Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Is My life....

This is my life..

I tried a new experiment I read about a while back. The study was based on weight loss from 2 groups. One group drank water before eating. I'm going to make an assumption and say at least 12 to 20oz. The other group was told to just drink water, no specific times or any other information.

Outcome of the experiment was the group who drank water before each meal lost an average of 6 pounds more then the other group. I don't recall how long the study went on or if they were told to eat less/diet..I'm just recalling the facts that drinking water before each meal helps to fill you up, and you eat less. Simple right?

I wanted to try this same study. I figured might as well start with breakfast. I already worked out so I drank 20oz.. then I came home.. before eating my b-fast I drank another 20oz. (40 oz of water). I should be full. I ate my normal breakfast toast w/jelly and 2 bananas. I'm a little water logged feeling.. but I am still a bit thirsty and I'm still a little hungry. Not exactly what I was hoping to feel.. Well, this is just one meal. Not sure I'll remember or want to do it for every meal but I'll at least give it a try for one day. You can do anything for one day.. Which leads me to part 2 of this is my life...

Workout clothes.. you need them. I was kind of proud of the fact I never wore tennis shoes and didn't own any for years and years. We all know how that worked for me.. 50 pounds of fat! Plus, I didn't own any type of workout clothes other then what I needed for work. I can tell you from experience. It's better to own too many tennis shoes then none.. it's better to buy yourself workout clothes that are going to make you want to workout in them. Plus, your going to have to wear those clothes, so you'll be ready and want to workout. Workout clothes are not for your belly to expand in, just because they are comfortable. The elastic waist band is only there, for you to be able to move more comfortably while your exercising.

It's almost a new year.. don't wait and start in 2013.. start today.. Get off the couch.. find a activity you like doing that is fun.. Time to brainstorm.. think back, way back to childhood.... what did you enjoy doing?

Now go do it.. because this is your life....

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