Monday, December 24, 2012


It kind of feels like going to work every day when you go to the gym. The same people are there, day in and day out. We have our daily meeting of the minds.. We have a quick, but busy work schedule and then we head for home. I like this kind of work! Sometimes I do get sick of seeing the same people (as every job there are a few toads), but for the most part I'm happy to see them and catch up on their life during my workout. I'm not always as productive. Today I actually wanted to study for the ACE test. I even brought new material to memorize so I was all prepared. Instead of studying.. I spent the whole hour talking away.. I call this my daily meeting. Well, come to think of it.. I have a lot of mini meetings too. You just can't go to the gym without having a conversation with everyone you know. It's a good thing too. Those are the people that care if your there and are worried when your not. I truly count on the regulars at the gym to be there.

After holidays there will be a mad rush to get fit. Doesn't everyone seem to be on a diet and fitness kick right after the first of the year?  Everyone has great intentions to start the year off right. Exercise, lose some weight and be healthy.. turn over a new leaf and get cracking on that New Years Resolution.. Us regulars at the gym have to chuckle a little. We know the next 2 weeks after the 1st will be busy. We will have to share the equipment with a bunch of new faces. We do know it's short term. After 2 weeks.. the crowds fade and a few new stragglers will hold out for a month, while the rest will never be seen again.

Tomorrow is Christmas.. no gym.. no meetings but you bet I'll be there the day after along with all the familiar faces..

The water Experiment Update:

I lasted all of 2 meals.. B-fast and lunch yesterday. I forgot all about drinking water before dinner. I did drink 2 glasses of wine but it's not the same.. It was harder then I thought to drink water. I didn't really want to fill up. Today,since I forgot my extra water for b-fast.. I'll drink my 20oz now.. (already drank 20oz working out.. does that count?) Isn't it like when you get off track and eat some junk.. the next meal.. eat healthy.. all is not lost! I need  a post it note to remind me to drink water!! At least 12 oz.. until it becomes a habit...
Back on track I go.. trying to drink more water! Eat less... Ho hum.....

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