Saturday, December 29, 2012

Me and My Treadmill

I ran today.. not fast 5.5mph, but I did run. My heart rate was around 135 most of my run up to 140 when I was climbing hills. At 5.5mph I was expecting my heart rate to be a lot lower since I normal run at 6.0. I didn't go 6 miles.. made it only to 5.3miles at the slower pace. The time when quickly all due to my running/walking friends on either side of me this morning. It was nice to chat and catch up, plus it really makes time fly by. I've logged over 365 hours this year of working out and everyone of those hours was not a waste of time, nor do I regret all the hours I spent working out. Out of 8.765 hours in a year.. a measly 356 is nothing for time.

Really think about your day in hours. How many do you need for sleep, work and misc.. I bet those too busy people have a lot more misc hours then they think! Those miscellaneous hours can be used to walk on the treadmill while watching TV or surfing the Internet.

Done working out for the day.. now off to ski for fun..

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