward to Run For the Gold in Rosemount on the 21st. I want to beat my last years time and maybe place.. 1-5th they give out metals/ribbons.

I have my last race in October, it's the big one.. 13 miles.. the half marathon in Belle Plaine.

So, 7 days to go.. getting closer!!! Have I trained enough? Am I fast enough? I am mentally prepared enough? I'll find out soon enough!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Sore...

I'm a little sore in the mornings. My legs are stiff and my body aches. I take 1 Excedrin just to help with the aches. Stretching helps loosen me up. I do a series of stretches that last about 15 minutes. It feels great to stretch!

It is not hard getting out the door for me to run. Running has too many benefits and I don't even consider not running. It's just something I do and I plan for it every day.

I can tell you.. I know the first few steps are the hardest. It hurts my legs and body..It takes about 3 minutes for me to relax and feel pain free. It takes a good 15 minutes before my body feels great running and I'm in the running zone. After 30 minutes.. I could run on but I'm usually at the gym at this point.

It's a little easier starting back up running after I lift weights but I still have those first few steps that I feel the pain and aches. It doesn't last long.. a minute and I'm back to feeling fine running.

I'm not sure my body will ever not feel the initial pains with starting off. Seems no matter what kind of warm up I do.. it still takes those first few minutes of running to really loosen up.

I'm happy to report... it doesn't last.. the pains go away and you start feeling great. After my run.. I cool down... I sit instead of stretching again. My body gets stiff and the aches and pains come back. I feel old walking as I can't go fast. This too will pass and I'll be back up to speed.

So, don't give up with a little aches and pains as it's all normal. Or at least it's normal for me and a lot of others I talk to. It will pass so keep going and keep pushing through the initial pain because it's all worth it..

Monday, June 25, 2012

Loop Running.

I ran just to run this morning. I ran the loop and didn't want to stop to lift weights this morning.

I felt good and refreshed. I listened to the radio instead of just my usual music. I mostly listened to the people on the radio talk but it kept my mind occupied and the time just flew by. Before you knew it.. I was almost home running 1 hour and 9 minutes. for the 7.22 miles. I felt like it would have been a good day to do a long run... 13 miles but I have a busy day ahead so I'll save that for a day where I have nothing going on and can rest after.

It's going to be hot this week... mostly in the lower 90's. I plan to get up and get out early by 5:30am just to avoid the heat. I'm hoping the days start off cooler in the 60's, which is perfect running temp.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I finally talked to Steve about how we were going to do this 2 mile race together on the 4th of July with the kids. Funny how he completely forgot all about this race. I even had a conversation with him a week ago about what size T-shirt he wanted.

Yesterday, I told him my goals were to try and win a trophy for my age group. That means I have to come in 1st place in the women's 40 - 49 year old group. Not sure if I'll be able to do this. I did look up last years results to figure out if I have a chance. It looks promising but only if I run all out. (I will post last years results when I look them up again okay....... I need better then an 8 min & 4 sec per mile time! Got it!! I did 7:51 per mile for 3 miles!!)

Steve's running goals are much different then mine. He prefers to run in the gym on the Cross Ramp and not touch pavement. He has come running with me for 4 miles once and a 1.5 mile run around the neighborhood,but his knees hurt. He doesn't feel the need to be competitive. He's not after a trophy or even placing. He would rather not race. We figured out that he will run with the kids during the race and help Logan with pacing himself. Logan could easily get caught up in the mad dash at the beginning of the race and run too hard and too fast at first and not have enough energy to finish the race running. I want to make sure Steve, Logan and Celina have a great experience running races.

Of course, I have also considered that my kids could probably out run me. I do put in a lot of miles running, but speed is not my thing. I'd rather run the long slow mile after mile then do a fast heart- hurting short race. I'm okay with my kids passing me by.. "catch me if they can".. I am only competing with women in my age group 40 -49, so I'd still have a chance at scoring a trophy.

Do I really think I need a trophy at my age? Sure, why not!!! I work hard every day running, I worked hard for months losing the 50+ pounds, I work hard lifting weights and toning my body and I work really hard on maintaining those lost pounds. That trophy is more then just a hunk of plastic, it validates all my hard work, just not on the race that day, but every day, every day I'm working, working on being healthy. It's an awesome symbol for me of how far I have come. So don't laugh at me for wanting and dreaming about that hunk of plastic at the finish line. I want it.. I want all the glory that trophy will bring me. I need it for continuing motivation and for confirmation..

I have also a realistic side about this race, I know I'm not the fastest runner.. I've only been running outside for a few months.. in doors for 1-1/2years.. still a newbie at running.. I still do have high hopes, but know that even if I don't get first, just doing the race is confirmation that I can do it! I have come a long way...but darn it! It would feel so great to come home with that trophy!

Breakfast is Served!

I have a great husband! Today, after my run, I came home to find sitting beside my cooling off chair out front, a plate of fresh fruit:  strawberries, blueberries, red grapes and 2 bananas. It was such a nice gesture to find breakfast waiting for me and such and un-expected surprise. I had mentioned the night before, we were out of bananas and I needed to go to the store, so I would have some thing to eat after my run this morning. I completely forgot last night, but not Steve. He went out to the store and bought me my favorite breakfast.

As for my run this morning. I decided to run to the gym and then workout with the weights. After, I ran home doing my new running loop. I haven't been working on speed or even keeping my heart rate above 141. I just ran... ran to enjoy it, ran to get fit.

This week # ___ running totals are in 49+ miles this week. Zero biking. Not sure how much weight lifting as I'd have to go back through my records to figure that out but I'm guessing 3 hours or less in all.

I managed to run 6 of the 7 days this week, with one long 11.22 mile run but on the average I ran 7.22 miles per day. I didn't do any short runs this week.. nor quick as they were all leisure miles. Not training this week.. giving myself a break and time to enjoy just running.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hate it!

I hear a lot of people say they hate running. Those same people that say they hate running are running. They run because it burns calories and tones up your body, gets your heart pumping and eventually the runners high-kicks in..

Unfortunately, those same haters are still looking for the runners High... They don't reach that because to be a true runner, you have to run at least 3 times a week. Not every once in awhile.

That's why they hate running.. because they don't do it constantly. It feels hard, a lot of work and it makes them tired and sore. It never gets any better because it's so in-consistent they never get to the point where they enjoy it.

There is also the other issue of being consistent with a pattern of exercising time,it's all over the place. Some times they workout in the morning, at noon or at night. It's never the same time of day. It's just whenever they can fit it in or should fit it in. It's a recipe for failure. It's never going to get any better, they are never going to like running and they will never see the running results they are hoping to achieve. They will always hate running because in order to like it or love it you have to set yourself up to win.. not fail.

Here's my advice.. don't run if you will never figure out how to get to the point where you will like running. You can only like running if you decide to be consistent about your running. Pick a time of day (hint.. morning exercisers are more likely to keep exercising then doing it any other time of the day).  Make a plan to run at least 3 times a week. If you can't schedule in those two things and be consistent. Pick something else to do.. something like sitting on the couch or TV, Internet, eating, or pretty much anything other then exercising. My reason for this harsh reality.? Haters of running are going to hate any type of exercise to get fit. It doesn't matter if it's running, biking, walking, swimming or lifting weights. You will always hate exercise if you don't make it part of your life and be consistent. Any amount of exercise will always feel hard and you'll never get to the point where it makes you feel good.

It's so straight forward. One word "consistent" sums it all up. Anything worth your health is worth making a plan and being consistent about it. It's not about hating something.. because it's not worth doing it if you hate it. Life is too short to HATE something. So pick something you do like or love and just be consistent about it.

Don't be a hater.. because the hater is all about hating having to be consistent about anything that's worth while doing.  No one is that busy to not care about themselves. We all care about ourselves and spend lot of money to make ourselves look and feel good. The too busy for exercise card needs to be thrown out!

Get out there.. stop hating it! You can do it.. one day at a time.. the same time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New... new... New.. new..

It's time.. and I know it. After losing 50+ pounds you realize that the clothes that use to fit are way too big. That applies to underware too. My bras all are too big.. and my underware. Sure, I've bought some new stuff, but not enough to keep up with all the changes of my body.

For some reason I was keeping these bras and underware that no longer fit. I really don't consider wearing the old bras while I work or workout as I'd be lost some where in them. Underware on the other hand, or on the buns.. well, you can get away with.. or sort of.. until I realized that it's just not that comfortable to run in underware that's too big.

I've been reading about Hi-tech clothes that breath and don't hold in sweat/moisture against your skin. They have shirts, shorts, socks, sport bras etc.. I'm sure they have underware too. After all I heard the Army developed some underware that was microb-free for up to 10 days and water resistant. They must make something for the average person, but not to that extreme.

I can't say I found any of these Hi-tech underware, but I did find some in my size. They no longer bunch up. Let me note that when you run and run a lot of miles, things tend to rub or you notice anything that might be even slightly uncomfortable.

I've made some adjustments along the way with trial and error on my part. I learned the hard way that you don't have to settle for pants/shorts that creep down while you run, or a tank that drives you crazy or rubs the wrong way. I still have a long way to go to fix all the uncomfortable aspects of running and having some friction between me and my clothes or equipment. It's definately a trial and error on my part and mostly a lot of errors.

I also want to add... there will be no panty lines of any kind! It aways makes me giggle when I see lines on others and realize.. those are granny panties they are wearing. What's wrong with you people that they think that's a good look with pants or without. I'm guesssing those that wear those granny panties must think coverage and full coverage is best. I'm not there with you on that one, but that's too much info.. and to each there own..

At least today.. I had a new take on running in new underware that fit and fit to be running comfortable... oh how nice! lol........ And no.. it's not going to help the giggling...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Going in New Directions

I made a spur of the moment decision  this morning. I walked to the car at the gym parking lot and an idea popped into my head. Why not run down the hill and take a new route home! I wasn't sure if it was longer or about the same distance. I didn't care, I just wanted to run and see some new scenery. It gets boring always running the same way. I was starting to see the same people out walking and running and you know when you start to recognize people, it's time to change things up and go in a new direction.

The new way home was about the same distance I'm guessing since it took me the same time to get home. It did feel quicker but I'm guessing that was mostly due to the change. I'm excited to try running it the opposite way even if there is a fairly large hill at the very end of my run. It's mostly flat and I'm use to hills so it shouldn't be any more challenging then normal.

Once again.. I'm excited about running. I need to go in new directions more often so I enjoy running.

Plus, I do know that I enjoy running a lot when I'm not doing any speed work. I like to take it easy and just run to run and not run to be out of breath.

So off I go.. in all new directions and feeling good about it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emotional morning

I was surprised to see it was still close to 80*F at 5:30am this morning. Nothing like having a hot and sticky run.
I had one of those emotional mornings. I was thinking about how I'd feel finishing the 1/2 marathon, crossing the finish line and I got all teary-eyed. Not sure what brought that on this morning while I was running?
I ran to the gym and no Steve! It took me 35 minutes to run, so I didn't understand why he was not there. He knows I need my water as I'd rather die of thirst then drink from a water fountain. He picks the hottest, most humid day to forget me! I was dying of thirst and was drenched with sweat. I was so mad.... I waited and waited.. then I called Steve and he was at home. It took him another 10+ minutes to get there. I was steaming mad by that point. I go to tell him why I'm so upset and then I get all teary-eyed again. It just brings back all those emotions as a kid of being forgotten. I go through all the emotions, wishing some one would come, mad no one is there, angry they forgot me, sad no one is showing up, then relieved when someone finally comes. I forgive easily and unlike my parents, Steve at least apologized. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he won't do it again knowing it's an emotional button for me. Oh but what a draining morning. So much for my rest day to feel more refreshed running. It obviously had the opposite affect.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watch My Diet!

Woke up to a huge storm with damaging winds at 3:30am. It took down many big trees and knocked out the power. A good rest day of no exercise.

I had planned to take it easy today, just didn't realize how easy I'd be taking it. All is not lost! I can still lift weights, did squats 44, and 8 full push-ups. I will do more with weights later on today but won't be running. We are suppose to have more bad weather this afternoon.

On my rest days, I really need to watch what I eat. I won't be burning an extra 1000 calories or more so it's important to really eat healthy. I can easily eat more then I should and I don't need to pack on pounds.

I have not been very good at staying away from junk foods. I've been doing everything that I should not. I work so hard working out and wreck it by not watching what I eat. I want the cookies, pie, cake and bread. I need to go back to fruit and veggies. It's a one day at a time process. I don't get down on myself for eating some of the not so wise choices. I just try to make a better choice when I eat again. At long as I eat at least one or two meals healthy a few slips are okay as long as I've put in the exercise to burn it off.

Today, I will watch my diet more carefully.

B-fast: 2 bananas, 2 small rolls, 1 cup strawberries.
lunch: 1/2 ham & cheese sandwich on marble rye bread & brushetta/tomatoes, few chips
snack: banana, almonds and 2 chocolate chip cookies with a taste of cookie dough

Monday, June 18, 2012


THANK YOU, Thank You!!!

Yeah!! I have at least 2 followers of my blog.. Run, Run your buns off.

Every once in a while I get a comment post on this blog. It always surprises me when someone likes what I write. I always think I should try to make it funny or more entertaining. To be honest, I am writing this blog to help me. If someone else comes across this blog and can see some of it helping them or identifies with me, that's great! I love hearing from anyone out there that wants to comment.

I'm not the best writer or best at expressing myself. I just want to stay focused on making sure I exercise daily. I do that by blogging about it. Every part of it, no matter if it's of interest to anyone else other then myself.

What do I hope to accomplish by me keeping this blog going day after day? I hope to be able to look back a  few years from now.. See my challenges and highs as I continue on my journey to take care of myself. To be as fit as I can and to share those ups and downs with who ever is interested.

We all are in different places in our lives. You have to get to a place in your life where being fit, tone and healthy is one of the most important things in your life besides your family. Because, to be all those things.. healthy, fit and tone.. It's a lot of work. Work that you need to put in every day.

I just think of all the benefits of running, biking, lifting weights I do. I will be here for my family. I will live a healthier life, I will be a role model to my children to take care of themselves. I hope to inspire others that they to can change. They can lose 50 pounds, less or more. You can get fit and tone at any age. It's not always easy. It's not always fun. It is however LIFE CHANGING.

So thank you.. thank you..who ever you are.. for following me.. It's nice to know.. We all can help each other to change and change for the better.

LIVE LIFE, GET FIT, BE TONE And just Be!!! Be a better person and healthier, do it one day at a time, one month, one year and for the rest of your life.. but just Don't ever stop.....

Hot + Humid = HARD

 It was a hot, humid morning running. That combination made my run hard.

I had planned my race training today to run hard again to the gym 3.62 miles and then take it easy home after lifting weights for 30 minutes.

I started off running slow for 3 minutes, picked up the pace a bit so my heart was in the 140 - 155 range the rest of my run. I got there after 32 minutes. Not a great speed but good for how humid and how hard my run felt this morning.

My run home was no better. I was already drenched with sweat starting out, I was barley running with my heart rate around 125.. then I felt better after running for 5 or so minutes and kicked it up to 135 - 140 and tried to stay in the 140's for most of my run home. I made it back in 37 minutes but take 2 min off for my wait at the stop lights.

Sometimes you have to change your training schedule depending on the weather, how you feel or what ever else comes along.

Today, I was really just wanting to run slow and long.. I probably should have done just that and had a better day of running. I am just wanting to get in running hard, so I get use to faster running for the 4mile race. It's the only way to make me run faster and get a better PR - Personal Race Time.

Running more then one type of race, there are all different types of training for each. I should just concentrate on one race, one goal but I don't. I'm all over the place. I run slow miles.. 6 or more.. then I run fast 1.3 miles and pick up my pace for 3.62 miles. I have only taken 1 rest day. Which I should take more.. I am trying to work on too many things all at once. My goal really is to be well rounded. In shape to do fast short runs and to be able to go the distance with a long slower run.

I know the race I look forward to the most is probably the 13 miles. I know it will be hard to run for 2+ hours, but they will be at a more relaxed pace since I'm not going for speed, just to complete it and not feel like I got ran over by a truck.

These smaller, shorter races have me feeling a bit of panic. Like I need to train more to beat my last PR. Plus, it's really hard to run a fast race. It hurts! It hurts your lungs the most. My legs are fine.. I know they won't give out.. but my body will want to slow down and not run so hard.

I tell myself it's only 8 min max for the 1 mile run or 16 minutes for the 2 mile. That's not long to run fast. It will be over quickly and I will have racers memory block. I will eventually forget all the pain and suffering I put my body through and be excited to run the next race.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Me and My Shadow...

That's's just me and my shadow running down the street. I always have a running partner as long as the sun is out..

My companions out there on the road every day as long as the sun is shining. I look at my shadow and some times I have to wonder.. who is that girl? It doesn't look anything like my former self.. my former self 2 years ago.. I've come so far.from that person that never ran.. was over weight, unhappy with herself and unmotivated to change.

I never would have guessed at 43, I'd be running for an hour or more every day, logging 6 miles or more. Biking, lifting weights and wanting to be healthy and fit.

I never want to give up my new shadow.. I want that new girl to keep running with me, keeping me company as I log mile after mile..

Which brings me to today's Sunday run. Weekends are always a day where I can do as I please depending on what we have going on. Even though I went to bed last night after 11pm, I still was up and ready to run by 5:30am. Why? Because I've found out that between 5am and 6:30am is the best time of day to be outside running. Plus, I'm a morning person. I really do look forward to the time I run. Time for me... and only me... it's one hour of the best part of my day.  Why not start it off right!

I decided that every day to get faster. I need to start running faster. No more jogging.. just to run a leisure hour. I ran hard 150 or more for my heart rate all the way to the gym. It turned out to be a 8 minute and 28 second per mile for the 3.62 miles. Going home I ran slower, but still kept my heart around 140 and ran a 9 min 39 sec mile.

I have 16 more days to train for the 2 mile race. I will be running those 2 miles hard. I have to make the next days ahead productive. Run hard every day for 3 miles to get use to working my heart hard. I want to feel good running and improve my mile time. I'm nervous and excited to see what I am capable of doing race day.

My shadow and I ran 57.16 miles this week, biked 18.8 miles and lifted weights 4 days this week... this is the end of week 25... of logging my miles...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lace Them UP!

You got to lace them up to get out the door each day to run. If you don't put your workout clothes on and your running shoes every day how are you going to stay fit?

I do that each day.. make a decision that I will get up early, will lace them up and go for a run. I like to have a plan of what type of run I'm going to do. Today, I decided I would run a short 1.3 miles around the block. I would run that 1.3 miles as fast as I could.

I ran a quick loop around our street to warm up.. rested, stretched.. then started the stop watch.. and off I ran.. 10.01 minutes. That calculates out to be a 7 minute and 42 second per mile. Not as fast as I had hoped. I'm sure I could have ran faster. Part of the route is down hill and the other half up. So not a lot of flat ground.

I decided the only way to get faster was to run faster. I have a 2 mile race on the 4th and I'd like to get a 7:30 minute per mile time. I just need to shave 15 seconds off each mile. Doesn't sound like a whole lot but it is!

I've also read losing weight speeds up your time a little. If I lost just 5 or 10 pounds that's a lot less weight to run with. It's like putting down the dumb-bells and running without them... It sounds like a good idea to really lose some weight.

The other way to speed up is to get use to running harder every day. I don't have to go miles and miles of running hard. I'll stick to my 1.3 miles running hard and do the rest easy. Eventually, I'm hoping it won't feel as hard.

I'm not excited about running hard until I'm breathing heavily.  It kind of scares me to go fast. It's a lot more challenging then just running an easy mile after mile. Of course when I first started running. It all felt hard. I know this will be hard. If it wasn't, would it be worth doing?

Tomorrow I'll be lacing them up again.. putting on my new workout running skirt and hot pink tank.. going for a fast run then an easy 8...

Friday, June 15, 2012


Nothing says working out hard, then being drenched in sweat. I don't think there was a dry spot on any of my workout clothes today. I ran hard to the gym keeping my heart rate at 145 to 155. I ran to the gym in 32 minutes. Not super fast for 3.62 miles but a hard workout considering most is up hill. Coming home I ran slow keep my heart 125 to 140..

I also decided to do 30 minutes on the cross ramp. I did miss it.. I went back wards, hills and kept my heart rate around 137..

Also did 25 minutes of weights before running home.. slowly.. 37 minutes to be exact.. a nice cool down..

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sign up!

It's time to sign up! Commit to running some races this summer and fall....

4th of July - 2 mile race in Apple Valley
July ? Color run 5K in Mpls.. Walking it..
July 21 - 1 mile & 4 mile race in Rosemount
5K Rugged run September 15th...
October, 13 mile (1/2 marathon) race in Belle Plaine

My family and some friends will also be joining me for a few of these races. Looking forward to some fun!! Maybe some more places?

Just Call Me Coach!

That's right.. just call me Coach! It's official, I am a coach of Logan's soccer team for RAAA this summer. I'm super excited. I can cross this one off my bucket list too!

I'm not the head coach, just the assistant, as I didn't want the full responsibility. Maybe next year I can apply to be coach after I learn from this year being an assistant.

Celina is also excited to help out with Logan's soccer team. It will be a fun season of soccer!

Back to working out.. running which is what this is about.

I've been doing some biking lately. Just 30 minutes or 7.22 miles most days. I should count this as exercise like I do with running but it seems too easy and too enjoyable to do that. I usually only bike for 35 minutes but yesterday I added on an additional 15 minutes to my ride. It's a great way to cross train burn around 350 to 400 calories. Plus, it gets me outside.. to enjoy the summer day. It's a quick trip for me to the bank.. 17 minutes there and 17 home again. I plan to keep adding miles to my biking to keep challenging myself and burn, burn those calories.

My run today was different. It was really windy. Extra work just fighting the wind. It did feel good just because it was warm out and the wind helped keep me cool. I stayed close to home running my 4 mile loop, then instead of running home.. I continued on and ran our neighborhood for another 1.5 miles and then to finish off the hour.. I ran our block 4or more times. I lost track of how many times I ran around.. So, I'm sure I ran at least 6.5 miles, calling it good for the day.

I always have a hard time starting out my run. It's that first 15 to 20 minutes that feels like a lot of work, then it becomes easier and some days I feel so good I just keep running. Other days, I just want the hour to be up and to go have b-fast.

I thought I'd be sleeping in now that I don't have to get up early for the kids. I figured out I like getting up early. Earlier then everyone else. I'm not crazy about running when everyone is leaving to work and there are car after car passing me.. I'd rather see a few cars, a few people and some animals so the price I pay is getting up at 5am.. Leave me plenty of time in the morning to have a lazy morning of b-fast.. Internet and waking the kids.

Now this coach needs to get to work.. burn some more calories and enjoy the day!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ipod hazards

My ipod likes to rub on my arm. I'm sure it's caused my the constant swinging motion of my arm going back and forth over the arm band. Some how it starts making these tiny cut or scratch marks on my arm.

Today, I had to switch arms for my Ipod. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it's like switching a ring to a new finger or a watch to the other wrist. It feels weird at first. It did feel better. Just waiting for my right side to heal and my left side now to get rubbed raw to switch back again.

Who's complaining... I have music to listen to.. in one ear and birds, cars and my breathing in the other..

I also wanted to mention that as a result of getting up a little later I had some running company. A woman ran in front of me.. she was much younger and faster. I didn't keep up then she turned off the path, I then noticed a man and his dog running the other side of the road directly across from me. I kept pace with him for quite awhile then let him gain on me.. It's good to have some pace makers for me. It's too easy to go slow and gives me more of a challenge to keep up.. I have to say.. it would be more fun to run past then to let them pull away..I know there would be zero challenge in that..

Note; I felt good after having ran 13 miles yesterday. It was a little slow going this morning as I felt it in my knees. No pain in my legs for all the miles.. Didn't do it again today.. just stuck with 7.22 miles and called it good. I'll bike another 7.22 miles later so all is good

Stayed on my diet for the most part yesterday but I did have fruit tart around 8pm last night. Too late to eat but I did it anyway.

Today is another day.. another day to stay fit.. work towards my goals of weight loss and tone muscles!! I'm on my way......

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Miles!!

I can do it!!! I ran 13 miles this morning.

It was a great morning around 55*f cool, sunny and perfect for running. I didn't start my morning thinking I'd run 13 miles. I started thinking I'd run to the gym, workout with weights for 30 minutes in which I did. I ran home another 3.61 miles and then after a quick water break, I decided why not run 4 more miles. When I was almost done running the 4 miles I figured I was sooo close to 13, why not run the 1.5 around our neighborhood and just do it!

I felt good. I ran slow.. the first 3.61 I ran in 35 minutes, the way home it was 37 but probably due to stopping for the light, the 4.0 miles and the 1.5 took me 55 minutes for a total time of 2 hours and 7 minutes or a 9 minute and I think 45 seconds. It was a slow run but one I could easily do. I didn't work my heart stayed around 131 - 134 for most of my run. Not working too hard.

I really want to run it again tomorrow.. maybe not stopping to workout with weights. Just do another 2 minute water break then run on...

I always make sure I can get home in 2, 3 or 4 miles. This way if I need to stop for water, bathroom break, or any pains/aches that won't go away I have an out. I also let my family know when about I'll be home.. I want a search party to go out sooner then later if I don't show up when expected. I might have to do a trail run on that one just to make sure they know I want them to drive and look for me. It's more for an injury. At least that's what I tell myself.

YEAH ME!!!! Looking forward to running this 1/2 marathon..

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the road again..

I was back on the road again running at 5am. So much for getting up later.. It felt good to run after taking yesterday off.

I ran for an hour, did my 4 mile loop, the neighborhood 1.5 and then our street 1 mile for a total of 6.5 miles. I can surely do 13 miles in 2 hours if I keep running at my jogging pace.

I checked the Belle Plaine 2011 1/2 mile results. The woman who came in 1st in my age group ran it in 1 hour and 44 minutes for a 8 min mile time. That's just too fast for me to maintain. I'm not looking to place in this race. I just want to run it and get the 1/2 marathon metal for just running.

I will have a better idea of my actual 13 mile time after I start running the whole thing.. I'm starting this week. I plan to run to the gym 7.5 miles, then run 4 mile loop and 1.5 miles around our neighborhood.

This week is also diet week. Lose that 5 pounds...

a.m : fruit
Lunch: Veggies
dinner:protein, veggies and fruit.

snacks: Fruit, veggies, air popped popcorn, plus almonds (limited)

Update: I have to be honest. I'm trying hard to keep busy..
Mow front yard
Trim front yard
Clean up kitchen dishes
Make cupcakes & Frost them with the kids
Internet posts
Craigslist selling misc stuff

Here it is 1:30pm and I'm already not on diet track! Ugh!!!

I stuck with fruit with b-fast but then had 9 Pringes
I ate a cupcake with chocolate and butter cream frosting
Lunch was a beef burrito with lots of salsa and a table spoon of low cal sour cream.
I was going to pick up pita's and cheese for pizza tonight but I think that's out. I'll just have my coleslaw and sweet potato. All is not lost yet! I may have had a few cheats but that won't stop me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

R E S T... Day!!!

Finally.. A rest day.. lets see, when was the last time I did not workout in the morning.. I have to dig out my first fitness tracking book... way back to week #8, Wed, Feb15th, when I was sick.. really sick!

I'm on the end of week #24.. tomorrow week #25 since I started tracking my fitness progress and miles I run. The miles this week are not as impressive. 41.44 running miles all of which are outside. I guess that could be a new outside running record. I count both indoor cross ramp running and running outdoors in the same mile ran total. I don't separate out the two but I could probably go back and figure it all out. Not going to... which leads me to my next topic...

I read this past weekend.. I think in a magazine about fitness, you should not spend much time looking back at what you accomplished but rather keep looking forward to your goals you have yet to accomplish. This some how keeps you motivated where looking back only gives you reason to say, well I've lost this much or I've ran x amount so I don't need to work as hard. It supposedly keeps you from reaching your goals by always looking back.

My goals to look ahead are run, run run.. what you say am I'm running towards? Running towards working up to running a half marathon. This means.. putting in a 13 mile run.. working towards that!

Losing 10 pounds by August. Very do-able! How will I do this? Go back to eating the same old same old to be bored with it. Don't vary my foods and eat lots of veggies/fruit plain. Lots of water and keep busy don't let myself get bored and want to eat.

That is my biggest challenge. To not let myself get bored. Keep busy.. keep away from choosing the wrong types of food when I could load up on veggies!

The next few days.. I will be charting my progress on getting a hold of my diet, while I continue to make more progress towards that half marathon. I also can't forget about the July Rosemount Race for the Gold 4 mile run. humm.... I'm just not excited about that run but I know they give out metals and I want one. Even though I came in 2nd place in Burnsville.. I want a metal not just a ribbon and I want to place in a race I previously did not place in but one that I know I can better my race time. It's just a lot of heart pounding, out of breath pressure. Pressure that I know will only last less then 30 minutes!Look ahead and not in the past!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

8 miles

It was an 8 mile run today. I ran slow... a 10-1/2 minute mile for a total time of 1 hour and 23 minutes. I was not going for speed. I was just running to start training for the 1/2 marathon on my bucket list.

I'll train slow just so my body and feet can get use to running for 2 hours. I need to work up to 13 miles.

I run our 4 mile loop, stop at home for a water break, run the 4 mile loop in the opposite direction and then I'll need to eventually run another 5 miles so I can run the loop 1 more time followed by 1 mile around our little block going around 3x's.

I thought about adding in biking the last 5 miles just to work towards running the last part. I'll back off on biking as my running miles increase. Of course I didn't do that today. I figured get use to 8 miles since I have only been running 4 to 7 miles a day. After I've ran the 7 to 8 miles for a week, add in one more mile at a time to 13. I will save the 2hour run days for either Saturday or Sunday and only do it 1x during the week for my long run.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 2.. Last day of 4:30am!!!

It's day 2 of my running to the gym and the last day of waking at 4:30am until September.

Today's run to the gym I encountered a raccoon that didn't know I was running right across it's path. It kept coming toward me and I kept going wondering who would stop first. Funny how the raccoon noticed me the same time I decided to slow down.. He quickly back off and ran back into the bushes. I didn't need an angry raccoon after me. There also was plenty of baby bunnies all over the side walk. They wait unit the last moment to run off into the bushes.

Now that I have to option to sleep in, I wonder if I will? Getting out to run at 5am has it advantages.. No one is on the road, it's quiet, plenty of animals out to see and getting my run done and over with while it's still fairly cool outside.

Who knows.. Maybe I will still get up early. It's nice to have to option to get more rest if I need it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Run to the Gym...

I ran to the gym at 5am this morning. It's 3.5 miles there and another 3.5 home. For some reason it seemed to take longer to get there. Coming home always feel so much faster but maybe that's because it's pretty much down hill all the way.

It was nice to run a different route. I enjoyed the new scenery and had a purpose destination in mind. When I got to the gym, I worked out with weights for 20 minutes or so.. then ran home.

I'll run to the gym again tomorrow and probably the rest of the summer. I could also switch off riding my bike, running on the cross ramp then riding home. I'll probably mix things up over the summer to keep things more interesting.

I was thinking on the way home.. if I ran to the gym and home again 7.0 miles, then ran 4 miles close to home and then 1.5 around our neighborhood that would be 12.5 miles. close to a half marathon. So, that's the new running goal.. I'll start out slow.. and just add miles on little by little.. working my way up to running the whole thing. I want to run it at least a few times before October. My feet have to get use to all that running as I know I could keep going at a slow pace.

*Official miles to the gym 3.61 or 7.22 round trip. See I was close.. but a little more distance is good!! Makes up for having a slow run time..

It only takes 17:22 to bike to the gym but 34 minutes to run it. Double the time!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ding..... I have an Idea!!!

I was running this morning and an idea popped into my head. Why don't I run to the gym 3.5 miles in the morning and then lift weights for 30 minutes followed by 3.5 miles home! I'd get the same workout in the same amount of time as running in the gym.

I'd still leave to the gym at 5am with Steve so we could still work out together this summer. If it rains..or I'm not up to running more,  I always have the option of riding home with him.

Of course this plan will only work when it's light enough outside for me to run safely. I do want to take advantage of the nice weather. It makes me love running again.

On another note: I just read in the Star Tribune, that running long distances can be bad for you. Bad for your heart. I don't think one time running 13 miles is going to harm me. I'll keep at my goal and the study did say 30  to 60 minutes of exercise a day is good for you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Half Marathon The Date Is Set!!!

Big Update!!! I've found my half marathon race. It will be Saturday, October13th,  2012 at 9:00am in Belle Plaine, MN.. 13 miles.. it's going to take about 2 hours to run..

Training updates as the date gets closer. My goal is to work up to running 2 hours between now and the race. I need to start asap!!

This will not be for a time goal.. just to run it, and run for 2 hours is an accomplishment. I'm not going to do it fast!! It's going to be a 9 to 10 minute mile or more...

It's just something I want to do.. to say I ran a half marathon.. ;0)

1 Minute All Adds UP!

 A little over 8 months ago, I ran a 5K around Lake Como. My time was 25:24.  I was happily surprised to learn that I ran the Burnsville 5K race exactly 1 minute faster.

1 minute may not seem like much, but when you run seconds matter. Those seconds and minutes go fast and pushing yourself to get a better and better time.. is it possible?

I'm at the point where I proved to myself I can run, I can finish a race 3.2 or a 4 mile, I can place in running. So what is next? Do I need to prove any more to myself?

It's kind of like practicing tennis all the time, but never playing a match. What would be the point? Sure, I get the exercise benefit which is really all I'm after. Its just how do you know your body is still improving? Getting stronger and working hard enough to keep being challenged? Without racing, I would really never know.

My next Running Bucket List is to run a mile to see what my fastest time would be at this age. Does it scare me? Yes!!! I'm terrified. I tell myself there is nothing to be scared about. After all, I'm really only competing with myself. I just don't want to let  myself down. I said that thinking, why would I let me down if I try my hardest and I just do it. There is something more to be said to just doing something then to do nothing at all. You never accomplish anything being too afraid to take a chance, to try and just do it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My legs!!

I feel the pain.. the pain of the race yesterday. My legs, oh my legs are sore, just my thighs.. from what I can tell but who knows.. Maybe my whole leg hurts because when I bend down or sit down.. Yikes.. the pain!

The pain in my legs didn't stop me from running this morning. How quickly I forget about all the heart pounding, sweating, panting race I just finished. I was off this morning to run the Rosemount 4mile race route. I ran that in about 35 minutes.. Not going fast due to wanting my legs to recover, but at a leisure pace. It was a nice sunny morning and still cool enough out at 7am. A great day to run.

Logan wanted to run the neighborhood this morning. We ran it then biked it to figure out what we really ran. 1.55 miles hum... we were thinking more like 2 miles.  Oh well, with both biking and running we did over 2  miles and I got in 6+ miles for the day with a little biking too!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I love Burnsville 5K Race & Results!!

I love Burnsville 5K race or 3.125 miles. I did it in 24 minutes and 25 seconds. For a Mile time of 7 minutes and 51 seconds per mile.

I was #202 and came in 2nd place in women's 40 - 49. My goal was to get a better mile time and to just place. We'll not sure if I got a better mile time but I did place and come in 2nd. I'm happy.

It was a hard race. I was huffing and puffing and tried as hard as I could. It took me 25 minutes just to fully recover from running.

I did it.. I'm proud I made a goal of mine and now I'm looking forward to the next race. Rosemount Run for the Gold, it's around July 21st. I can compete in a 1 mile and 4 mile race. I already talked to Steve and the goal is to run the mile with the kids, find out my real mile time. Run the 4 mile with Steve at his pace and come in together as a team. A Success for everyone!!!

Burnsville's results will be posted on their web site at on Monday. I'll have more info on how I did compared to others, # of racers, #of women in my age group, my over all place number etc.. Looking forward to seeing all the results!!

Note: 23min & 10 sec would have been my exactly 3 mile time. Add another 7:51 seconds on to that will be about my 4 mile time 31 min, 1 sec.

Total of 139 people ran the race
84 were women
24 were in my age group 40 - 49 years old
I placed 7th in women
22 people (men & women) came in before me
I placed 2nd in my age (40 - 49 years old)
The woman that came in 1st (before me, in my age group) ran 1 minute and 21 seconds faster
The woman that came in 3rd (after me, in my age group) ran 2 minutes and 2 seconds longer

*Another note: Last September I ran in the Heart & Sole 5K race around Como Lake my time was 25:24 for a 7 min & 56 sec per mile. I improved my time by  running 1 whole min faster over all.. a huge improvement over last years run 8 months ago.

Friday, June 1, 2012

This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy on my right toe really hurt this morning. I was walking to the couch last night, caught that little piggy on the couch foot. It throbbed all last night and I could hardly walk. It felt broken. It's not overly puffy or black and blue..

I took some Excedrin this morning and off to the gym I went, limping all the way. I got on the cross ramp and my toe hurt somewhat but I was able to go forward with little to no pain. Backwards, I had a lot of throbbing pain so I quickly switched back to going forward. After 35 minutes I tried backwards again and lasted quite awhile. My toe still feels sore but I can walk normal. I just won't move it around because when I do.. it's sore.

I'm still hoping to run tomorrow in the 5K Burnsville race.. I'll be sure to take some Excedrin for pain and see how it goes. It probably won't be my best time but I hope to be able to just run it.