Friday, December 28, 2012

3 More DAYS.. Or Just 3

I have 3 days left to write this blog.. It will be a new year and I always start fresh every year. Mostly because Blogger likes to charge for adding photos and I'm cheap. I don't want to pay. It's easier to just start fresh and make a new blog. I'll be sure to leave a connecting link for anyone.. who follows me. Or at least a link for me to find myself. Ha!

I also have 3 more days of poor eating choices. I'm just finishing up the goodies from Christmas and I can't let them go to waste. The last slice of pecan pie I ate for breakfast today. I have been craving Chinese food and I'm thinking lunch would be a good idea to pick up some chicken and broccoli with lots of rice and cream cheese won tons.

3 more days of studying like crazy for my ACE test. No, I haven't signed up.. I'm a little afraid.. it's $300 so not cheap and I have to pass or its another $200 to re-take it. Ugh!!! The pressure!!! I am doing a practice test today that's free. I have been studying every morning while I workout but I need to do more. Plus watch those DVD's.. anything to help!!!

In 3 more days.. I will have completed my First Aid/ CPR training that's good for 2 years. A requirement for personal trainers and to take the ACE test plus it's needed for my certificate at DCTC.

I also have 3 more months left of class.. A new Anatomy class that starts Jan 14th.. And 3 months to complete 96 hours of hands on experience.

The last 3 item.... 3.. Three... 3... A's in all my classes! Its official.. grades are in and I did great! All my hard work paid off and I enjoyed every bit of it.. just like I wanted to! Lets hope I can continue to get my last 2, A's in the last of my classes for the Personal Training Certificate.

I already have 3 existing customers of mine who are interested in having a (me) be their personal trainer. So much to do.. Looking forward to 2013...

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